Fincrip: A Project Inspired By The Success Of Avalanche And Enjin Coin

Fincrip: A Project Inspired By The Success Of Avalanche And Enjin Coin. This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

Today, countless businesses leverage blockchain technology to provide services that make our lives better. Services ranging from entertainment, business, finance, and others are now best offered through this fascinating technology. In order to simplify life for its users, the Fincrip protocol utilizes a variety of blockchain technology opportunities.

Fincrip aims to create an ecosystem where users can engage in all real-life activities in a virtual world. This experience will be enhanced with some exciting mechanisms by Fincrip to explore other worlds full of adventures. Activities like shopping, playing games, and attending meetings or seminars will be available on the Fincrip platform.

Statista revealed that space exploration activities have increased in the last few years. Further, the global space economy has surged to around $447 billion in 2020, which is 55% higher than a decade ago.

Statista predicted its projected value to reach $558 billion in 2026. Fincrip noticed a massive potential in this trend within the space sector and aimed to explore it with users.

Last year, an NFT artist collaborated with a space company called Nanoracks to transmit an NFT art to a server where it revolved around the earth once. This project was auctioned for $64,000, further emphasizing the great potential that Fincrip noticed in space exploration.

The Fincrip protocol is a fantastic futuristic project that brings the future closer to its users globally. The Fincrip plan allows users to acquire legendary spaceships and futuristic products like personal robot assistants, water blob hyperloops, futuristic malls, pod taxis, recreational centers, etc. Users can earn rewards by listing these products on the Fincrip NFT marketplace.

Fincrip Token (FCP)

The native token of the Fincrip protocol is known as FCP. Users can launch their spaceship to mine FCP. Users securely save their earned FCP token in the blockchain-based wallet of Fincrip.

Comparing Fincrip with its competitors

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche prides itself as the only network with three distinct blockchain networks within its system. This unique feature makes Avalanche attractive to many developers, who launch their projects within its network. Project developers enjoy highly scalable, fast, secure, and interoperable services.

The architecture of Avalanche has facilities similar to the likes of Ethereum. This feature makes it possible for developers to switch existing projects on Ethereum Network to Avalanche without stress. This fact is evident with projects like SushiSwap and TrueUSD, Ethereum-compliant projects integrating with Avalanche.

Avalanche adopts its unique consensus mechanism that doesn’t have priority transactions to be validated by others. This algorithm deployed by Avalanche ensures that all nodes validate and process transactions using a directed acyclic graph (DAG). protocol. This mechanism allows simultaneous processing of transactions, and random polls from users validate transactions with statistical certainty.

The utility token of Avalanche is called AVAX, with a total supply of 720 million tokens. This volume of AVAX is distributed proportionally to public sale, community endowment, incentivize programs, airdrops, and staking rewards.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin is an all-in-one ecosystem that allows developers and consumers to distribute, sell, and buy NFT items. Enjin also has facilities for users to develop their tokens freely and securely.

The Enjin project aims to establish a complete product collection that enables users to engage in the world of NFT and cryptocurrency. Currently, the architecture of Enjin serves more than 20 million people, which includes over 250,000 gaming platforms. Some games running on Enjin’s ecosystem include; cryptonym, cede, war of ants, wavelings.

Enjin’s compliance with the Ethereum Network and ERC-20 standard is an intriguing feature. Enjin leverages some amazing features of Ethereum to offer swift transactions and advanced smart contracts. This compliance ensures that all the necessary tools to create NFT and crypto projects are accessible to developers.

The native token of Enjin is called ENJ, which supports all activities within its ecosystem. Project developers can mint other digital products using ENJ tokens. Users can also use ENJ to buy and sell in-game assets in its marketplaces.

The Fincrip protocol is unleashing a project that will make many users achieve their dream of exploring space and enjoying the benefits that come with it. Join this platform now, and let’s explore the future together.

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