West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : BJP heading towards a split in State?

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : BJP heading towards a split in State?
West Bengal Assembly election 2021
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West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : Bengal is touted to be the new UP for the BJP. After securing control of the biggest electoral state in the country in both the Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections; the Narendra Modi government is looking at West Bengal as the next bastion to control. With Bengal being a matter of prestige for the BJP let’s take a look at how they look in the state and are there any fractions amongst the BJP.

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West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : BJP Factions in Bengal

In Bengal, BJP seems to be divided into two factions. One faction led by Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh and other led by ex-TMC leader Mukul Roy.

Recently the BJP general secretary for West Bengal Kailash Vijayvargiya met Mukul Roy in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. On the same day West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh met with party president JP Nadda in Delhi. Both these meetings are assumed to look at the allocation of key roles amongst the party in the state.

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : Who is Mukul Roy?

Mukul Roy, is the founding member of the Mamata Banerjee led All India Trinamool Congress, the party which is currently in power in the state. he switched to BJP after Tripura election. He is apparently not happy with the role that the BJP top brass has given him in the state and wants to have a higher post with more decision-making powers.

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : Why is Mukul Roy Unhappy?

Roy’s displeasure stems from the fact that his relationship with the West Bengal BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh is not the best because of Ghosh’s reservation in letting ex-TMC members in the party and having them participate in elections. Roy wants more power because he wants an important say in the selection of members who will be given party ticket in the upcoming assembly election in West Bengal.

In addition to this, BJP still does not have a face for the chief ministerial position in West Bengal. This is a coveted position as it will play an imperative role in deciding BJP’s future in the state. In terms of hierarchy, the party president seems to be the most probable candidate. Mukul Roy, on the other hand, has an advantage of cutting across party line and also attracting some disgruntled Trinamool voters because of his connection with the party and could stake a claim to the role of the CM candidate for the party.  

West Bengal Assembly election 2021 : Why 2021 Bengal election is important for BJP?

The West Bengal elections will be one of the biggest indicators of the mood of the nation. The BJP had an impressive tally in West Bengal in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and that majorly helped them in going past the 300 seat mark in the Lok Sabha. With the BJP winning 18 Lok Sabha in 2019 election it’ll be a test for them to see if they can repeat similar performance in the state election which is .

If the BJP come out as victors in the Assembly elections in the state of West Bengal, it will have created an aura of invincibility and a certain assurance that one can expect the BJP to return to power for an unprecedented third term at the centre. But for that to happen the BJP should keep a united front and try to resolve the conflict between high ranking party members which might cause a split in the party.  

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