Seven Must-Know Things about Futuristic RoboApe Meme Coin

Seven Must-Know Things about Futuristic RoboApe Meme Coin. This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

Cryptocurrencies with proven use cases and utility are the only ones that stand a chance of bouncing back following the recent bubble burst in the once burgeoning sector. Some coins are already at risk of total annihilation after losing more than 90% of their market value. Some face an uncertain future as the hype and buzz that helped propel their valuation to levels not heard of, dry away. Amid the crypto crash, RoboApe is one project well-positioned as a futuristic meme coin.

Understanding RoboApe

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, RoboApe is a meme coin of the future, backed by compelling use cases and utility. It stands out in addressing some of the problems encountered by traditional meme projects by introducing a string of utilities around its native token. In addition, the project backers have set out to build a diverse ecosystem that is community-driven, offering exciting rewards and utilities.

Below are some of the features that make RoboApe stand out as a futuristic meme coin.


1.    RoboApe NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are, without a doubt, the future of revolutionary blockchain technology. The need to enhance ownership and distribution of real-world objects has forced many people to turn to NFTs. Likewise, RoboApe offers a unique platform that will improve the minting of NFTs. In addition, a marketplace will allow people to trade the minted NFTs. By building its future around NFTs, RoboApe‘s utility is more than affirmed.

2.    RoboApe Swap

It has always been a challenge to swap altcoins between different blockchains. Unfortunately, the deficiency has made it impossible for people to enjoy the full benefits of digital ledger technology. RoboApe Swap is the new feature that enhances cross-chain swaps by offering a bridge between isolated blockchains. Consequently, people can swap tokens between various chains at low costs.

3.    RoboApe Esports

The futuristic meme coin, which is community-driven, also seeks to enhance interaction within the ecosystem through games. Community sports contests in the ecosystem will be designed to enhance the gaming experience. Many charitable games and events will also take place to make the world a better place.

4.    RoboApe Merch

Access to exclusive merchandise will also be made possible in the ecosystem, and is expected to support the development of a larger community with an increasing market hold. With the community at the project’s core, every voice will be heard and listened to.

5.    RoboApe Academy

RoboApe has also set out to enhance people’s knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology – RoboApe Academy will provide a free education hub with all the information needed to grasp the sector’s developments and innovations.

6.    Developers Hub

Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, RoboApe will also be a developer’s hub. It promises to offer a platform developers can use to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications for performing different functions. This is part of the project’s push to pursue opportunities around decentralized finance.

7.    RoboApe Token RBA

RBA is the deflationary token that powers the RoboApe ecosystem, acting as a medium of exchange. With the token, one can settle transaction fees for carrying out various operations. In addition, RBA affords one the right to mint and trade NFTs.

The deflationary token is also designed to offer users many buying opportunities in decentralized finance, while enhancing interactions. It also doubles up as a governance token through which holders can vote on any network changes and upgrades.

The total supply of RBA tokens that will ever be in circulation is capped at 900 million. As part of an ongoing presale, RoboApe hopes to sell approximately 270 million RBA tokens. Being a deflationary token, the total number of tokens will continue decreasing, given the burning mechanism in play. Half of every transaction fee is burned, while the remaining half is allocated to token holders that help verify and secure the network.

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