Latest Prediction News from India, 10th May 2019

Latest Prediction News Related to India

Latest Predictions: Elections claims there is an earthquake against the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. They predict BJP will win between 15 and 25 seats in Uttar Pradesh

Ambit Capital claims BJP will win between 30 and 25 seats in Uttar Pradesh and 190 to 210 nationally. The NDA is likely to win 220 and 240 Seats nationally

Dr Prannoy Roy claims more upper caste consolidation behind BJP while there is a 15% transfer loss for the MGB

CrowdWisdom360’s daily tracker gives the BJP 242 seats and NDA 293 Seats. This method has had an error of 18% in 2018

Ruchir Sharma, election is too polarised, says it is too difficult to predict

Kamal Nath predicts Modi defeat and return to Gujarat

Bhendwal village which claims a history of 350 years of predictions claims India will get a stable Government, Monsoon will be average (with irregular rainfall in september) and they have also predicted there will be unseasonal rains and natural calamities

Latest Predictions: Economy and Markets

Latest Prediction News: Stock Market

Rathin Roy, member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council and Director of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy claims the Indian economy is running the risk of a structural crisis, and could soon be ensnared in a “middle-income trap”, eventually becoming like Brazil or South Africa

Google: Online video audience in India expected to grow to 500 mn by 2020:

ASSOCHAM-PWC study, Video OTT market in India to be among global top 10 by 2020; touch $823 mn

Maruti Predicts single digit growth and tough times ahead

HCL Tech forecasts strong growth (14 to 16% in dollars) for this financial year

HDFC Mutual Funds allocated more funds to select mid-cap and small cap funds in April while reducing its large cap holdings. The categories it has purchased included – NBFCs, Select Aviation Stocks, Cement and Consumer Durables

Germany Tax revenues are expected to grow at a slower pace than forecast last year due to slowing growth caused by uncertainty over global trade and Brexit and tax cuts introduced by the government

Other Prediction News

Kapil Dev Predicts 3 Semi-Finalists of the Cricket World Cup – India, England and Australia. He believes Hardik Pandya will be a critical player for India in the world cup