Better Predictor Bulletin, 13th May

Better Predictor Bulletin, 13th May
Here are some of latest research reports that inform us to make better predictions in the future

Business and Economy

New World Wealth: 2% of HNWs left India last year

Rise in incomes strongly correlated to growth in deposits: New RBI research

5 million retail stores likely to be digitised by 2023: Merrill Lynch


Meditation is not pleasant for everyone and those with higher levels of repetitive negative thinking, were more likely to report a ‘particularly unpleasant’ meditation-related experience.

70% of Moms use smartphone for parenting: YouGov

Indians are increasingly searching for online dating, more than matrimony: Google


Social Media playing a key role in influencing first time voters

Alcohol cost outstrips health expenditure in India: Study

50% of medical colleges produce ZERO research



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