Litecoin’s Halving Event Set to Boost Investor Interest in Innovative Altcoins Avalanche and Big Eyes Coin

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In August 2023, Litecoin is set to undergo its halving event every four years. The monumental occasions will reduce the supply of newly mined coins by half—increasing the demand for Litecoins, which has a history of bulking the crypto market on halving events—when investors’ eyes go wide on Litecoin and altcoins.

As the Litecoin supply drops, the altcoin market grows. Investors are now faced with two worthwhile opportunities before the halving event hits this year and the flood of investors arrives.

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Is Litecoin the Answer to Bitcoin’s Problems?

Dubbed the ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold’, Litecoin was formed in 2011 by Charlie Lee, with ambitions to create a cryptocurrency with a less energy-intensive mining process than Bitcoin and exceptionally speedier confirmation times—taking 2 1/2 minutes opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes.

Despite being one of the old guards of the crypto world, Litecoin still has its creator working on the coin’s development, unlike Bitcoin—allowing Litecoin to adapt to new hurdles in the crypto community, such as the recent SEC government regulations and sustainability concerns.

While Litecoin has worked on being a better alternative to Bitcoin, it’s still held back by outdated features, including its use of the proof-of-work mechanism that makes Litecoin energy inefficient for future scalability. Therefore, the halving event is an excellent opportunity in the short term. At the same time, investors should seek viable altcoins that have the power to surpass Litecoin.

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Avalanche Reinventing the Blockchain?

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Avalanche (AVA) is an innovative altcoin that aims to solve the scalability and interoperability issues plaguing other blockchain networks. It was created by Emin Gün Sirer, a renowned computer science professor, and was launched in 2020.

Avalanche claims to be a third-generation blockchain network that can process up to 4,500 transactions per second, making it faster and more efficient than many competitors. Furthermore, Avalanche boasts a unique consensus mechanism that uses a meta-protocol to choose the best validator in real time, ensuring the network’s security and speed.

With its ground-breaking technology, Avalanche has attracted significant interest from investors, and its price has steadily risen since its launch. As Litecoin’s halving event approaches, investors are considering alternative investment opportunities, and Avalanche is one of the top contenders. Its unique features and potential for future growth make it a promising addition to the cryptocurrency market.

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Big Eyes Coin Sustainability Goals Surpassing Avalanches?

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While Avalanche (AVA) has been making waves in the cryptocurrency market with its innovative features, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is emerging as a top contender due to its sustainability goals. 5% of BIG’s total supply will be donated to environmentally-friendly charities that the community decided, and over $33 million has already been donated to ocean sanctuaries.

BIG are not just off-setting its carbon footprint but actively reducing it by using a PoS protocol for energy-efficient scalability with a lower carbon footprint than coins such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

80% of the total supply will be owned by the community on day one of the coin’s launch on June 3rd 2023. Therefore, with the community behind BIG being pro-sustainability—they have the power to govern the coin’s scalability and use its success to improve the planet’s health.

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One Meme Coin to Soak Up All of Investor’s Attention

Many altcoins are aiming to be more sustainable with the PoS protocol. However, very few altcoins are going the extra mile to prove they are the most ethical and sustainable option as a future currency, and Big Eyes Coin does just that. BIG, as a personable meme coin similar to Dogecoin, makes it easily adoptable by the mass market, and with BIG launching on June 3rd—it’s a good time for investors to get in early.

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