Poor condition of Farmers

Ignoring rural India and poor condition of farmers, will be one narrative that we will hear again and again if the BJP and TRS perform poorly today. Another reason that is definitely true that Farmers are in trouble. The solution to their problems definitely does not lie in Budgetary allocations. However, if Urban India continues to vote for Governments irrespective of the shoddy quality of life in most Indian cities, one should worry. The following chart will illustrates the larger point

In 2017-18, the Central and State Governments together spent almost Rs 9 lakh crores on Rural India. This Urban budget was less than Rs 1.5 lakh crores. So one could say that 85% of targetted spending is focussed on Rural India while perhaps only 65% of the Population lives there. In fact the whole Urban budget is almost equal to just the irrigation budget. See below

If one were to look at Agriculture only spending, that amounts to Rs 600000 crores. That translates to Rs 23000 per Agriculture worker in India (2011 census). Add rural development spending and the Governments inĀ India spendĀ Rs 10000 per rural Indian.
The Reality

1. Governments in India already spend humongous amounts of money on agriculture, to improve poor condition of farmers and Rural Development

2. Governments in India spend quite less on Urban Development (even less if one accounts for cost of development in Urban India). This explains the terrible quality of living in many large Indian Cities

3. The problems with Agriculture do not need more money however need substantial changes in Policy which will enhance Farm Incomes

4. By the end of the day today, if indeed the ruling parties perform poorly in rural India, we must ask, at least how can they do things differently, not if they are spending enough

5. If the ruling parties perform poorly in Urban India, truly, you know the reason. You can’t spend peanuts and keep expecting Votes

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