UK Opinion Polls: Who is the next British Prime Minister?

UK Opinion Polls: Who is the next British Prime Minister?

Latest UK Opinion Polls: The ruling Conservative Party is predicted to lose in the upcoming UK General election.

Average of Last 3 UK Opinion Polls: Labour: 49% Conservatives: 27.2% Liberal Democrats: 8.4%

Next Conservative Leader Prediction: The odds for the Next Conservative Leader are best for Rishi Sunak followed by Boris Johnson.

In 2010 the Conservative Party under David Cameron succeeded after being out of power for almost 15 years was able to form their government. James Cameroon successfully completed his first term and won his re-election with a bigger margin.

However, he could not complete his second term and resigned after he failed to get a consensus on breaking from European Union. Since then UK’s politics has been marred by a streak of instability. Theresa May succeeded David Cameroon and was able to win her re-election in 2017 but she failed to complete her term and Boris Johnson succeeded her as Prime Minister.

Under the leadership of Boris Johnson, the Toris contested the 2019 General election. The leader of the main opposition party, Labour was Jeremy Corbyn. The Conservatives returned to power with a much bigger majority and Boris Johnson was once again elected as Prime Minister. Despite having such a majority, Boris Johnson had to quit as Prime Minister, and now Liz Truss is the PM of the United Kingdom.

In the span of six years, that is since David Cameron resigned (13 July 2016), the United Kingdom has had three different Prime Ministers, but all from the Conservative Party. Liz Truss became the Prime Minister after Boris Johnson resigned after 44 days in office.

The next United Kingdom General election is scheduled for January 2025, however, if the instability continues, there are chances of an early election.

Latest UK Opinion Polls: Last 5 Polls

DateConLabLib Dem
Average of PollsNov 15th27.2%49%8.4%
DeltapollNov 14th27%50%6%
Redfield & WiltonNov 13th26%50%9%
OmnisisNov 11th26%49%7%
Redfield & WiltonNov 10th28%49%11%
Delta PollNov 7th29%47%9%

Latest UK Opinion Polls: Google Trends (Last 7 Days)

  • Conservative Party: 35%
  • Labour Party: 53%
  • Lib Dem: 12%

Latest UK Opinion Polls: Social Media Sentiments

  • Conservative Party: -66%
  • Labour Party: -56.6%
  • Lib Dem: -36.2%

Latest UK Opinion Polls: Will There Be An Early Election in the UK?

Despite giving an unstable government, the Tories have a huge majority which is working in their favor. Even in the betting platforms, the maximum has predicted the next General election in the United Kingdom to be held in 2024 or later.

Next UK Election by 2022 End2.63%
Next UK Election by 2023 End18.87%
Next UK Election in 2024 or Later80.65%

Latest UK Opinion Polls: Elections and Their Result Held After 2019 GE

Wales 2021 General Election

In the Wales General election, the Labour party continued its dominance. The party increased its tally from 29 to 30 seats in 40 members Senedd Cymru. Conservatives won 16 seats, 5 seats more than the last election while Plaid Cymru won 13 seats. Liberal Democrats won 1 seat.

London Mayoral Election 2021

In London Mayoral Election, the incumbent Governor Sadiq Khan was able to retain his office. Despite the Conservatives giving a tough fight in the First Preference Vote, Sadiq Khan won the election in the 2nd Preference vote.

In 1st PPV, Sadiq Khan got 40% of first preference votes while the Tory candidate Shaun Bailey got 35% of the votes. In the final tally, Sadiq Khan had 55% support and Shaun Bailey had 45% support.

Scotland 2021 Election

On May 6, 2021, Scotland voted to elect all 129 members of its parliament. The result was in favor of the pro-Independence Majority. SNP got around 48% of the vote share while Labour polled 21.6% of the total votes. Conservatives got around 22% vote share.

Latest UK Opinion Poll: Google Search

Partywise (Last 12 Months)

Search Term: Conservative Party and Labour Party

  • Conservative Party: 45%
  • Labour Party: 55%

Latest UK Opinion Polls: Latest Video

YouTube video

Latest UK Opinion Poll: Conclusion

The next United Kingdom General election is scheduled for 2025 but with continuous instability arising in running the government, there are chances of an early election in the United Kingdom. If elections are held in the United Kingdom, the Conservatives may lose power and Labour Party is predicted to return to power with a big majority.

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