Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Update : 1,00,000 test in a Day

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Update : Uttar Pradesh broke the record of COVID-19 sample testing in last two days. The state has conducted around 2 lakh Coronavirus sample testing in last two day that is around 1 lakh tests a day. After being heavily criticized for not conducting adequate number of tests until last month, Yogi Adityanath led government ramped up their testing significant

Uttar Pradesh has conducted as many as 20,33,089 tests until now. On Tuesday 91,830 sample tests were carried out in state while on Monday 1,06,962 sample tests were carried out. This comes after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has promised to carry out 1 lakhs tests per day from Monday, 28th of July.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the few states to have conducted over 2 million tests in the country. On March 23rd, Uttar Pradesh had tested only 72 samples, but in over a few months, this figure has risen to around a lakh tests in a day.

An ICMR facility was launched in Noida by the Prime Minister recently. These facilities will be able to test up to 10000 samples daily. More such facilities have been set up in Kolkata and Mumbai.

The state has immensely benefitted by the rapid-antigen testing kits. Almost 56000 tests are being done using this technique. More than 40,000 tests are being conducted using the RT-PCR kits. To ensure the quality of the tests being conducted on the samples, technicians are training meticulously with the help of ICMR and King George Medical University.

On Tuesday UP reported 3,578 positive cases for Coronavirus that is, 3.3% positivity rate.The daily number of cases have increased but in comparison to number of tests conducted in the state it isn’t much. The population of Uttar Pradesh is more than 20 crores. The increased number of tests will eventually lead to a bigger number of daily infections, as more cases will now be reported.

This week the cases have grown by 4.7% in Uttar Pradesh daily.

In Uttar Pradesh, for every million population, 328.7 people have tested positive for the virus. The case fatality ratio of the state is 2%. Around 1497 people have died of the virus in the state. More than 60.2% people have recovered in the state as of now. The maximum active cases in the state are from Lucknow, Kanpur Nagar and Varanasi.

Other states to have crossed the 2 million tests mark are Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Maharashtra has conducted around 2 million and Tamil Nadu around 2.5 million tests respectively. However, the number of cases reported in both the states are way higher than that in Uttar Pradesh.

India has been conducting more than 5 lakh tests every day. The Goal is to conduct as many as 10 lakh tests per day. In total, 73 lakh tests have been conducted.

States like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have been reporting more than 5000 cases per day. They are the top four contributors for coronavirus cases in the country. While Delhi remains to be on the third position in the list, fewer than a thousand cases have been reported every day.

The total number of cases in India is around 1.4 million as of now. The number of recovered cases is also nearing the one million mark. Aggressive testing and proper precautions can help India to be set free from the clutches of the virus.

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Update : 1,00,000 test in a Day

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