West Bengal Coronavirus District Level Update : Kolkata most Affected

West Bengal Coronavirus : West Bengal is extremely close to the one-lakh coronavirus case count. The state has reported around 98,459 cases till date. As many as 2100 people have died due to the virus so far in the state. The fatality rate in the state is 2.3%.  There are 1016 cases per million in West Bengal. West Bengal has conducted around 11,32,196 tests so far. Per million population, as many as 11,683.4 samples have been tested.

West Bengal Coronavirus : District with Maximum Active Cases

6,799- Kolkata

5,650- North 24 Parganas

2,067- Howrah

1,875- South 24 Parganas

1,294- Hooghly

Kolkata and North 24 Parganas have reported the maximum cases in the state. These two districts are the worst affected by the coronavirus in West Bengal. Districts other then these 5 have reported fewer than a thousand cases.

West Bengal Coronavirus : District with Maximum Coronavirus Recoveries

20,713- Kolkata

14,907- North 24 Parganas

7,624- Howrah

5,197- South 24 Parganas

3,328- Hooghly

All the districts which have a high active case count have the highest number of recoveries as well. This is proof that the state has been doing relatively better. A state’s situation can be considered dire when the number of active cases is higher than the number of recoveries.

West Bengal Coronavirus : District with Maximum Deaths

962- Kolkata

490- North 24 Parganas

253- Howrah

117- South 24 Parganas

73- Hooghly

Kolkata has a consistent pattern in the growth of the cases and deaths related to coronavirus. These above five districts are the worst affected in the state.

The situation in West Bengal is significantly deteriorating. The number of cases every day are on the rise, due to which the recovery rate is declining slowly. Though the recovery rate of the state isn’t exactly low, but if the current growth trend continues then it might take a further dip. In the worst-case scenario, a case like this might overwhelm the state’s health care system. The doubling rate in the state is over 18 days as of now.

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