Vikas Dubey’s Encounter : Who Benefits ?

Vikas Dubey’s Encounter : In a series of events that followed early morning today, Vikas Dubey, the wanted Gangster died during a police encounter as he apparently tried to flee after stealing a pistol from a police officer. The encounter took place when Vikas Dubey was being brought to Kanpur from Madhya Pradesh by Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force.

The car carrying Vikas Dubey was apparently involved in a road accident. Vikas Dubey tried to steal a pistol from an officer and attempted to flee by firing at the policemen. The police then retaliated by firing at him, during which he was hurt and was later taken to a hospital in Kanpur, where he was declared dead.

It has also been reported that four policemen were injured in the accident today.

Vikas Dubey’s encounter and ultimate demise happened a week after the catastrophic gun firing in Bikru Village which killed 8 police officers. The whole incident is loaded with suspicion as the sudden STF and police encounter was not expected, as it was reported just a while ago that Vikas Dubey has been caught and will be taken to Kanpur.

The police has till now also killed five of Vikas Dubey’s men, which includes his personal bodyguard.

Who Benefits from Vikas Dubey’s Encounter?

Vikas Dubey had over 60 cases on him, including that of murder and attempts to murder. His latest Bikru Project which led to the death of the DSP and other sub inspectors was a big blood bath, and landed him in even bigger trouble with the police.

The overturning of one of the cars of the police convey and the news about Dubey trying to flee by snatching a pistol and attacking the police however seems to be suspicious. Dubey’s death benefits different sections of society:

  1. It is believed that Dubey had very good relationships with several politicians. His arrest and interrogation may have brought to light his nexus with politicians. However, all those politicians now may be relieved from the fear of truth coming out.
  2. Dubey was tipped off about police raid in his house. His death buries the truth about those police officials with whom he had close contacts.
  3. UP government was blamed that law and order is not in place in state. Dubey’s encounter brings an end to one more criminals in the state.
  4. Dubey’s encounter also benefits all those businessmen, contractors who were tortured for ransom.
Vikas Dubey's Encounter

Extrajudicial killings in India are not uncommon. The National Human Rights Commission and the Supreme Court have specially laid out guidelines on encounters or extrajudicial killings. They have been set in place to avoid any kind of power abuse on the behalf of the police or any authority.

The court grants the right to life to every individual, regardless of his criminal background. The police can however kill or injure the accused in self defense, when there seems like no other option is possible. In the events that happened which led to the killing of Vikas Dubey, nothing can be said for sure, but there remains a possibility for it to also have been an extra judicial killing.

NHRC guidelines in 2010 state that if the death of an accused or a criminal does not occur due to the other party’s self defense or other jurisdiction, then the police officer can be arrested for homicide.

The reality behind Vikas Dubey’s encounter remains a question, but at the end of the day he was a wanted criminal, who had over 60 pending cases, including the death of 8 police officers.

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