Ashish K Nainan

I have been among the very early users of the crowdwisdom360 platform. The idea of coming up with a trading platform as an extension of their crowd predictions is a brilliant idea. I would like to highlight, I was clueless about this entire thing when I started doing trades.  I followed the predictions quite regularly and so could form a bias to make trades. I think it is one of its kind platform which addresses the need of engaging in two of the hottest topics in the country- cricket and politics. And even with a limited user base, I did feel the volatility which one might possibly get to see in the real stock markets; on the day of IPL finals. I am waiting for this thing to blow up. Cheers TEAM Crowdwisdom
p.s. Thumbs up for making it so simple for even a layman to be able to trade and  win(that’s about me). With even a handful of right predictions, the payoffs are massive.

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