West Bengal Coronavirus Update : Is the state forging the daily number of Cases?

West Bengal Coronavirus Update : Since the very beginning of the Coronavirus crisis West Bengal government has been blamed for either conducting less sample tests or for hiding the exact number of cases.

West Bengal with a population of 9,69,06,000 has reported 1,74,659 positive cases as of today. The total confirmed cases accounts to 1,802.4 per million which is almost the half of national average of 3,018.6. If we look at the data, Bengal seems to be performing well as compared to number of states of India. However, in recent days an interesting trend has been noticed in Bengal in terms of Coronavirus reporting.

In last 10 days, that is from 25th of August, West Bengal has reported 32,822 Coronavirus positive cases. But what is interesting in last 10 days, the number of daily cases have been between 2900-3100. Not only this even in death pattern the number has been between 50-60 per day. The pattern clearly reflects that the state government might have put a cap on the daily number of cases to be reported. Here is how the cases have been reported in last 10 days:

West Bengal Coronavirus Update

West Bengal Coronavirus Update : Stats of the State

West Bengal is 7th most affected state by Coronavirus in India. Till date state has reported 1,74,659 cases. However, the active ratio of state is low that is only 13.5% of total cases are active in state.

West Bengal has 84.5% recovery rate which means 1,47,553 cases have already recovered in the state.

The rate of fatality in state stands at 2%. The total number of deaths due to coronavirus in West Bengal as of now is 3452. As of 4th September West Bengal has conducted 20,66,404 coronavirus sample tests which is about 21,323.8 tests per million.

In last one week that is from 28 Aug – 04 Sep, the average growth rate of Coronavirus cases in state has been 1.9%.

The data clearly shows that the state government has been doing well in terms of controlling the spread of virus in the state. However, when the data is carefully analysed then we may see how the daily number of cases as well as daily number of deaths reported in the state seems to have been capped.

West Bengal assembly election is just 9-10 months away. The current TMC government is facing 10 years of anti-incumbency. Moreover, the handling of Coronavirus is set to play an important role in upcoming assembly election. Thus, the opposition particularly BJP is set to corner the current Mamata Banerjee government on several issues and Handling of Coronavirus in state being one of them.

Source : Official GOI COVID-19 Website

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