Anti-NFT Movement Is Here To Save The Industry: Meet Goblin Town And Big Eyes (BIG)

Anti-NFT Movement Is Here To Save The Industry: Meet Goblin Town And Big Eyes (BIG).  This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

Once, the NFT industry reigned supreme, hitting an astonishing $17.7 billion in sales by the end of 2021. However, since their peak, NFT sales have declined by nearly 92%, leaving the industry bleeding from such an abrupt hemorrhage.

Some analysts blame external factors, such as economic recession and the war between Russia and Ukraine, while others claim that the predominant contributing factor is creative burnout. If we look at the majority of NFT collections, they’re all ultimately the same. The overall narrative is the only thing being altered, while each project appears as a copycat of its predecessor.

In response to the aforementioned developments, a particular trend appeared, referred to as the anti-NFT movement. To be clear, the movement doesn’t rally against the NFTs per se. It does, however, send a clear message to the crypto community and the NFT establishment that creativity and uniqueness should be valued most when flipping your favorite JPEGs.

With that in mind, let’s consider two NFT projects: Goblin Town and Big Eyes (BIG) NFTs, and assess how and why they will stand the test of time.

Goblin Town: A Project That Mocks Everyone

When this project was first announced, it received a lot of criticism from the community and crypto-related media. Notably, even DApp Radar deemed this collection as “an irrelevant NFT” project, comprising 10,000 unique goblins sporting rare styles and characteristics for the users to own and trade.

Launched on May 22 and built on the Ethereum blockchain, Goblin Town, labeled after a bearish crypto market sentiment popular on crypto Twitter, shocked many because these NFTs did not have copyrights reserved whatsoever. This means these goblin NFTs are free to be repurposed at the owner’s discretion. What’s more, the project doesn’t have a discord channel, viable road map, or utility. On top of that, these NFTs were free to mint with an obvious gas fee charge, but that’s it.

Many NFT traders were confused by its success because it didn’t follow established rules that made previous collections boom. It didn’t feature on any PR or marketing cycle, there were no whitelists, and aesthetically it didn’t resemble any of the cute NFTs available on the market that has become part of the zeitgeist. By presenting itself as irrelevant, Goblin Town became the most discussed NFT project at the end of May 2022. Whether it is a brilliant marketing move to appear anti-marketing or whether the crypto flock just did it for the “lols”, it worked. Currently, the floor price for Goblin Town NFT is 2.95 ETH. Check it out before it’s too late.

Big Eyes: A Project to Finally Change NFTs Status Quo

Big Eyes (BIG) is the new community-driven token inspired by a Japanese anime. The team has set itself a serious mission: to generate wealth for its community, protect and preserve mother nature, and finally overshadow the perpetual dog-themed copycats who have flooded the market ad nauseam.

The community is king in big eyes, 90% of the issued tokens will be available at launch, alongside 5% of the marketing wallet that’ll be dedicated to protecting marine life, and yet another 5% towards charity events.

Big Eyes (BIG) plans to stand out from other community dog-themed tokens by creating a vibrant ecosystem, where hypergrowth will be achieved through NFTs, providing more access to events, content, and of course, cuteness.

The (BIG) token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will have a whopping 200,000,000,000 tokens in circulation. This token launch will take place on Uniswap, the primary cryptocurrency exchange, which uses an automated decentralized protocol to facilitate transactions from Ethereum smart contracts.

It should be emphasized, that the crown jewel of this project is its community, which has many points of intersection with Big Eyes (BIG). Whether digital or physical merch, NFT contests for the cutest eyes, exchanging tokens through Big Eyes Swapp, or reaping handsome rewards, the community will always stand as the cornerstone of this fresh new project.

What To Make Of It

They say that fortune favors the brave, and I think this can be applied to both projects discussed here. Each goes against the established narrative in its own hilarious yet very intelligent way.

Goblin Town and Big Eyes (BIG) revel in self-mockery and, by virtue of this, are gaining irrepressible momentum. If you value uniqueness over banal recycling of ideas, these projects are just what you need.

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