FIFA World Cup Prediction and Odds: Lionel Messi to Win a World Cup?

FIFA World Cup Prediction and Odds: Lionel Messi to Win a World Cup?
FIFA World Cup Prediction and Odds:

Brazil is currently ranked as most likely to win the World Cup, and France is a close second
We believe that the Odds are overstated for Brazil given their generally poor performance against European teams in the last two world cups.
Many Pundits do believe that Argentina are also Capable of Lifting the World Cup in Qatar. Argentina has been Brilliant in World Cup Qualifiers.

The biggest sporting festival FIFA World Cup is back for its 22nd edition at the fag end of 2022 as teams across continents battle it out to bask in the highest glory. The 2018 World Cup held in Russia saw France lifting the prestigious trophy while Croatia finished second-best in a tightly contested game.

Coming into this World Cup, Brazil is the top-seeded side while Belgium and France make the top 3 as far as rankings are concerned. As we all are well aware that the rankings are just meant to be on paper, the other 29 sides are equally capable of pulling off the heist on 18th December 2022.

FIFA World Cup Prediction: Insights and Observations

  • Brazil are the favorites coming to the World Cup on the back of stellar World Cup Qualifiers.
  • France are another Candidate for the title, According to betting Odds.
  • Germany and Argentina Remains Dark Horse for the Tournament.
  • Spain and England are also Capable of Stringing some Surprises
  • Mbappe, Benzema, Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo Remains Contender for Golden Boot and Golden Ball.
  • France are the Defending Champion. they won the last World Cup by Defeating Croatia 5-3.

FIFA World Cup Prediction

BrazilWin Probability: 16.13%Odds: 26/5
GermanyWin Probability: 8.33%Odds: 9/1
FranceWin Probability: 13.16%Odds: 7/1
EnglandWin Probability: 11.90%Odds: 8/1
SpainWin Probability: 10.20%Odds: 43/5
ArgentinaWin Probability: 11.11%Odds: 38/5

The prediction and betting platforms are currently favoring Brazil which could lift the FIFA World Cup 2022 trophy in Qatar. However, it will be quite early to predict the outcome as the World Cup starts in November 2022.

FIFA odds: Who can be the Highest Goal Scorer?

Harry Kane9/1
Kylian Mbappe9/1
Karim Benzema12/1
Lionel Messi14/1
Romelu Lukaku16/1

The prediction and betting platforms are currently favoring Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe to lift Golden Boot in this year World Cup. However, Anyone of the top five Mentioned plus Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are Capable of Winning Most Prestigious Award.

Fifa Odds: Why is Brazil ahead?

Let us look at the last 10 matches the Brazilian National team played

  • Total Lost: 0
  • Total Won: 7
  • Goals scored: 24 (2.4 per game)
  • Goals Conceded: 3

Let us look at the last 9 matches Brazil played against European Teams (Most of them were during the last two world cups and the year after)

  • Total Lost: 0
  • Total Won: 5
  • Goals scored: 15 (1.7 per game)
  • Goals Conceded: 16

Who are the Top-rated players for Brazil? (Sofascore)

  • Neymar (8.5) – PSG and Brazil
  • Richarlison (7.5) – Everton and Brazil
  • Philippe Coutinho(7)- Brazil and Aston Villa
  • Here are some of the skills from Brazil Main Man this Season
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Why France is another Favorite to win the World Cup?

France are the Defending Champions and has been a top side for years now. French Side boast of Superlative Talents. Let us Analyze their last 10 Games.

  • Total lost: 2
  • Total Won: 5
  • Goals Scored: 22 (2.2 Per Game)
  • Goals Conceded: 6(0.6 Per Game)

Who are the Top Rated Players for France?

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FIFA World Cup Prediction: England Chances

England has Made Huge Strides in International Football Since 2014 World Cup. They made into Semi-Finals in 2018 World Cup and Finals in Euro 2020. Gareth Southgate has Transformed the look of England and they are one of the Contenders going into the World Cup.

Let us Analyze their Last 10 Games-

Total Matches- 10

Matches Won- 5

Matches Lost- 2

Goals Scored- 27(2.7 Per game)

Goals Conceded-8(0.8 Per game)

Who are Top Players for England?

1- Harry Kane- Tottenham Hotspurs and England(9)

2-Raheem Sterling- Manchester City and England(8)

3-Kyle Walker- Manchester City and England(8)

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FIFA World Cup Prediction: Argentina to Pay Homage to Diego Maradona With a World Cup?

Argentina has been in a good Run off Form Off late, Winning the Copa-America and Finalissima. Scaloni has made Some Serious Changes to Argentina- one of the foremost Reason Why Argentina are one of the Favorites going into the World Cup.

Let us Analyze Stats for Argentina of Last ten Games-

Total Matches- 10

Total Won- 8

Total Lost-

Goals Scored- 20( 2 goals per Match)

Goals Conceded- 2(0.2 goals per Match)

Top Rated Players of Argentina-

1- Lionel Messi– 8.5( Paris Saint Germain and Argentina)

2-Angel Di Maria– 8( Argentina)

3- Paulo Dybala– 7.5 (Juventus and Argentina)

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FIFA World Cup Prediction: Format and Seedings

The 2022 edition has 32 teams being divided into 8 groups each group having 4 teams respectively. The UEFA which is mostly consisting of European nations sends 13 teams to the big stage while the AFC has 6 teams in the reckoning for the championship.

Coming to the main draw for this tournament, it was pretty obvious that the top 7 teams would be part of the first pot apart from the hosting nation which is Qatar. The seedings and the fixtures were announced in April 2022 in Doha.

The defending champions French team has been given a moderate draw with Denmark and Tunisia in the same group but the focus is on Group E consisting of Spain, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand/Costa Rica which is a potential group of death in this edition. On the other hand, the runners-up Croatia have a tough nut to crack in Belgium but the challenges of Morocco and Canada don’t seem to be threatening.

On the other hand, the South American champions have a relatively easy draw whereas the English side is trying to break the jinx this time around with Wales, the US, and Iran in their group.

FIFA World Cup Betting Odds: Live Standings and Schedule

FIFA World Cup Odds: Group A

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Mon, Nov. 21Senegal vs. the Netherlands5 a.m.Al Thumama
Mon, Nov. 21Qatar vs. Ecuador11 a.m.Al Bayt
Fri, Nov. 25Qatar vs. Senegal8 a.m.Al Thumama
Fri, Nov. 25Netherlands vs. Ecuador11 a.m.Khalifa Int’l
Tues, Nov. 29Netherlands vs. Qatar10 a.m.Al Bayt
Tues, Nov. 29Ecuador vs. Senegal10 a.m.Khalifa Int’l

FIFA World Cup Prediction: Group B

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Mon, Nov. 21England vs. Iran8 a.m.Khalifa Int’l
Mon, Nov. 21USA vs. Wales2 p.m.Ahmad Bin Ali
Fri, Nov. 25Wales vs. Iran5 a.m.Ahmad Bin Ali
Fri, Nov. 25England vs. USA2 p.m.Al Bayt
Tues, Nov. 29Wales vs. England2 p.m.Ahmad Bin Ali
Tues, Nov. 29Iran vs. USA2 p.m.Al Thumama

FIFA World Cup Betting Odds: Group C

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Tues, Nov. 22Argentina vs. S. Arabia5 a.m.Lusail
Tues, Nov. 22Mexico vs. Poland11 a.m.Stadium 974
Sat, Nov. 26Poland vs. S. Arabia8 a.m.Education City
Sat, Nov. 26Argentina vs. Mexico2 p.m.Lusail
Wed, Nov. 30Poland vs. Argentina2 p.m.Stadium 974
Wed, Nov. 30S. Arabia vs. Mexico2 p.m.Lusail

FIFA World Cup Prediction: Group D

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Tue, Nov. 22Denmark vs. Tunisia8 a.m.Education City
Tue, Nov. 22France vs. AUS/PER2 p.m.Al Janoub
Sat, Nov. 26Tunisia vs. AUS/PER5 a.m.Al Janoub
Sat, Nov. 26France vs. Denmark11 a.m.Stadium 974
Wed, Nov. 30Tunisia vs. France10 a.m.Education City
Wed, Nov. 30AUS/PER vs. Denmark10 a.m.Al Janoub

2022 FIFA World Cup Predictions: Group E

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Wed, Nov. 23Germany vs. Japan8 a.m.Khalifa Int’l
Wed, Nov. 23Spain vs. CRC/NZ11 a.m.Al Thumama
Sun, Nov. 27Japan vs. CRC/NZ5 a.m.Ahmad Bin Ali
Sun, Nov. 27Spain vs. Germany2 p.m.Al Bayt
Thurs, Dec. 1Japan vs. Spain2 p.m.Khalifa Int’l
Thurs, Dec. 1CRC/NZ vs. Germany2 p.m.Al Bayt

FIFA World Cup Odds and Prediction: Group F

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Wed, Nov. 23Morocco vs. Croatia5 a.m.Al Bayt
Wed, Nov. 23Belgium vs. Canada2 p.m.Ahmad Bin Ali
Sun, Nov. 27Belgium vs. Morocco8 a.m.Al Thumama
Sun, Nov. 27Croatia vs. Canada11 a.m.Khalifa Int’l
Thurs, Dec. 1Croatia vs. Belgium10 a.m.Ahmad Bin Ali
Thurs, Dec. 1Canada vs. Morocco10 a.m.Al Thumama

FIFA World Cup Odds and Prediction: Group G

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Thurs, Nov. 24Switzerland vs. Cameroon5 a.m.Al Janoub
Thurs, Nov. 24Brazil vs. Serbia2 p.m.Lusail
Mon, Nov. 28Cameroon vs. Serbia5 a.m.Al Janoub
Mon, Nov. 28Brazil vs. Switzerland11 a.m.Stadium 974
Fri, Dec. 2Cameroon vs. Brazil2 p.m.Lusail
Fri, Dec. 2Serbia vs. Switzerland2 p.m.Stadium 974

FIFA World Cup Odds and Prediction: Group H

DateMatchTime (ET)Stadium
Thurs, Nov. 24Uruguay vs. South Korea8 a.m.Education City
Thurs, Nov. 24Portugal vs. Ghana11 a.m.Stadium 974
Mon, Nov. 28South Korea vs. Ghana8 a.m.Education City
Mon, Nov. 28Portugal vs. Uruguay2 p.m.Lusail
Fri, Dec. 2South Korea vs. Portugal10 a.m.Education City
Fri, Dec. 2Ghana vs. Uruguay10 a.m.Al Janoub

FIFA World Cup Prediction: Top Players to Watch Out for:

1-Kylian MbappeFrance and Paris Saint Germain– The French superstar has been in impeccable Form this Season, averaging 0.86 Goals Per Match. He is one of the Vital Cogs in France Title Defense this year. The French Superstar would be ready to bury the hatchet from Euro 2020 and Lead France to another World Cup Title.

2-Karim BenzemaFrance and Real Madrid– Another French Talisman would be raring to go, come this World Cup. He missed out on a ticket to Russia in 2018. This time around he would be ready to make amends. Potential ballon d’Or Candidate, he has been in a form of his life averaging around 0.93 goals per 90 Minutes.

3- Lionel MessiArgentina and Paris Saint Germain– One of the Best Players of All-time, He would want to Bid Adieu to his International career by Winning the World Cup. The Little Man is averaging 0.30 goals Per Match this Season.

4- Cristiano RonaldoPortugal and Manchester United– The Goal-Scoring Machine Will be Raring to go to Qatar, with much better Portugal Side, he would be Eyeing the World Cup. He is averaging Around 0.66 Goals Per Match and Would be Hoping to Continue this Merry Form to World Cup.

5- Neymar JrBrazil and Paris Saint Germain– Brazil Main Man would be Eyeing for World Cup after a disastrous Club football Season. He has gone to Extent of Saying,” he can give his life for Winning World Cup”. he is Averaging around 0.47 goals per Match this Season.

FIFA World Cup Prediction: Latest Development Leading into World Cup

1-Qatar World Cup 2022: FIFA permits teams to select up to 26 players

2-FIFA World Cup 2022: The ‘Group of Death’ is Back in Qatar

3-Australia beat Peru to seal FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifying spot

4-Delivering the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

5-Qatar World Cup 2022: Ecuador Keep Their Place As FIFA Rejects Chile Complaint

6-Lionel Messi is the only one guaranteed a place’ – Angel Di Maria on World Cup slot

7-Female referee Yoshimi Yamashita at Qatar World Cup wants the game to shine

8-Final Hurrah: Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi: Players Likely to Feature in Their Last FIFA World Cup

9-Tite’s message to Vinicius: You are the Neymar of 2014

10-USMNT’s Gregg Berhalter talks World Cup 2022 and 2026, MLS players going to Europe too early

11-Qatar World Cup tickets back on sale next week on a first-come, first-served basis

12-The cost of Nigeria’s failure to qualify for Qatar World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup Prediction: Latest Tweets

FIFA World Cup on Twitter: “A new Millennium. A new era of football. 🤩 Relive it now in 2002: An Asian Odyssey on FIFA+ 🇰🇷 🇯🇵 / Twitter”

A new Millennium. A new era of football. 🤩 Relive it now in 2002: An Asian Odyssey on FIFA+ 🇰🇷 🇯🇵

FIFA World Cup on Twitter: “World Cup journeys don’t get much more special this! 🇰🇷 🎮 Korea Republic went on quite the journey in their own backyard in 2002 🤩 🌏 #KoreaJapan02 | @theKFA / Twitter”

World Cup journeys don’t get much more special this! 🇰🇷 🎮 Korea Republic went on quite the journey in their own backyard in 2002 🤩 🌏 #KoreaJapan02 | @theKFA

FIFA World Cup Prediction: Quick recap and format for 2022 edition

The 2018 season was a humdinger one with the tournament filled with thrillers and nail-biters. The defending champions Germany bowed out in the group stage carrying the jinx of reigning champions exiting early in the very next World Cup. The giant sides like France, Brazil and Spain raced to the round of 16 while black horses namely Denmark, Sweden and Russia caused a few upsets en route to the knockouts.

Focusing on the knockout games, the top quarter had France knocking out the Luis Suarez men while the South American giants were taken down comprehensively by Belgium. The bottom half of the draw saw Croatia scrape through in penalties against the hosts whereas England didn’t break any sweat against Sweden.

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In the semis, an important brace in extra time by Mandzukic sent them to the finals while France overpowered Belgium in the battle of French fries. In the final, the French side was too strong for the Croatians as the young gun Kylian Mbappe sealed the deal by scoring the 4th goal for the side while Griezmann and Pogba were the other key contributors in the front line.

FIFA World Cup Odds and Prediction

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