Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds

Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds
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Both Germany and Portugal have equal chances of winning the Saturday night clash as per the latest Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds

The two European giants, Portugal and Germany will square off against each other this Saturday. Germany is already on back foot after losing their Euro Cup opener against World Champions France. Portugal on the other started off with a win against Hungary. Cristiano Ronaldo led side hammered 3 goals against Hungary with Ronaldo himself scoring twice in the match.

Both Portugal and Germany are part of Group of death which includes none other than World Champions, France. Germany will be looking forward to bounce back while Portugal will be looking forward to topping the group by beating Germany on Saturday.

Last time the two teams met in head-to-head contest was back in 2014 FIFA World Cup Group match. Germany hammered 4 goals in the match while Portugal failed to find the nets even once in the match. Thomas Muller was the player of the match as he scored hat-trick for his team.

Saturday night match between Germany and Portugal will be played at Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany.

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Both Germany and Portugal have an equal chances of winning the upcoming clash. The latest Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds also so mixed results for this match.

The latest Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds will be updated before the matchday.
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Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Predicted Winner

Saturday night encounter between Germany and Portugal is predicted to be a very close encounter as predicted by almost all the Football Predictions and Betting Odds platforms. Germany will have home advantage, however, Sportsmole predicts the match to end in 1-1 goal draw.

Infogol on the other hand gives Portugal 36% chances of beating the host Germany while the probability of Germany beating Portugal stands at 34%.

Betting odds for the upcoming Germany vs Portugal match stands at 2.3 for Portugal and 1.3 for Germany.

Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Predicted Line Up

Germany – Neuer, Ginter, Hummels, Rüdiger – Kimmich, Kroos, Gündogan, Gosens – Havertz, Müller, Gnabry.

Portugal – Ronaldo, Jota, Fernandez, Silva, Carvalho, Pereira, Guerreiro, Dias, Pepe, Semedo, Patricio.

Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Offensive and Defensive stats


Cristiano Ronaldo will be leading the Portugal attack. The two goals in the very first match against Hungary should have boosted his confidence. He spent 90 minutes on field and his expected goal ratio was 2.05 while his expected goals on target ratio was 1.88 with expected assist ratio of 0.10. His pass accuracy rate in the match was 87% and his rating was 9.0.

He was well supported by Bernando Silva and Bruno Fernandez. Silva had a pass accuracy rate of 80% with 33 accurate passes out of 41 passes and his rating was 7.3.

Bruno had an expected goal ratio of 0.60 while his pass accuracy was 86% with 25 accurate passes out of 29 total passes and with a rating of 7.1.

Germany attack will be lead Gnabry. Against France he had an expected goal ratio of 0.26 and an expected assist ratio of 0.12. His pass accuracy was 88% with 21 accurate passes out of 24 total passes. His rating in the game was just 6.1.

Havertz and Miller tried to support him at the CAM positions but couldn’t get the ball in the right place throughout the match. Their ratings were 5.8 and 5.9 respectively.


Carvalho and Pereira led the midfield quite impressively against Hungary. Carvalho had 58 accurate passes while Pereira had 61 accurate passes. Pass accuracy rate was also quite impressive with 89% and 90% respectively.

Pereira had even won 8 duels throughout the match and had 10 long shots with 8 accurate long passes on the other hand Carvalho had 10 long balls with 7 long accurate passes and had also won 4 duels. The ratings were 7.5 for Carvalho and 7.9 for Pereira.

German midfield was evidently out of form against France, despite having quality players in this position. Especially Kroos who had the most accurate passes i.e., 100 out of 106 passes with an accuracy rate of 94%. He also had most number of tackles against France which was 5. His rating was the highest among all the midfielders which was 7.5.

Apart from him some star players like Kimmich, Gundagon and Gosens failed to impress. Though Kimmich tried a bit with expected assist ratio of 0.34 and 87% pass accuracy, he also had 7 crosses but his rating was just 6.9.


The star among the defenders for the Portugal against Hungary was Guerreiro. He scored a goal with a pass accuracy rate of 91% he also had 4 successful tackles out of 4 attempted. His rating was 8.4.

Among the other defenders Semedo was also impressive his expected assist ratio was 0.33. He had won 13 duels during the match and his rating was 8.5.

As for Germany their main weakness was their defense against France. Hummels owl goal costed Germany the match against France.

Apart from Hummels even Rudiger and Ginter failed to perform at the level of expectations. Rudiger had 95% pass accuracy while Ginter had 87% pass accuracy with duels won 4 and all the 3 tackles attempted succeeded. Ginters rating was 6.9 while Rudiger was 6.7 and Hummels 6.6.

Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Recent Form

Germany haven’t been in great touch recently. For Euro qualifiers they finished at Top of Group C points table with 21 points. However, this year they have been involved in 3 World Cup qualifiers, they were stunned by North Macedonia as they were defeated by 2-1 goal in 3rd of World Cup qualifiers. In first two matches, they defeated Romania and Iceland.

Before playing the Euro Cup match against France, Germany had a chance to play two international friendlies. In first game they drew with Denmark and second game they defeated Latvia by 7-1 goals.

In run up to Euro Cup, Portugal in recent friendly matches defeated Luxemburg by 1-3, drew against Serbia 2-2 and defeated Azerbaijan by 1-0. They even defeated Croatia by 2-3 but lost to Netherlands by 0-1 goals.

Portugal vs Germany Football Predictions and Betting Odds: Head-to-head

Portugal and Germany have all together played 18 matches against each other. Germany has solely dominated the head-to-head record against Portugal. Of 18 matches, Germany has 10 wins while Portugal has only 3 wins. 5 matches between the two teams ended in a draw.

In the Euro competition 4 matches have been played between the two sides, with Germany having 2 wins and Portugal 1 win, 1 match was drawn. Both the teams have scored 5 goals against each other in Euro Cup battles as of now.

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