Vaccine for Coronavirus : Check which vaccine is ahead Now

Vaccine for Coronavirus : With more than 15 million people infected with the virus world-wide, and as many as 638k deaths due to coronavirus, a need for a working-stable vaccine is the need of the hour. The wildfire like spread of the virus throughout the world is just getting worse. Countries like India, the USA, and Brazil are leading the way and there seems to be no relief from the virus in these countries. As many as 165 vaccines are being developed world-wide. Researchers and scientists have been relentlessly working towards developing a vaccine or a definitive antiviral treatment drug to cure people of the virus.

More than 140 vaccine candidates are in the preclinical trial stage, 19 are in the phase I of trial, 13 in the phase II, and 4 are in the final phase III trial. 27 vaccines are in human trials stage.

In India, the coronavirus infections have crossed 13-lakh. The number of deaths due to the virus have also crossed the 30,000 mark, making India land on the sixth worst affected country in terms of number of deaths due to the virus.

Vaccine for Coronavirus From India

India too isn’t behind the race to develop a vaccine. Indigenous COVAXIN is underdoing the human trials conducted at 12 institutes across the Country. The first dose of this vaccine was given to a thirty-year-old male at AIIMS Delhi. There have been no side-effects as of now, but the doctors will monitor him for a week. More than 3500 people have registered themselves for the trial since last week at AIIMS Delhi.

This is what we know about the COVAXIN Trials

  • Phase I trial will be conducted on 375 people.
  • 100 people out of the 375 will be from AIIMS.
  • The test will be conducted on people between the age group of 18-55, who do not have any co-morbidities.
  • The second trial will be conducted on 750 people.
  • The age group selected for the second phase trial will be 12-65.

In other developments going on in the world, a promising candidate remains to be Oxford’s Astrazeneca. The vaccine has been filling people with hope that the pandemic will soon end as a vaccine will be developed. The vaccine has been performing well in trials, and is definitely a front-runner amongst other developing vaccines. It is certainly at more advanced stage and has been the talk of the town for quite some time now.

Vaccine for Coronavirus

Vaccine for Coronavirus : Stages of Different Vaccines

Both Oxford and Moderna Inc seem to be confident regarding their vaccine and believe it to be out soon but WHO has expressed its concern over these claims and say that it is unrealistic for any vaccine to come out before the early months of 2021.

Despite the positive results being yielded out of the trials, WHO believes it is unrealistic to think that people will get vaccinated before 2021.

In a recent development from both Oxford and Moderna prove that two doses will be more effective than one alone.

The Oxford Vaccine candidate is undergoing its phase III trials as of now. Moderna is in the phase II. Pfizer, which received a $2 billion grant from Trump is also undergoing its combined phase I and II trials. They expect to begin with their phase II trials by the end of this month. US expects to get 100 million doses for the vaccine by the end of the year. In total, Pfizer is expected to manufacture as many as 1.3 billion doses by the end of next year, 2021.

Another Indian vaccine candidate Zydus Cadila is undergoing its phase I and II trials right now in Ahmedabad.

The development of a vaccine and its deployment are two separate issues. Even if researchers believe to have found a working and stable vaccine which is safe to use, it will be a huge task for the countries to ensure vaccination of the people.

Also, the trials that are being conducted and have shown promising results are being done so in a very limited manner. It is not fully sure as to how many people will stay immune from the virus after getting a shot and it will also be a matter of question as to how long the vaccine will provide immunization from the virus.

Vaccine for Coronavirus : Check which vaccine is ahead Now

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