How much will CSK score against Mumbai Indians in the 2019 final?

What happens if CSK were to bat first? Let us look at their track record during this IPL

Batting First against Mumbai Indians: 131 Runs

One match in Hyderabad: 132 runs

Batting First against top 3 bowling attacks: 162 runs

Batting First, All Games this IPL: 158 runs

Lowest Score Batting first: 131


Highest Score Batting First: 179

Hyderabad Ground, Average of teams batting first: 175 runs

Average of all the above numbers: 153 runs

Chennai’s batting performance when setting a target is highly unpredictable with a wide range of performances. This has led to 3 losses out of 6 games. Two of those losses came against Mumbai. Dhoni therefore prefers to bowl first where the win rate is much higher at 70%. Should they end up batting first, Dhoni will be very comfortable if they manage to touch 170 and given their past record, it is unpredictable but not impossible.

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