While BMC and Kangana in News , Maharashtra Coronavirus Cases Nears 1 Million Mark

Maharashtra Coronavirus Cases : The Main Stream Media or the social media is completed under the shadow of Kangana Ranaut, Rhea Chakraborthy and Maharashtra government related news and gossips since couple of weeks. In between all this nation has missed the important news which may actually affect the life of common citizen.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Cases
Maharashtra Coronavirus Cases

Be it the news related to India-China clash along LAC in Ladakh or be it the 5 Indian citizen from Arunachal landing in Chinese land or be it the massive increase in number of Coronavirus cases in India, none seems to be of national importance. Kangana got what she wanted, the popularity and Maharashtra government got what it wanted, diversion of topic from its failure in handling the spread of coronavirus in state and inability to help the people affected by floods in different parts of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Coronavirus Cases : States stats

Maharashtra is the worst affected state in India due to coronavirus. Infact it is the worst affected state/county in the world due to Coronavirus. The state with the population of 12,21,53,000 has till date reported 9,43,772 cases of Coronavirus and with an average increase of 2.2% the state is expected to cross 1 Million mark by Saturday.

The test positivity rate in Maharashtra is 19.7% which is 11% more than national average of 8.4%. In Maharashtra till date 47.9 Lakh tests have been carried out. Compared with Uttar Pradesh which has 22.5 crore population, 67.7 lakh coronavirus sample tests have been carried out. Moreover, the test positivity rate of Uttar Pradesh is only 4.1%.

Most of the states in India are now moving towards completely lifting the lockdown however, looking at the situation of Maharashtra, there is very less chances of lifting the lockdown completely. It is the only state in India to have the active number of cases in 6 digits, that is the Coronavirus active cases in Maharashtra as of now stands at 2,43,446.

The situation of Maharashtra is getting worse with every passing day. The state has now started reporting 20K cases in a day. In Maharashtra alone over 27,000 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus. However, neither the Government nor the national media is concerned about it. Therefore, it is now utmost important for the common people to take utmost care and follow all the guidelines so that the virus would be defeated.

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