Top 3 cryptos to add to your watchlist: VertoChain, Cardano, and Decentraland

Top 3 cryptos to add to your watchlist: VertoChain, Cardano, and Decentraland. This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

Built on a distributed ledger technology that is basically a record of transactions, blockchain-based solutions do not require a central authority to oversee operations. The feature reduces regulatory restrictions and paves the way for a permissionless system that has over the years boosted the average investor’s access to decentralized finance.

As blockchain technology evolves, cryptocurrency exchanges are also developing to tackle common challenges like inefficient assets, lack of security and instant liquidity. These changes not only help boost investor confidence but also shield the asset value against volatile conditions or when crypto prices are going down. If you are worried about crypto prices going down and are looking for options that can soldier through price fluctuations, you should consider popular coins like VertoChain (VERT), Cardano (ADA), and Decentraland (MANA). Here’s a brief description of their key USPs. 

VertoChain: Leveraging the full potential of Binance Smart Chain

VertoChain is a decentralized platform that facilitates seamless cryptocurrency exchanges between different blockchain systems. It uses the proof-of-stake consensus protocol and is built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The integration with BSC paves the way for fast and efficient validation of transactions while reducing congestion. Given how these factors speed up authentication times, the transaction fee on Binance Smartchain is around 35 times less than other multi-chain proof-of-stake platforms.

Top 3 cryptos

Users on the VertoChain network have to use its native token VERT for any transactional purpose on the platform. The VERT Token can be bought on presale and can be used for liquidity provision, multi-chain farming, staking and yield farming, among other purposes.

The token is built on a deflationary model that ensures that its supply is scarce. The moment the demand for the VERT Token rises, the platform increases its value by burning some tokens and taking them off the market. The mechanism is instrumental in keeping price fluctuations in check.

Another advantage that the VERT Token offers its users is voting rights. Following a Decentralised Autonomous Organisations-patterned governance structure, VertoChain offers its members the right to vote on proposals concerning operational decisions and future projects of the platform. Apart from voting rights, token holders are also considered for special community roles. Moreover, their interactions are gamified and users are rewarded with VERT Tokens on achieving specific milestones.

What sets VertoChain apart from its competitors is how deftly it deals with challenges like inefficient smart contracts, high transaction fees and lack of liquidity that often hamper the progress made by other platforms. For instance, the VertoChain wallet is integrated with an anti-whale system that detects if a whale is trying to use large pools of liquidity to influence prices through quick selling and buying. The feature together with other security mechanisms makes access to decentralized finance (DeFi) safer.

Cardano joins Linux Foundation as a gold member

Cardano is a public blockchain system for deploying user-friendly and secure dApps. Leveraging the proof-of-stake consensus protocol, Cardano implements Ourobros, a peer-reviewed blockchain system to ensure complete decentralization of its network and help dApps to scale on a global level without any effect on their security framework.

It has its own native token ADA that Cardano members can use to fulfill all their transactional obligations on the platform. In a recent development, Cardano Foundation announced that it has joined The Linux Foundation as a gold member. With the move, Cardano will strive to drive greater impact in open-source projects.

Decentraland: A virtual world to play and earn along with decentralization benefits

Decentraland is a one-of-its-kind platform that lets its users trade cryptocurrencies, earn revenue and play games in a virtual world that is built by the users themselves. With the easy-to-use ‘Builder’ tool, users can also create artwork, challenges and scenes and even participate in events to win attractive prizes. For users who have more experience, Decentraland’s software development kit includes all the tools they would need to access and enjoy the various games and apps in the ecosystem. It has a native token, MANA, that can be used for a host of transactional purposes on the platform.

VertoChain (VERT)

Presale: Vertochain Presale Link

Website: VertoChain Official Website

Telegram: Join VertoChain Telegram Channel

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