Why is PM Modi struggling to improve India’s favorability ratings?

Contrary to what many think, India’s global favorability ratings have moved only marginally ever since PM Modi came to power in 2014.

India’s Favorability ratings under PM Modi

India’s favorability ratings have progressed as follows according to the Gallup World Affairs Survey

2004 – Favourable: 61%

2009 – Favourable: 64%

2014 – Favourable: 72%

2020 – Favourable: 75%

Overall, the increase has been 3% thought it is at an all time high. India has touched the 75% levels before in 2005 and 2012.

Which Countries have done better than India in 2020?

  • Canada : 93
  • France: 84
  • Germany: 85
  • Great Britain: 90
  • Japan: 83
  • Australia: 88 (2019 data)

In other words, there are just a handful of countries (all richer than India) ahead of us. India is ahead of countries like Israel, China, Russia and Korea

So here are a few reasons why PM Modi is struggling to Increase India’s performance even higher

  • High Scores already: Scores are already high and trying to push it up from here is not easy
  • Competition: As an upcoming country, Citizens of other upcoming countries may not have a favourable opinion of India who they see as a competitor
  • Ordinary performance: While India has done well on some metrics over the last 6 years, India is still not the economic powerhouse many expected it to be in 2008.
PM Modi with Xi Jinping

That said, India is still the Spiritual Capital of the world. It was until last year a fast growing economy and our tech industry is still the apple of our eye. So we still have somethings going with us.

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