Tragedy : Kashmiri BJP leader Shot Dead by Terrorists

Kashmiri BJP Leader : Kashmir and terrorism seems to have an inseparable relation. More you try to break it more deeper it grows. In a recent militant attack in Kashmir, a BJP leader along with two other family members were killed. The family members who were killed include his brother and father. This incident took place in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on the evening of July 8th.The deceased, Sheikh Wasim Bari was a local BJP leader. The militant attack killed him and his brother and father, despite having a full-fledged security team of 10 commandos. Wasim Bari was former district president of party’s Bandipora unit.

The attack took place at their shop near Kaloosa Bridge, where the three were present. A Police Officer gave a statement in which he said, “BJP Bandipora leader Bari was at the shop with his father Bashir Ahmad and brother Umer Bashir when unidentified terrorists opened fire, injuring them critically. They were shifted to the hospital, where all three succumbed to injuries.”.

The personal security officers who were near the same place are being questioned. Despite being so many in number, none of them were present when the terrorists opened gunfire attack on the three. The PSOs were sitting in Bari’s house, on the first floor, which is adjacent to the shop.

8 of the 10 Personal security officers have been arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police for displaying negligence. The investigation is going on.

How the Leaders Reacted to the Inhuman Killing of BJP Leader?

Ram Madhav, BJP National General Secretary expressed his shock and horror by saying, “Shocked and saddened. Killings despite eight security commandos. Condolences to family.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his condolences to the family of Sheikh Wasim Bari, and also enquired about the militant attack which lead to the death of the BJP leader and his two family members.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah expressed his sorrow regarding the brutal killing of the BJP leader and his family by tweeting, “Sorry to hear about the murderous terror attack on the BJP functionaries and their father in Bandipore earlier this evening. I condemn the attack. My condolences to their families in this time of grief. Sadly, the violent targeting of mainstream political workers continues unabated.”.

Altaf Thakur, who is the J&K BJP spokesperson believe that it was the frustration of militants that led to their aggressive behavior. Altaf Thakur stated that the militants are being killed off on a daily basis by the security forces.

It was not long ago when Sarpanch and Congress leader Ajay Pandita was killed in a similar terrorist attack. These militant attacks in Kashmir are not uncommon, and they continue to happen despite adequate security and measure taken in place. The militant activity in the state is on a high, and they continue to fire at the people who are in powerful positions, as they fear their existence in Kashmir might dissolve upon strong political action. In 2020 alone till date 14 citizens have been killed in terrorist attack in Kashmir valley. 33 Security forces too have lost their lives in 6 months of 2020 in Kashmir.

In recent time the militants have shifted their strategy. Instead of attacking the citizens they have been attacking the security forces. However, militants have never given a second thought when it came to killing innocent BJP leaders. They consider BJP to be against them and therefore, though citizens they never back out from killing them. The recent killing brings out the horrible face of Heaven of Earth. Kashmir needs to be flushed, flushed from the grip of terrorism.

Tragedy : Kashmiri BJP leader Shot Dead by Terrorists

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