T-minus One Month For Big Eyes Coin Launch: Lift-off Set To Shake The Market

The crypto market is looking extremely promising lately, despite the residual effects of the past still lingering in the present. Many projects have been recently released that contribute to the cause of making crypto mainstream or creating a better and more secure environment for trading. Giants like Mastercard are integrating crypto into their systems and are setting an example for the future.

Apart from this, there are many developments on the side of meme coins. Floki Inu has recently made headlines for donating over $71 000 to support the earthquake relief efforts in Turkey, which has opened the door for the world to see the other practical uses of crypto.

However, due to the stagnant nature of Dogecoin over the past few weeks, some are wondering if the meme giant is nearing the end of its lifespan, while Big Eyes Coin prepares to make its entrance into the greatest stage in the financial arena.

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Floki Inu: Leading The Way For Crypto Acceptance

Floki Inu is the meme coin that was birthed by a simple tweet from Elon Musk when he announced that it would be the name of his Shiba Inu pup. The tweet created a flood of Floki coins, but Floki Inu became the most successful and is currently the most popular, being third on the market behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Floki Inu has made a mark in the debate of crypto being mainstream when it donated approximately $71, 380 to Binance Charity to help the earthquake relief efforts in Turkey. This simple act communicated the potential for crypto to be used in CSR activities and other charitable causes.

Due to its transparency and efficiency, cryptocurrency donations are becoming increasingly popular. The use of crypto makes it easier to track transactions and eliminate fraud and misuse of funds by ensuring the donations go directly to the recipients.

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Could Dogecoin Give Its Final Howl Soon?

Dogecoin ushered in a new era of coins that were very different from the traditional, serious coins that had a limited supply and offered the most utility. It created a lighthearted environment and connected users through a single source: memes. It reminded the industry that trading can be fun and a little silly, which is why it became so popular so fast.

In recent months, the performance of the coin has gradually slowed down and has led some to question the future of the coin, especially since its long-time supporter Elon Musk announced that he will be focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

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The topic of survival comes down to the utility and practical applications of the coin. Dogecoin excelled as a tipping currency on social media to foster environments of community and generosity, but it is still very limited in its usage. However, it has been accepted in retail transactions, which means that there is still a future in sight for the coin.

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Big Eyes Coin Brings Big Bonuses And Rewards For Launch

The past 9 months for Big Eyes Coin have been a great success. It began gaming momentum in the first month and has not slowed down since. It has become a popular choice among investors and many consider it to be the rival to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Since its presale began, Big Eyes Coin has raised over $35 million, has had 17 community competitions, and has created an excellent environment for financial growth.

In preparation for the launch that will happen on June 3rd, Big Eyes Coin has released its 300% bonus. When users purchase any of their loot boxes, valued between $10 and $10 000 with a payout of up to a million dollars, they simply need to input the code END300 to unlock this incredible bonus.

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The following months are going to be exciting for the entire Big Eyes Coin community. It plans to release its casino and mobile gaming experience in August. This $BIG exclusive platform comes with over 4 000 casino options and various play-to-earn (P2E) games where users can accumulate coins to use throughout the site.

Purchase your tokens now during the presale and build your casino kitty. Use the code END300 to unlock these amazing benefits.

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In conclusion, the future of the crypto market looks extremely promising with all the new projects and other developments that are taking place within the industry. With more coins following the pawprints of Floki Inu, it will be easier to settle the debate of why crypto needs to be more widely accepted. Big Eyes Coin has the potential to create a brand new perspective on meme coins that will most likely boost the other coins and alter the future for many like Dogecoin.

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