2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls- Kasim Reed ahead in Latest Polls and Google Trends

2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls- Kasim Reed ahead in Latest Polls and Google Trends
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The latest 2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls shows former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is the frontrunner of the race

AJC/University of Georgia Poll,google trends

The City of Atlanta is set to elect its 61st Mayor on 2nd November 2021.

The election became wide open after the incumbent Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms made an announcement that she will not seek a second term for the office of Atlanta’s Mayor.
After Keisha Lance Bottoms’ decision was made public the race for electing the new Mayor heated up.

As of now, 14 candidates have thrown their hat in the ring to become the Mayor out of which 5 major candidates have entered the spotlight and have been identified by the polls.

Atlanta uses a nonpartisan blanket primary to elect its Governor. All the candidates will appear on the ballot for the Primary election whether endorsed by any party or not.

In order to be elected as Mayor of Atlanta, a candidate must receive over 50% of preference votes. If none of the candidate is able to get the majority, a run off election is held between the top two candidates. For the upcoming Atlanta Mayoral election, a contingent runoff election is scheduled for November 30, 2021.

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Early voting starts on 14th October

Voting day:- 2nd November 2021

Contingent runoff, if no candidate manages to win a majority in the first round:- 30th November, 2021

2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls: Latest Polls

As per the latest 2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls

Polling agency
Dates of polling
Kasim Reed
Felicia Moore
Sharon Gay
Andre Dickens
Antonio Brown
30th August -13th September
1st-2nd September
26th – 31st August
Mid August

As per the latest poll commissioned by the University of Georgia

  • Kasim Reed is in the lead at 23.5% closely followed by Felicia Moore at 20%
  • No other candidate crosses double digits in support
  • 40% of voters are still undecided,
    This includes 47.4% of Liberals 44% of Whites, 35% of Blacks, 42% of females, 47% of people aged 18-29

  • Felicia Moore has the support of 26% of whites and 24.5% of people aged 65 and above
  • Kasim Reed has the support of 35% of Moderates, 36% of blacks ,40% of people without a college degree(with or without a High School Diploma and 49.4% of people who earn less than $25,000

The most important issues facing the city are:-

  • Crime- 43.7%
  • Affordable Housing – 17.3%
  • Corruption – 3.8%
  • Income Inequality – 7.2%
  • Covid -19 – 13.8%
  • 60% of people believe the city is on the wrong track in dealing with traffic congestion
  • 53% believe the city is on the wrong track in dealing with affordable housing
  • 70% blieve the city is on the wrong track in dealing with crime

Only 32% of people believe Atlanta is on the right track, while 53% believe it is on the wrong track

  • 50% of people approve of present mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms performance while 39% disapprove
  • 44% of people have a favourable opinion of Felicia Moore, but 46% of people still know nothing about her
  • 34% of people have a favourable opinion of Kasim Reed,but 44% of people have a unfavourable view of him
  • THe biggest problem with the other candidates in the race is the complete lack of name recognition, more than 65% of people know nothing about each one

Nearly two-thirds (61%) of those polled said they’re less likely to support Reedgiven the federal probe that sent several high-ranking members of his administration to prison. Reed’s chief financial officer is currently under federal indictment and awaiting trial on fraud and weapons charges.

As per the latest Brilliant Corners Research and Strategy released by Felicia Moore’s campaign

  • Felicia Moore is in the lead with 24% closely followed by Kasim Reed at 19%
  • The company mentions that this will be a 2 horse race over time
  • Moore enjoys a 75% name recognition and a high favourable approval rating
  • Kasim Reed has a near universal name recognition but a much lower approval rating compared to hers
  • Moore does well with Blacks and Whites while Kasim Reed is popular only among blacks and unpopular among whites
  • In a Moore vs Reed race, Felicia Moore will be ahead by 23 points.

Racial Demographics of Atlanta

As per the Census 2020, the population of Atlanta is about 500,000

Black American (non-Hispanic)
White American (non-Hispanic)
Asian American
Hispanic American

Will Atlanta’s Next Mayor Be Black? Demo Shifts Could Usher In The City’s 1st White Mayor In Decades

2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls: Google Search Update, 20th Sept

As per the latest Google trends,

Kasim Reed is ahead of every candidate on Google, followed only by Antonio Brown.

Sharon Gay has been losing momentum in the last few days despite surges in interest at the beginning of the week. Antonio Brown and Felicia Moore have been consistent for the last one week

In the last 7 days
Kasim Reed : 43.2%
Felicia Moore : 10.8%
Sharon Gay : 5.4%
Antonio Brown : 29.7%
Andre Dickens: 10.8%


2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls: Latest News

20th September
A weekly roundup of the most important things you need to know about the Atlanta mayor’s race.

Money race holds clues to Atlanta mayoral candidates’ strengths.

Atlanta voters split on a Buckead City, not on crime

18th September
New study finds Atlanta could lose millions if Buckhead gets cityhood

Atlanta’s candidates for mayor join law enforcement leaders at crime forum

17th September
Video: Council for Quality Growth & Atlanta REALTORS® Hosts 2021 Atlanta Mayoral Forum

16th September
VERIFY: Fact-checking Kasim Reed’s statement on Atlanta Police firing guns

Atlanta’s leading candidates for mayor convene at realtors and developers forum

Atlanta demographics affects mayoral election

Here’s who’s running for mayor in Atlanta—and who are the likely front-runners

2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls: Latest tweets,videos and ads, 20th Sept




Originally tweeted by Felicia Moore (@mooreforatlanta) on September 17, 2021.

#AtlantaDeservesMoore. We deserve a mayor who will address crime in our city, both the immediate problems AND the root causes, who will work to keep our seniors in their homes, and partner with schools, & counties to get the job done right.

Originally tweeted by Antonio Brown (@AntonioforATL) on September 15, 2021.


“The definition of insanity is doing something over and over and over again, and expecting something different to happen.”

Let’s Reimagine Atlanta Together! Volunteer or donate at: http://www.reimaginingatlanta.com


2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls: Predicted Winner

The latest Atlanta Mayoral Election 2021 Opinion Polls predicts a win for former Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed. However, the poll predicts none of the candidate getting majority in the November 2nd election.

As per the polls released by Survey USA, Kasim Reed may get 17% votes in the upcoming Atlanta mayoral election. Felicia Moore,his rival may poll 10% of votes while Sharon Gay may get 5% of votes. The polls shows that massive 39% of voters are undecided.

Another poll commissioned by Lester & Associates predicts 18% support for Andre Dickens and both Kasim Reed and Antonio Brown getting 13% of votes. The polls shows 36% of voters are undecided.

2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls: What happened in Last Election?

The 2017 Atlanta mayoral election was held on 7th of November. The Incumbent Mayor Kasim Reed was ineligible to run for the office due to the term limit. For the November 7th election a total of 14 candidates qualified but none of the candidate got the majority.

A run-off election was held on December 5th between Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood. An unofficial result was declared on December 5th with Keisha Lance Bottoms as winner however, Mary Norwood called for recount. On December 17, 2017, Keisha Lance Bottoms was officially certified as winner and Mary Norwood conceded the defeat.

Atlanta Mayoral Race Candidates List

Atlanta’s city elections are nonpartisan and all candidates who officially qualify to run will be on the same ballot. With Keisha Lance Bottoms not running for the office, the candidate list for the upcoming Mayoral election is pretty crowded. Here is the current list of Atlanta Mayoral Race Candidates

2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls- Kasim Reed likely to be reelected

Kasim Reed

Kasim Reed is former Mayor of Atlanta. He has been an outspoken critic of Bottoms’ handling of the crime wave that has engulfed the city over the past year. He launched his campaign for the election on June 8.

Felicia Moore

Felicia Moore is Atlanta City Council President. She has represented a northwest Atlanta district on the council for 20 years before being elected to lead the city’s legislative body in 2017.

Sharon Gay

Sharon Gay is a  local attorney and a senior counsel in public policy practice for Dentons. Gay did also served as vice president of governmental affairs for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Rachele Fruit

Born in Philadelphia, Rachele Fruit is a communist activist and a Socialist Party Workers’ candidate.

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is part of Atlanta City Council. He represents Westside district. Brown has advocated for progressive policies during his time on the council.

Andre Dickens

Andre Dickens currently holds the citywide post on the City Council. He first won the post is 2013 and was reelected in 2017. He also serves as the chief development officer for TechBridge.

The other candidates who have recently joined the race for Atlanta Mayoral election are Brandon Adkins, Amanda McGee and many others.

2021 Atlanta Mayoral Race Polls: Odds and Predictions

The political temperature for Atlanta Mayoral election has being rising with every passing day. With Keisha Lance Bottoms out of the race, the betting platforms have been on boil since them. As of the latest betting odds and predictions for the Atlanta Mayoral election, former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is favored to return as mayor once again. Here are the latest odds for the next Atlanta Mayor by legal sports betting:

  • Kasim Reed +100
  • Felicia Moore +210
  • Mary Norwood +300
  • Jason Carter +1000
  • Sharon Gay +2500
  • Cathy Woolard +6600
  • Steve Koonin +6600
  • Alex Barella +6600

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