US Embassy in Chengdu, China ordered to be Closed by Chinese Communist Government

US Embassy in Chengdu, China: In retaliation of US shutting down Chinese consulate in Houston, China on Friday ordered the closure of the US consulate in the southwestern city of Chengdu. In a statement issued by Chinese Foreign ministry, it said, “the move is a legitimate and necessary response to the unreasonable measures by the United States”.

As per the Global Times, a Chinese mouthpiece, China gave 72 hours to US to close its embassy in Chengdu, China.

Relationship between US and China have strained alot. US President Donald Trump since he became the President have been vocal about unfair trade deals with China. President Trump imposed sanctions and heavy tariffs to curb the Chinese takeover of businesses. However, since the spread of Coronavirus, US-China relation have become worst. USA is the country that has been hit most by Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.

President Trump have openly blamed China for the mayhem caused by Coronvirus around the globe. Not just China, President Trump accused World Health Organisation conspiring with China and keeping the news about virus, secret from the world initially. It must be noted that US have stopped all the funding of WHO and have started the process of withdrawal from the organisation.

US Embassy in Chengdu, China

Why US Embassy in Chengdu, China have been ordered to be Closed?

When Chinese Consulate in Houston was ordered to be closed US State Department said that the decision to close China’s consulate in Houston was taken to protect Americans’ intellectual property and private information. United States also cited Chinese theft of intellectual property for the closure. Soon after the closure of its consulate, Beijing termed the move as a “political provocation.” It even asked USA to immediately withdraw the orders or be prepared for retaliation.

AFP News Agency confirmed the news of China revoking the license for US Consulate in Chengdu. In its Twitter post the news agency quoted, “China revokes license for US consulate in Chengdu, in retaliation for the closure of China’s Houston consulate earlier this week. The US consulate in Chengdu was established in 1985 and has around 200 staff.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic broke, the two nation have been in bitter relation. USA have actively moved its navy to South China Sea provoking China to act. It must be noted that China claims entire South China Sea to be theirs. Not just Coronavirus or the issue of South China Sea, US and China have been in open confrontation with each other in issues related to Hongkong, Xinjiang and also India.

US is headed for election in November, President Trump is not missing any opportunity to use the confrontation with China in his election campaign. However, almost all opinion polls have been negative about his re-election as US President, but opinion polls gave the same result even in 2016 election. Therefore, it for time and citizens of United States to decide whether he will be given second term as President of United States or not.

US Embassy in Chengdu, China ordered to be Closed

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