Turn Crisis into Opportunity: PM Modi tells Nation

PM Narendra Modi on Thursday, 18th June, in his speech seemed positive regarding India’s ability to regain economic stability and fight against the deadly grasp of coronavirus. The Prime Minister sang praises of the country’s efforts to get through this crisis. The death rate of India too is lesser than that of leading developed countries.

However, he emphasized on the importance of wearing a mask every day. Many reports and findings have suggested that wearing a mask brought down the infection rate in many countries. The recovery rate in the country too is above 52%.

PM Modi’s plan to build India into a self-reliant country was also well endorsed. He believed that the coronavirus crisis might help India into becoming self-reliant. This might also help in fueling the economy. Despite reporting around 12k cases in a day, PM seems positive in India’s ability to recover from these multiple crises.

The unlocking phase has started all normal operation in the country. Offices have been reopened, railways, roadways too have started normal function. Power consumption which had slowed down, is now increasing at a gradual pace. PM Modi also warned of the negative effects of any kind of negligence might have on the country. Since the spreading of the coronavirus is extremely easy and difficult to contain, it is imperative for everyone to take necessary precautions.

The country now has around 3.84 Lakh reported cases, and around 12.6k have succumbed to the disease.

Amit Shah, Union Home Minister also conducted a meeting with administrative officers of Delhi-NCR to talk about the condition of Delhi. Delhi has been contributing a major share of coronavirus cases to the country.

PM Narendra Modi also launched online auction of 41 coal mines. The Prime Minister is determined to turn this crisis into an opportunity for the overall development of India. The energy sector will hopefully grow and expand in the coming years.

“India will turn this COVID19 crisis into an opportunity. It has taught India to be self-reliant. India to reduce its dependence on imports,” said Modi. Modi also said that India will benefit from investing in the energy sector as will also boost the steel, aluminum, cement and fertilizer sectors.

“India should be world’s biggest coal exporter considering size of reserves” said the Prime Minister.

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