You Could Have a Gain of 100x by adding Big Eyes Coin, Binance Coin, and HEX to Your Crypto Portfolio

You Could Have a Gain of 100x by adding Big Eyes Coin, Binance Coin, and HEX to Your Crypto Portfolio.  This is a sponsored advertising post. Nothing in this content should be construed as advice, it is meant for informational purposes only.

The crypto space is constantly admitting new innovations powered by utility or native cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are used as a store of value for interest traders or utility users across the internet.

The crypto market, in general, has been experiencing a negative trend, reducing its market capitalization from nearly 3 trillion USD to around 1 trillion USD as of August 2022.

The volatility and uncertainty in the crypto space have likely affected the market sentiments in the market. One of the few ways to increase your portfolio is by buying coins from good and well-audited projects while they are at low values and “holding on for dear life (HODL-ing).”

For example, Big Eyes Coins (denoted by BIG) is a new project that offers you the chance to buy its token for as little as $1 while potentially gaining 100x your purchase price in the future. Another cryptocurrency is Binance Coin (BNB) and Hex (trading as HEX). Let’s go into more details below.

The HEX (HEX) Ecosystem

HEX (HEX) is the native cryptocurrency of the HEX Ecosystem — an ecosystem that wants to decentralize the traditional banking system. HEX will be the pivot of the ecosystem and has gained more than 9,450x its ICO price since launch.

HEX (HEX) is an Ethereum-based token marketed as a certificate of deposit (known short as CD or decentralized bonds)., the ecosystem powered by HEX, was launched in 2019 by Richard Heart, a top luxury and lifestyle investor who predicted Bitcoin’s price twice in a row.

Upon launching its ICO in 2019, HEX soared by more than 10,000%, which heightened investors’ interest in the coin. HEX is among the few cryptocurrencies affected by the crypto winter of 2022, which has seen its price drop by more than 200% since the last quarter of 2021.

HEX could be a good option for long-term traders who want to strengthen their portfolios with a powerful project-backed coin. HEX Coin could likely hit a dollar per unit with favorable market conditions, which may set in, in subsequent years.

Binance Coin (BNB) – The Money-Making Crypto

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance ecosystem. Binance, being one of the top Ethereum killers and engine houses of DeFi and smart contracts, is a blockchain network that uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism for validating transactions. Binance increased its scalability status by adopting two parallel chains — the Binance Chain (or BNB Chain) and Binance Smart Chain (or BNB Smart Chain).

The Binance Chain is the mainnet of the BNB coin, while the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) is the chain for the BNB (BSC) network. Both work hand-in-hand to make the Binance blockchain faster, thereby reducing the workload on the entire network.

BNB Smart Chain is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which makes interoperability easier across multiple chains.

Binance Coin is one of the few cryptocurrencies to gain massively in the crypto market. Binance has been actively powering new projects and partnering with many brands across different industries. Binance’s crypto and blockchain education is another area contributing to crypto’s rising adoption and interest from the government and institutions.

Binance Coin is one cryptocurrency you do not want to overlook; the first is because the cryptocurrency is a popular store of value and has powerful project backing. Binance also has a high reputation, and regardless of how the coin performs, you could swap between the token and its stable coin — Binance USD (BUSD).

What Is Big Eyes Coins (BIG)?

Big Eyes Coins is a meme token that aims to offer investors real value for their money. Big Eyes Coin is still new to the DeFi space and has already raised more than 90% of its stipulated private sale funds. This shows how high the demand is for the project.

Big Eyes will achieve its objectives by integrating some essential features that revolve around DeFi and create real utility for the BIG token. Some of these features include:

1. NFTs

Big Eyes Coin is a cat-themed project that wants to participate in the animal kingdom of tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Big Eyes Coin will integrate an NFT marketplace for creating generative and degenerative art pieces to allow all kinds of creators into its space.

Anyone can mint, buy and sell NFTs on the Big Eyes marketplace. The marketplace will feature a primary and secondary market and offer royalties in secondary markets — i.e. when an NFT is sold the second time.

2. Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

The Big Eyes coin is another important aspect of the Big Eyes ecosystem. It will be used throughout the ecosystem for minting and auctioning NFTs, participating in play-to-earn protocols, and for liquidity mining on Big Eyes’ DEX.

Holders of the Big Eyes coin earn substantial interest rates for contributing to the crypto validation on the network through staking. Additionally, they earn part of the fees from cryptocurrencies when they provide liquidity on the Big Eyes DEX swap.

3. Crypto trading

Big Eyes is overlooking crypto trading, and it will offer this feature through its DEX swap. The DEX swap will allow cross-chain transactions on Big Eyes. Big Eyes believes cross-chain transactions will encourage liquidity and allow anyone with any token standard to contribute to liquidity on its exchange. The DEX swap will feature an asset pool and automated maker model (AMM).

4. Charity and environmental causes

Big Eyes Coin will distribute 5% percent of fees generated from transactions on its platform to charity. This will also go into environmental causes that seek to reduce carbon emissions and help uplift the environmental conditions of many regions of the world. This resembles a similar cause spearheaded by using the HEX token.

Getting started on Big Eyes Coin and

Binance Coin (BNB) is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges available on the internet. However, the Big Eyes Coin and HEX coin are quite rare to get on any popular crypto exchange.

To join the HEX ecosystem, you should simply buy the HEX token from a decentralized exchange such as Uniswap. Also, HEX is listed on Bitmart and Poloniex; however, you would use a crypto-to-crypto model to purchase cryptocurrencies on these centralized exchanges.

Big Eyes Coin is an easy place to join. Unlike, you can simply become a member of the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem through its live presale or wait until the token performs an IDO or ICO, which is set to come up as soon as the presale is completed.

To buy the BIG token, you should visit Big Eyes Coin’s official website and locate the button, which redirects to the purchase section. You can buy BIG tokens using USDT or ETH. Additionally, there is a supported option for credit/debit cards.

If at the time of buying Big Eyes Coin has launched an IDO or ICO, you can simply buy the cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or visit any supported centralized exchange to buy the BIG tokens.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that you can buy as many as 1000 pieces of the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) using just 1 USDT. This is an opportunity you may not want to miss out on, considering the huge potential that awaits the BIG token.

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