ISRO: How much do Indians know about it? Not much!

ISRO is the pride of the nation and everyone loves ISRO like no other organisation. But do we know enough about the organisation?

Our Ultimate ISRO quiz is a tough challenge that troubles even the smartest. So how did a sample of Indians Perform on the Quiz?


That is correct, the average accuracy rate was 48%

Which was the Question where most got the answer right?

What is the name of India’s first satellite?

ISRO's first satellite Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta was India’s first Satellite launched in 1975 from the USSR. 85% got this answer correct.

The Questions that most got wrong was –

What is Indian Equivalent of Google Earth?

The Answer is Bhuvan. Just 24% got this answer correct

Another question with low accuracy was –

India’s first human space mission is called?

Indian crew capsule star attraction at Bengaluru space expo ...

The answer is Gaganyaan, only 55% got this correct

Another question with low accuracy was –

What is the name of the commercial wing of the Indian Space Research Organisation?

Antrix Corporation and Scanpoint Geomatics to geomap Surat ...

Antrix was set up in 1992. Just 52% got this answer right!

Another question with high accuracy was –

Who is the name of the current Chairman of ISRO?

Nation's support, PM Modi's address boosted our morale, says ISRO ...

81% got this correct, it is K Sivan

Overall, Indians love the Indian Space Research Organisation but need to learn a lot more about the organisation and its capabilities.

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