Latest Prediction News from India, 8th May 2019

Latest Prediction News Related to India

Latest Predictions: Elections

Wire predicts that BJP will not win more than 5 seats in Bengal

Latest Satta Bazaar predictions place NDA at 185 to 220 Seats

CrowdWisdom360’s latest predictions suggests NDA in some trouble

Latest Predictions: Economy and Markets

Latest Prediction News: Stock Market

EC cuts economic forecasts amongst Euro countries from 1.3% to 1.2% owing to Trade Uncertainty

S&P: GST Unlikely to help State Governments bridge deficit due to increased social and capital expenditure

Moneycontrol: Gold prices likely to increase over the next two years

ET Lists 10 Stocks including Hero Motors, RIL, Kotak Bank and RIL that might perform well in the next 2 to 3 weeks

Yes Bank, Wipro in 9 Indian stocks that have the most number of sell calls across the globeĀ 

Other Prediction News

New Research: El Nino frequency likely to increase going forward. This will create more volatility in Indian agriculture