Two Meme Coins Gaining Momentum in the Cryptocurrency Markets: Tamadoge and Big Eyes Coin

Two Meme Coins Gaining Momentum in the Cryptocurrency Markets: Tamadoge and Big Eyes Coin

Two Meme Coins Gaining Momentum in the Cryptocurrency Markets: Tamadoge and Big Eyes Coin. This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

Starting as a community project aimed at creating wealth and a sub cryptoverse, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has today gained massive momentum in the cryptocurrency market.  On the other side of the spectrum is Tamadoge (TAMA), generating buzz as its fourth presale and growing cryptocurrency prices open up fresh opportunities. But there’s something about Big Eyes Coin, as analysts predict, that makes it a particular favourite in the meme sector. You will love this.


Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is in the fourth presale phase of its TAMA meme coin presale, with a total of $6.5 million raised. Initially, investors were paid for their tokens at the rate of 1USDT for 57.14 TAMA tokens. But today, the price of the TAMA token rose to a rate of 1 USDT to 50 TAMA in what is now the fifth phase of the presale.

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a play-to-earn metaverse game that allows players to earn in-game rewards, buy NFTs, and trade cryptocurrency. The platform lets you develop, breed, and trade Tamadoge pets – virtual dog-like avatars that will be used to challenge other players on its gaming universe, Tamaverse. A Tamadoge pet will be minted as an NFT via smart contract functionality.

Every Tamadoge pet will possess unique characteristics, and investors can purchase these 3D assets items from the store using TAMA, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Tamadoge is geared up to become one of the best meme coins of all time, and it is projected to be listed on top crypto exchanges such as LBank and Uniswap.

Tamadoge revenue is generated from fees paid on transactions in the Tamadoge NFT Petstore. Users and players buy food, clothes, and other necessities and discretionary items for their pets in the store. You can own as many pets as you like when you’re on the platform, and you’ll be sure to get unique pet traits constituted as an NFT.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin is a full-on community token with the primary goal of spreading wealth into the DeFi ecosystem and protecting an essential part of the world’s ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is carving a clear path for itself by importing cat traits into its utilities. The coin is a full-fledged token aimed at transferring wealth to the cryptoverse. Its tokens are huge income generation mechanisms for its community and charity purposes.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) seeks to contribute to the crypto world by enabling a blockchain environment that promotes hypergrowth by leveraging NFTs to create access to opportunities and events. The coin doesn’t merely exist for fun; it is driven to protect oceans and catalyze human efforts to save these water bodies. This is anchored on climate action and its attempts to protect aquatic life as a necessary part of the efforts to save the world.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) runs the Big Eyes Sushi Crew club, designed specifically for persons with large eyes. It features an NFT Holder as its most outstanding initiative while gathering the top ten NFT projects to add inclusivity to their annual NFT events.

Many factors make Big Eyes Coin (BIG) stand out in the cryptoverse. First, it has a valuable community, and it’s getting bigger. Its focus on community-building efforts and all the intensive effort put into reaching out to its members is an outstanding attribute. Having millions of dedicated and energy fanbase is a surplus to any crypto project, and just like it’s working for Dogecoin and most meme coins, Big Eyes Coin may be in for a treat. They’ve introduced the cat into cryptoverse while linking it with aquatic life and climate efforts. Their DeFi and NFT projects are bound to enjoy wide metaverse usage.

Big Eyes Coin understands that the real strength lies in community. And the bigger, the more active, the more engaged, and the greater the momentum. The community will enjoy regular giveaways in NFTs, tokens, and rewards to strengthen this momentum.

It also features a dynamic tax system that allows it to embark on extensive projects and plans such as LP acquisition, adding Auto Burn features and Marketing Wallet to its operations.

With its huge potential, community following, and lofty end goal to save the world, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could potentially hit $50 million, revving its cryptocurrency price. Already, its dedication to a crucial part of our environment, the oceans, has increased attention from crypto enthusiasts. Its presale is due to open up in Q4 2022.

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