Alt Coins Spur Hopes Of Recovery As Big Eyes Coin Gears Up For Meme Coin Supremacy

Meme coins are best poised to ride out a lull in the market as they register quick climbs when the market rebounds. Dogecoin (DOGE) and Floki Inu (FLOKI) are fighting bearish pressure to post a recovery.

Dogecoin is posting figures of marginal recovery as DOGE is up by 1%. FLOKI is up by 2.3%, and the climb of DOGE and FLOKI is spurring hopes of a recovery in the meme coin space. As meme coins remain under pressure, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a meme coin, is tearing it up in its presale.

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Doge Fights Bears to Post Slim Climb

Dogecoin has posted a slight climb of 1% as selling pressure in the network is easing. Dogecoin leads the meme coin space with its market capitalization of $11 billion. The meme coin theoretically has an unlimited supply and has a dedicated following on social media as well as a sizable developer community to boot.

The Dogecoin network aims to be the cryptocurrency of the people, and transactions on the network are quick and cheap. The network has grown and now comprises DeFi projects and dApps. The adoption of Dogecoin is also picking up, with Tesla now accepting DOGE as payment.

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Is Floki Inu on the Up?

Floki Inu has rebounded from the lows of the recent bear market. The token has gained 2.2% at the time of this writing. The token was created in 2021 and is now the third most popular meme coin.

The Floki Inu network is one of the most comprehensive among meme coins. The FLOKI ecosystem consists of Valhalla, the network’s play-to-earn (P2E) gaming metaverse; the FlokiFi umbrella that incubates DeFi projects in the network; Floki Places, the network’s NFT marketplace and Floki University, the network’s crypto education outreach wing.

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Floki’s thrust into the P2E gives it the potential to be the leading token in NFT gaming. The Floki Inu community is very active on social media and is one of the major draws of this network.

Big Eyes Coin Powers Through the Bear Market

Big Eyes Coin has grabbed the attention of the crypto world with its stellar presale. The network has brought in investment worth more than $35 million and is still going strong in its presale.

The team has released the END300 promo code to celebrate the end of the presale, scheduled to be on June 3rd. The END300 code will give buyers a 300% bonus of BIG tokens on their purchase.

Big Eyes Coin’s performance in the presale is a testament to the project’s strength. The project plans to build a comprehensive ecosystem centered around its community. The token had launched NFT cards as a first step in this direction. Buyers can mint BIG NFTs using the cards and trade them on OpenSea.

The project’s developers have stated that it has huge plans after its launch on June 15th. The team will launch the Big Eyes Casino on the network in August. The casino will have over 4000 games and many play-to-earn titles. It will use BIG as its utility token. The team has also stated that more DApps and DeFi projects will follow.

Final Thoughts

Dogecoin and Floki Inu are fighting selling pressure to begin their climb back to pre-bear market levels. The tokens have registered gains but still have a long way to go to touch the highs set in 2021.

It is in this context that Big Eyes Coin is planning to launch. The project has the potential to take on DOGE and FLOKI with its ecosystem and community-centered development. The Big Eyes community stands to gain a lot from the project’s push toward developing its casino and adding NFTs to its ecosystem.

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So waste no more time and join the Big Eyes Coin presale. Don’t forget to use the END300 code to reward yourself with a big bonus of BIG.  

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