Latest Prediction News from India, 11th May 2019

Latest Prediction News from India, 11th May 2019
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Latest Prediction News Related to India

Latest Predictions: Elections

Nitin Gadkari: BJP will get more than 300 seats

Satta Bazaar Predictions Summary: BJP to win around 240 seats.Sheila Dixit to win her seat

MP Satta Bazaar places BJP tally closer to 250 seats, Congress close to 80 seats

Sushil Modi: NDA will win all 40 seats in Bihar

PM Modi: Congress will win less than 44 seats

Nirmala Sitharaman: BJP returning with a comfortable majority

Chandarababu Naidu predicts Clear mandate for Anti-BJP parties

CrowdWisdom’s Prediction Market gives BJP 35 to 40 Seats in Uttar Pradesh

Latest Predictions: Economy and Markets

Latest Prediction News: Stock Market

Maruti cuts profit outlook on weak India economic metrics

Indian Staffing federation predicts India will add 3 million tech jobs by 2023

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