Which States are back to work and which aren’t?

Using Google’s publicly available Mobility data (until June 14th) we look at which States (> 10m population) that have returned to work the most and those that are still lagging.

The baseline is the median value, for the corresponding day of the week, during the five-week period 3 Jan – 6 Feb 2020.

All India is -14% from baseline. Which means the number of people who have returned to work is 14% lower than it was in January-February 2020

Top 5 States where most have returned to work

  1. Andhra, -1%
  2. Bihar, -2%
  3. TN, -4%
  4. Assam, -6%
  5. Karnataka, -8%

Bottom 5 States where least have returned to work

  1. Haryana, -18%
  2. Odisha, -24%
  3. Maharashtra, -24%
  4. Punjab, -30%
  5. Delhi, -31%

Rest of the States

  1. Rajasthan, -9%
  2. Jharkhand, -9%
  3. Chhattisgarh – 10%
  4. Kerala, -10%
  5. Bengal, -11%
  6. Telangana, -13%
  7. Uttar Pradesh, -15%
  8. Uttarakhand, -15%
  9. Madhya Pradesh, -16%
  10. Gujarat, -17%

States with high number of COVID cases are clearly staying at home. Similarly States that have recently seeing a surge in cases like Andhra, Assam have returned to work in large numbers. So while it is good to see people returning to work, the risks are still there. Overall, numbers are quite healthy even assuming there is some error in the data. Also, the large scale return to work hasn’t drastically changed the infection profile though it did cause a bigger jump than previous weeks. India can be optimistic!

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