Crypto Market News: Find Out How RoboApe (RBA) and Stacks (STX) Are Coping

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In recent crypto market news, the market has suffered a major crash over the weekend. As users are unable to predict when things will change for the better and how badly each cryptocurrency will be affected, it is a tough time for investors.

Given the uncertain circumstances of the crypto market, all crypto projects are suffering right now, whether it is a new coin like RoboApe (RBA), or a known crypto project such as Stacks (STX) or ApolloX (APX), they are affected in some way. Although the market crash is affecting all cryptos, some seem to be more impacted than others based on their audience.

Crypto Market News: RoboApe Continues to Thrive

RoboApe is one of a small number of projects that will not be significantly affected by the market crash. This is because it is currently in presale and has a significant amount of potential to do well. As one of the better presale projects, RoboApe can continue to grow a community and raise funds whilst it is in presale.

With an endless list of features making RoboApe stand out, investors continue to put their money in to hold RBA tokens as they are already at low prices. Some of RoboApe’s key features include charity games and events, RoboApe Merch, NFT Marketplace, and RoboApe eSports. Another big feature is the RoboApe Academy, a free educational hub to teach users about the crypto world.

These key features place RoboApe in a higher position than other presale projects as it is attractive to different investors based on their hobbies and interests. Once RoboApe publicly launches, the crypto crash could potentially be over, and if not, users may continue to invest in RoboApe due to its uniqueness.

How Has The Crash Impacted Projects Like Stacks and ApolloX?

Stacks is a layer 1 blockchain solution, created to benefit Bitcoin by providing it with smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). Smart contracts are brought to Bitcoin without changing any of the key features that make them powerful such as security. Using Bitcoin as a base layer, everything that takes place on its network is settled on the Bitcoin blockchain.

ApolloX on the other hand is a decentralised exchange experience that aims to lower barriers of entry in the crypto market, helping crypto become accessible to all individuals. Launching in 2021, APX has done well despite it being a new project to enter the market.

Fortunately, the crypto crash should not affect STX and APX significantly as they are not just basic cryptocurrencies but instead, platforms to help other coins and the crypto market as a whole. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the crypto crash is very uncertain at the moment and both Stacks and ApolloX have fallen in value in the past 7 days. Their endurance will be based on how long the market crash lasts and the impact on other coins.

This is why RBA is in a stronger position at the moment due to it being in presale as it can continue to grow its community and raise funds at its own pace. At the current time, it is best to keep an eye out on the current crypto market news as things could change at any moment!


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