Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction: Volkanovski To Retain His Title

Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction: Volkanovski To Retain His Title
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Volkanovski is expected to win the upcoming game as per the latest Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski will take on Brian Ortega in the main event of UFC 266. The exciting tussle is scheduled to be held inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, September 25th. The upcoming fight has created a lot of buzz as both the fighters are already on each other’s necks. The trash talk has peaked as 32-year-old Volkanovski didn’t hold himself back while talking about Ortega’s past during their joint press-conference.

Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction: Game Preview

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has booked its slot in the T-Mobile Arena with a couple of exciting world championships contests. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 29 coaches is set to clash when Alexander Volkanovski will take the octagon to defend his title against No. 2-ranked Brian Ortega.

We had no doubt that featherweight champion Volkanovski was not found of Ortega even before heading to the UFC 266. However, the Australian champ made it very clear in the presser when he went all-out against Ortega and his troubled past. Volkanovski didn’t hesitate to call out Ortega for using performance-enhancing drugs in his previous fights. Volkanovki’s claims heated the situation as UFC President Dana White had to interfere and keep the two fighters away from each other.

Volkanovski said, “I ain’t scared of you. We are going in the cage anyway,” Volkanovski told Ortega during Thursday’s staredown (h/t BJPenn.com). “Mate, I didn’t know about you popping, that s—t doesn’t sit well with me, you don’t deserve to be here. You are an f—king drug cheat, that’s it, done.”

Volkanovski was pointing towards an incident that happened back in 2014 in relation to Ortega. In 2014, the American was tested positive for consuming a performance-boosting drug. Ortega was caught guilty for using drostanolone, which is a known steroid. Ortega was suspended for a total of nine months and his win at UFC on FOX 12 was overturned due to the same. Ortega, later, confessed his wrongdoings and apologized for using the PED before the main event.

“What upsets me the most is unprofessional,” Volkanovski said. “I’ve put the hard yards in my whole life, especially in this career. That’s how I got this belt. And he half-asses it, turns up training late. You name it. “Obviously, showing weakness a few years back, popping, producing, you know what I mean? Sht like that. That sht annoys me. It’s not unprofessional, and I ain’t about that sh*t.”

Ortega, on the other hand, wants to leave it all for the octagon. Ortega, while responding to the Australian, said that he will be sharing the octagon with Volkanovski whether he likes it or not. Volkanovski added that Ortega deserves to be on the fight but the American does not deserve to win the title.

Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction: Odds

Volkanovski Odds
Ortega Odds
4.5 (-135 / +105)

Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction: Game Prediction

Volkanovski is expected to defend his title for the second time. Ortega is tipped to give the Australian a tough fight but Volkanovski will come up as the stronger contender. The odds are also in the favour of Volkanovski.

Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction: Latest Performances

Volkanovski will enter the match with a couple of important wins against No. 1 fighter Max Holloway, against whom the Australian claimed the featherweight gold (at UFC 245). Volkanovski later defended his title at UFC 251. However, the 32-year-old hasn’t featured in any fight since July 2020, marking the longest break in his career.

Last October, Ortega made a comeback after a big break of 20 months after falling short in his title challenge against Holloway. Ortega displayed the best performance of his career in his return match against Chan Sung Jung. Ortega seemed like an improved version of himself. The dominating win against Chan Sung Jung was enough to hand Ortega a second shot at the title as it earned him a matchup against Volkanovski.

Volkanovski vs Ortega Odds and Prediction: Stats

15-1 (1 NC)
Avg. Fight Time
Weight (pounds)
145 lbs.
145 lbs.
Reach (inches)
Sig Strikes Per Min
SS Accuracy
SS Absorbed Per Min
SS Defense
Take Down Avg
TD Acc
TD Def
Submission Avg

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