West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : Modi-Shah’s next target

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : Bengal is one of India’s richest states, in terms of art, culture, history and tradition. The political movement in the state too has always been very debatable and controversial, especially now, in light of the upcoming Assembly elections in the state.

A lot of factors affect the electoral politics of a state. Many parties have from time to time exerted their strong opposition, emerging as potential leaders. The state of Bengal has always been essentially leftist, and to think BJP might hold a strong influence there can be seen as incredulous, or even impossible, but history suggests otherwise. There was a time during the 1900s when BJP gained immense popularity in the state. This happened during the Ram Bhoomi Movement during the early years of the 90s decade. In the Assembly Election of 1991, BJP fielded fielded 291 candidates out of 294 seats of Bengal. BJP managed to increase its share of votes from 0.51% in 1987 to 11.34%.

The majority of the political preference changes in a state is set to change. TMC has been in power for over 9 years now. By the time it goes in election in 2021, there will be an anti-incumbency of 10 years. Added to it, after impressive performance by BJP in Lok Sabha election of 2019, the BJP cadres are charged to bring about a change in state. The mismanagement of COVID-19 crisis, ignorance of migrant workers and then Amphan, BJP is leaving no stone upturned to target Mamata’s government. This is how BJP created history in 2019 Lok Sabha Election in Bengal.

The current coronavirus and unemployment crises in the state have brewed up lots of debates between the center and Mamata Banerjee’s Government. The clashes were evident, as Mamta Banerjee openly voiced against PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Bengal BJP President, Dilip Ghosh openly called for revenge. He said, ““Badla o hobe, badal o hobe.” which means there will be a change and there will also be a revenge. It must be remembered in last few years BJP has lost many of it cadres to violence in Bengal.

The win in Bengal is imperative for BJP, as it holds great importance for BJP. It is evident that Bengal is receiving limelight and is being highlighted everywhere. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi certainly have their eyes on the state. The 2021 assembly elections are far away from now, but the party seems to have been working hard towards bagging the state in its favor. A recent opinion poll released by ABP Ananda and CNX showed BJP gaining a lot in the state. The poll showed BJP winning around 105 seats in Bengal and TMC winning 155 seats as of now.

What does West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 mean for BJP?

If the BJP does succeed in grabbing West Bengal, power and influence of BJP in the country will grow. Bengal has its own identity and is known for its cultural roots and legacy. If Modi and Shah have set their eyes on the state, and are ever to accomplish their target then they certainly are very much moving towards winning the 2024 Lok Sabha elections as well.

Union Home minister Amit Shah in his rally in Kolkata seemed very positive about their 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly Elections. “Mamata opposed the construction of Ram Mandir. Her government is terrorizing refugees who have faced religious persecution in other countries. I say we will not let this happen anymore. BJP will give citizenship to the refugees” were the word of Amit Shah while addressing a virtual party meet with Bengal BJP leaders.

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 : Modi-Shah’s next target

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