Uttar Pradesh Election: Prediction Market Update

A competitive election is underway in Uttar Pradesh

Predictors are predicting a minimum 21 seat loss for NDA in Uttar Pradesh with big demand for NDA below 50 Seats

Prices are up 15% from a month ago and have remained stable

BSP > 15 seats also looks quite healthy with 15% increase over the last one month

The bias for BJP appears to be in the 25 to 36 seats range .

But there is support for BJP in the 37 to 48 range as well

A minority also believe that BJP could win more than 50 Seats

SP on the other hand, appears to be struggling to find demand for > 22 seats.

Looking at the prediction market data it appears BJP is looking at 35 to 40 seats range in Uttar Pradesh while SP and BSP appear to be in the 15-20 seats range

Pic Courtesy: The Quint