Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus: Next Dangerous Hotspot?

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Cases have gone up from 35000 to 70000 in just 16 days. In the last one week alone, nearly 20000 cases have been added. So is UP becoming the next hotspot?

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus: Is it becoming the next Hotspot?

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus cases: How is the State performing on Various Metric?

Cases per Million As per the official COVID-19 website of Government of India, Uttar Pradesh has 22,49,79,000 total population which translates to 313 cases per million.

Tests Per Million Population: Uttar Pradesh has tested 8627 samples per million.

Positivity Rate, number of cases found positive in every 100 tests = 3.6%. This is a very low number.

Death Rate : Amongst completed Cases, 3.3%. Also not a very high number.

The reason behind a sudden spike in UP’s cases are nearly 3 lakh tests done in the last 4 days. However, the low positivity and low death rate indicates no major concerns. In fact, this spike is likely to fall quite swiftly over the next few days.

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