US Intelligence: China miscalculated India’s reaction

The US News has reported this morning that China grossly miscalculated the consequences of its actions at Galwan. Here is a short summary of the report

  • Gen. Zhao Zongqi, head of the Western Theater Command approved the operation to “teach India a lesson” and not appear weak to any of the US Allies. President Xi Jinping would have almost certainly known about the orders.
  • Some 35 Chinese troops died are reported to have died in the Clash. General Zhao held a memorial service for the soldiers who died in the incident – an occasion that would normally attract some form of state-sponsored publicity. Instead, Chinese censors have since cracked down on social media posts about the incident
  • Beijing’s attempts to make India more amenable to future negotiations, instead appear to have pushed India closer to the U.S.
  • The U.S. has remained largely quiet because Trump administration believes that India and its vast economic resources are already increasingly turning to the U.S. for support
Gen Zhao Zongqi of China

This report by US intelligence agencies is backed by our analysis of Global Times which suggests China using all kinds of tactics to prevent India from allying with other countries and also becoming openly anti-China

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