FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions: Who Will Win World Cup 2022?

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions: Who Will Win World Cup 2022?

Which team is Predicted to Win as Per the FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions? As per the latest World Cup 2022 Winner Predictions, Brazil has the best chance of winning the Qatar World Cup. The Chances are rising.

What is the Crowd’s Prediction for the FIFA World Cup 2022? Brazil is still preferred but Argentina is rising again after Brazil’s loss to Cameron and Argentina’s victory over Australia.

Who can Spring a Surprise? Among Bookmakers, Defending Champion France is now rising rapidly. The Netherlands too is picking up momentum

Golden Boot Prediction: Kylian Mbappe

Golden Glove Prediction: Alisson Becker

Brazil was knocked out by Croatia in the WC quarterfinal on Friday. The Netherlands then lost to Argentina.

Quarter Finals Schedule

  • Result: Croatia 1 vs Brazil 1, Croatia Winner on Penalties, 4-2
  • Result: Netherlands 2 vs Argentina 2, Argentina Winner on Penalties, 4-3
  • December 10th: England 2 vs France 1, Prediction
  • December 10th: Morocco 0 vs Portugal 1, Prediction

FIFA World Cup Predictions: Who will win the World Cup 2022?

According to the majority of betting sites, Brazil was the favorite to win the 2022 World Cup and this had risen significantly over the last 7 days. However, as we noted Brazil had a mixed record against a majority of the European countries. Brazil was knocked over by Croatia in the quarterfinal on Friday. As a consequence, France and Argentina are now top favorites to win the world cup.

World Cup Winner Prediction on Smarkets (A Betting Exchange)

  • France: 23.3% [Rising]
  • Argentina: 34.3% [Rising]
  • Portugal: 17.0% [Rising]
  • England:17.9% [Rising]
  • Croatia: 10.2% [Falling]

World Cup winner Odds by Oddschecker (An Odds aggregator)

  • France: 16/5 [Rising]
  • Argentina: 4/1 [Rising]
  • Portugal:5/1 [Rising]
  • England: 5/1 [Rising]
  • Croatia: 21/2 [Rising]

Who is predicted to win the world up? Crowd Forecast

  • Argentina

Group Stage: 21.7%, Before Round 16: 26.6%, Before QF: 22.4%

  • England

Group Stage: 4.5%, Before Round 16: 9.3%, Before QF: 11.2%

  • France

Group Stage: 11.4%, Before Round 16: 11.9%, Before QF: 10.5%

  • Portugal

Group Stage: 11.9%, Before Round 16: 9.6%, Before QF: 10.5%

FIFA World Cup 2022 Final Prediction on the basis of Odds

On the basis of Odds, the top 3 possibilities

  1. Argentina vs France
  2. Argentina vs England

World Cup Knock-Out Predictions on the basis of analysis

This analysis is updated daily

  1. England to beat France
  2. Portugal to beat Morocco
  3. Argentina beat Croatia
  4. England to beat Portugal
  5. Argentina to beat England?

2022 World Cup FIFA Predictions: Who will be the Highest Goal Scorer?

Highest Goal Scorer After December 6th*

  • Kylian Mbappe: 5
  • Lionel Messi: 4
  • Richarlison:3
  • Goncalo Ramos: 3
  • Cody Gakpo: 3
  • Marcus Rashford: 3
  • Olivier Giroud: 3
  • Bukayo Saka:3

*Excluding Players from eliminated teams and below 5 Goals

FIFA World Cup 2022 Golden Boot Winner Odds

  • Kylian Mbappe: –175(Rising)
  • Richarlison: +650 (Steady)
  • Lionel Messi: +1000 (Steady)
  • Olivier Giroud: +1800 (Steady)

With 3 games left, Kylian Mbappe is well-placed to win the Golden boot. The Quarter Finals will determine who is likely to be the strongest challenger to Mbappe.

2022 World Cup FIFA Predictions: Golden Glove Odds, Highest Scoring team

World Cup Golden Glove Odds

  • Alisson: +150 (Rising)
  • Emiliano Martinez: +325 (Steady)
  • Jordan Pickford: +600 (Steady)
  • Hugo Lloris: +700 (Falling)

FIFA World Cup Highest Scoring Team Odds

  • Portugal: +110 (Steady)
  • England: +200 (Steady)
  • France: +550 (Steady)
  • Brazil: +1000 (Rising)

Who Will Win the World Cup 2022: FIFA Winner Predictions

Teams Qualified for Semi-Finals

  1. Argentina
  2. Croatia

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World Cup 2022 Winner Predictions: Who can win the World Cup 2022?

FIFA Winner Predictions: Why is Argentina Powering ahead?

  • 3 Wins, 1 Loss
  • Goals For: 7, Goals Against 3

After a shocking loss to Saudi Arabia, Messi and co have won 3 games in a row. Since the loss to the Saudis, Argentina has conceded just 1 goal in 270 minutes of play. Messi is now the joint-leading goal scorer. Having now beaten 3 teams from 3 different continents, Argentina are well placed to make it to the finals. They take on the Netherlands next.

Why Pundits are confident in Argentina this time?

Argentina has been on the form side and the most Improved side in Defence, where they struggled in the 2018 World Cup.

Let us Analyse their before or after 2018 World Cup performance-

Argentina Netted only 6 goals in the 2018 World Cup at an average of 1.50 goals per Match, whereas conceded 9 goals at an average of 2.25 goals per match. Argentina’s goalkeepers- William Caballero and Franco Armani had the Worst Save percentage in the 2018 World Cup.

Now look at Argentina’s Performance in Copa América 2021 and Finalissima 2022: Argentina was outstanding in Copa América as they netted 12 goals in 7 Matches at 1.71 Goals per match. But it is their Defence that Stood out – just conceded 3 goals in 7 Matches with a Clean Sheet against Mighty Brazil in the Final.

TeamGoal Scored per MatchGoal Conceded per Match

FIFA Winner Predictions: Why is France Powering ahead?

  • 3 Wins, 1 Loss
  • Goals For: 9, Goals Against 4

While France lost to Tunisia after resting numerous players, the other 3 matches delivered a 9-3 result with Kylian Mbappe scoring 5. Defending Champions France has the best attack in the world, with their top three goal Scorer averaging over 2.5 goals combined with an average shooting metric of over 57%. The Midfield is also one of the best in the World, with them averaging over 1.7 assists per match. Defensively, they have one of the best Tackles Success metrics along with Clearances.

Where France can struggle?

France has Struggled against Good Dribbling Sides. The likes of Brazil and Argentina can pose a threat to French Side which has not been good at Defending against Good Dribblers.

FIFA World Cup Predictions: England’s Chances

World Cup Performance so far

  • Win Loss, 4-0
  • Goals Scored – 12(3 goals per Match)
  • Goals Conceded – 2(0.5 goals per Match)

England’s Recent Stats against Top Teams-

  • Belgium, 0-2
  • Brazil, 0-0
  • France, 2-3
  • Argentina, 3-2
  • Germany, 1-1
  • Italy, 0-0
  • Spain, 3-2
  • The Netherlands, 1-3

Why does England Struggle against Good Teams?

  • England Struggles to finish off Matches in Crucial games. In Euro 2020 Finals, they Managed to Score Early, but faulty tactics and Defensive play hurt their Chances.
  • Exposure to a variety of Playing Style-Rigidness. almost all English Player plays in the Premier League Which has a similar style of play.
  • Constantly chopping and Changing and trying Different Players have hurt their Chances.

FIFA 2022 World Cup Picks: Few Scenarios

England to Win World Cup 2022 Odds

William Hill Odds for England: 7/1

888 Sport Odds for England: 13/2

Betfair Odds for England: 13/2

SBK Odds for England: 8/1

The overall Probability of England winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 as per the odds platforms is 11.1%.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Odds: Ranking Defence of Favourites

  • France has shown signs of Glimpses in defense. However, the French side’s performance in Nations League was not up to the mark. They conceded 6.8 shots on goal with a tackle success of 74%.
  • England concedes 7 shots per match with a tackle Success of 73%.
  • Statistically Speaking, Argentina’s defense is the second best among favorites; Argentina concedes 5.2 shots per match with a tackle success of 80%.

FIFA World cup Prediction: Potential Dark Horses

Portugal: Win-Loss: 3-1, Goals Scored: 12, Goals Conceded: 4

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions: Potential Golden Boot Contenders

The World Cup draws many great individuals from around the globe who are capable of quickly impacting the outcome of a game. Here are some top players from certain contenders and fan favorites to keep an eye on, according to Crowdwisdom statistics.

Lionel Messi:

  • Before the Mega Event begins, Messi is getting in shape. The seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or has eight goals in his last 14 appearances, including two brilliant free kicks.

Kylian Mbappe:

  • Kylian Mbappe has been scoring goals consistently for some time. This season, the Tearaway Forward has performed at a higher level, scoring 14 goals in 15 games, or about one goal per game.

World Cup 2022 Winner Prediction: Previous FIFA World Cup Winners

  • Brazil: 5 (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)
  • Germany: 4 (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014)
  • Italy: 4 (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)
  • Argentina: 2 (1978, 1986)
  • France: 2 (1998, 2018)
  • Uruguay: 2 (1930, 1950)
  • England: 1 (1966)
  • Spain: 1 (2010)

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup. As of now, 8 countries have been able to win the World Cup with Brazil winning the most number of times, 5.

The last FIFA World Cup was won by France.

Latest FIFA World Ranking and Points

  1. Brazil: 1841.3
  2. Belgium: 1816.7
  3. Argentina: 1773.8
  4. France: 1759
  5. England: 1728.4
  6. Italy: 1726.1
  7. Spain: 1715.2
  8. Netherlands: 1694.5
  9. Portugal: 1676.5
  10. Denmark: 1666.5

2022 World Cup Picks: FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets

Are FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets Available?

FIFA put ott 3 Million tickets for sale and in August around 2.5 Million tickets were sold. The last-minute sale of 500,000 tickets started on September 27. It is likely that tickets have been sold as of now.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions


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