BEN Falls But Big Eyes Coin Turns Heads With An Incredible 300% Bonus

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has made a significant impact in the crypto world with its highly successful presale, raising an impressive amount of over $35 million. This achievement places it among the top presales in the history of cryptocurrency.

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As the meme coin season gains momentum, Big Eyes Coin emerges as a formidable contender, capable of rivaling established meme tokens like Ben Coin, which recently made its debut.

With both tokens vying for attention and popularity, it sparks the question of whether we are witnessing the onset of an exciting rivalry among meme coins.

The competition between tokens adds an extra layer of excitement to the meme coin season, captivating the interest of investors and enthusiasts alike.

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Big Eyes Coin: Early Adopters Reaping High Returns On Investment

Big Eyes Coin has witnessed incredible success during its presale, raising an impressive $35.5 million. As the presale draws to a close, investors are urged to seize the opportunity by utilizing the code END300 to secure a remarkable 300% bonus.

The early adopters who had the foresight to invest in Big Eyes Coin during its Stage  1 presale are now reaping the rewards. With each BIG token initially priced at $0.0001 and currently valued at $0.00053 in Stage 13, the potential for growth is evident. The anticipation further builds as the coin gears up for its launch on Uniswap on June 15th.

Big Eyes Coin also has grand plans for the future, including expansion to other top-tier exchanges such as OKX, KuCoin, or Binance. Additionally, it aims to establish its own crypto casino, where BIG holders can engage in play-to-earn (P2E) games, presenting even more opportunities for earning and excitement within the community.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin understands the importance of fostering a vibrant community of NFT enthusiasts. To cater to this growing market, the project has established the NFT Sushi Crew Club—a platform where users can indulge their passion for NFTs by engaging in buying, selling, and trading these unique digital assets. This initiative provides an avenue for NFT lovers to connect, share, and explore the exciting world of non-fungible tokens within the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem.

New Meme Coin Ben Attracts YouTuber Ben Armstrong

Bitboy, also known as Ben Armstrong, has recently become associated with the new cryptocurrency coin called Ben. The launch of BEN took place a few days ago, with Twitter user ben.eth sharing the token’s contract address, along with a trading chart against Wrapped Ether (WETH) and the introduction of a new Telegram group.

BEN is currently listed on Uniswap, boasting a liquidity pool worth $2 million. While Armstrong has shown interest in the project, he firmly denies any involvement in its creation or management. The coin originated from a Telegram group exclusively for individuals named Ben, including notable figures like Ben Noble, Ben Lakeoff, and Ben Goertzel. Armstrong clarified that he has joined the team that initially launched the token.

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BIG vs BEN: Which Coin Will Soar To The Moon?

Big Eyes Coin has the potential to catch up to tokens like BEN, which had its debut just a few days ago. With its unique features and utility, Big Eyes Coin sets itself apart by offering users the ability to engage in Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, providing a practical use case for the token. Additionally, the crypto project has ambitious plans to expand its presence across various exchanges, signaling its commitment to reaching a wider audience and increasing its market reach. While BEN currently enjoys a significant following, it will need to strategize and implement larger-scale plans to maintain its position in the competitive crypto landscape.

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As both tokens vie for supremacy, it will be interesting to see how Big Eyes Coin and BEN navigate their respective paths and captivate the attention of crypto enthusiasts. However, BIG’s presale is about to end soon, and you do not want to miss out on this chance to be part of the Cat Crew community! Take advantage of the 300% bonus today by using the code END300.

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