Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Update : State Conducts over 1 Million Tests in Last 8 Days

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Update : Uttar Pradesh with a population of 22,49,79,000 is leading a way in terms of Coronavirus sample tests. The state has conducted most number of coronavirus sample test in the country.

Till date Uttar Pradesh has conducted 54,90,354 coronavirus sample test. The most important part of Uttar Pradesh’s fight against Coronavirus is that the state has been conducting over 1 lakh sample tests per day. In last 8 days that is from 23rd August to 30th August, Uttar Pradesh has conducted 1,070,252 coronavirus sample tests, that is an average of 1.33 lakhs per day in last 8 days.

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Update

In last 8 days, a total of 43,176 Coronavirus positive cases has been reported in the state of Uttar Pradesh. In last 8 days most number of cases were reported on 30th August, that is 6175 cases.

36,248 cases of Coronavirus have recovered in last 8 days in Uttar Pradesh while in last 8 days 556 cases of Coronavirus have succumbed to virus.

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Update : State Stats

Uttar Pradesh is the 5th most affected state in India due to coronavirus. Till date Uttar Pradesh has reported 2,25,632 cases of Coronavirus positive. With a population of 22,49,79,000, the cases per million in state stands at 1003 as of now.

Uttar Pradesh has conducted a total of 54,90,354 tests as of now. As of 30th August 24,403.9 sample tests per million population has been conducted in the state which means for every 10 lakh people in Uttar Pradesh, 24,404 samples were tested.

Uttar Pradesh has a recovery rate of 74.3% as of now. With 1,67,543 already recovered, only 24.2% of total coronavirus cases in state are active.

Till date 3423 people in Uttar Pradesh have succumbed to virus. This brings the tally of fatality rate to around 1.5% in state. In last one week, the cases in the state has risen at an average of 2.9%.

Uttar Pradesh with such a huge population have had lesser number of Coronavirus cases as compared to states with much lesser population. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been monitoring situation of Coronavirus in state from Day 1. However, the state needs to take utmost precaution in order to keep the spread of virus away from the rural areas.

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

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