Crypto Projects That Could Bring Huge Gains To Your Portfolio: Matic, Youniverze, and ETH

Crypto Projects That Could Bring Huge Gains To Your Portfolio. Matic, Youniverze and ETH. This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC) has been garnering much attention as of late, with the token rising over 90% across July as whales entered the project. Many retail investors were already eating the dip before the project’s best month since the start of the bear market, but the influx of institutional cash has put Polygon back at the forefront of investors’ minds.

The token, which is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain announced that over 19,000 dApps are now running on the network which is highly impressive compared to the rest of the market and competing protocols such as Polkadot (DOT).

Moreover, Polygon has fast transaction speeds, low costs, enables seamless micropayment transactions, and is loved by many developers who see the potential Polygon has for DeFi and NFT-based gaming.

The protocol has also partnered with Dharma, which is an Ethereum-based wallet that connects directly with your bank. Partnering with Polygon has significantly reduced the fees seen and has made the service more competitive relative to other Ethereum-based wallets.

With the adoption trend set to continue, Polygon’s future looks bright and could provide large gains in the long run to your portfolio.

Youniverze (YUNI)

Youniverze (YUNI) is a name that not many will be aware of within the crypto ecosystem. The project that is currently undergoing its presale is an innovative new swapping protocol that is aiming to revolutionise the exchange market.

Youniverze scans the market in real-time to provide users with the best rates by looking across multiple liquidity providers and where the lowest slippage lies. The integrated service is great news for traders as no longer will you have to lose out as DEXs pocket the difference between the actual token price and the rate you are receiving.

This is highly relevant given the current market climate, as when there is volatility in the market DEXs will often increase the slippage to account for any potential market moves as the trade is executing to act as insurance for them. With this service, you will always find the best rates.

To use the service, simply connect your wallet to Youniverze and you will be able to access the platform and the swapping mechanism.

Although this could be seen as a riskier investment, due to the fact it is in its presale, the potential utility makes this project one that has an extremely high ceiling and an interesting option to diversify your portfolio.

Ethereum (ETH)


Juxtaposing against our last token, Ethereum (ETH) is a giant in the crypto world and is the foundation behind many projects and the advancement of Web3 into mainstream society. While it may seem an obvious one to have in your portfolio, given the upcoming Merge where Ethereum will transition to Proof-Of-Stake (POS) there is a lot of speculation around the project.

A smooth merger will likely see Ethereum skyrocket and those who invest prior could benefit substantially. However, the flip side and risk to this are if the project has a troubled merger and difficulties switching to POS, in the short-run, a downward trend should be expected.

I, like many others, am bullish on the Merge and expect it to be relatively smooth. The ramifications for the wider crypto ecosystem if the Merge does not go well will likely involve a selloff, as Ethereum-based protocols will come under speculation and the demand for the network will intermittently slow.

Nevertheless, Ethereum in the long run is still expected to triumph, with researchers and analysts seeing ETH as a better investment than Bitcoin in today’s market. Researchers at the University of Sydney argue that Ethereum is a better hedge against inflation than Bitcoin (BTC) due to the utility of the protocol compared to Bitcoin, where its common use case is for payments and a store of value.

The ‘Flippening’ is a real possibility in the future, so as Ethereum is still below $1800 the upside is substantial.

Youniverze (YUNI)

Presale: Youniverze Presale Link

Website: Visit Youniverze Official Website

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