2021 NJ Governor Race Polls -Murphy 48.7%, Ciattarelli 40.3%, Ciattarelli likely to make small gains after second debate

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls -Murphy 48.7%, Ciattarelli 40.3%, Ciattarelli likely to make small gains after second debate
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2021 NJ Governor Race Polls -Murphy 48.7%, Ciattarelli 40.3%;

September polls plus google search data, Oct 17th

The 2021 NJ Governor Race will see Incumbent governor Phil Murphy face off against Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli. The New Jersey Gubernatorial election has been scheduled for 2nd November this year [18 days from now]

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Polling gap between Murphy and Ciattarelli: Murphy looks likely to win Comfortably

Unlike Virginia where the gap between McAuliffe and Youngkin has reduced from 5.2% to 2.3% between August and October, the gap between Murphy and Ciattarelli was a mammoth 11% in September. Ciattarelli needs a BIG News/Scandal to win this one.

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2021 NJ Governor Race Polls : Latest Polls, Oct 17th

The latest NJ Governor Race polls 2021 are as below:-

Polling Company
Phil Murphy(D)
Jack Ciattarelli(R)
Average of Polling Companies
Sep 13th-Sep 25th
Sept 17th-25th
Sep 16th -20th
Sep 13th -16th

Crowd’s Videos

War of words: Gubernatorial campaign home stretch | Reporters Roundtable

Voter Registration by Congressional Voting District

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls: Polls Details

As per the latest Stockton University 2021 NJ Governor Race Polls, Murphy is Leading Ciattarelli with Pandemic as Major Issue

  • Murphy reaches only the 50% mark, leading Ciattarelli 50%-41% including voters who lean towards one candidate or the another.
  • 9% are undecided or not likely either candidate in the statewide New Jersey Poll of 552 likely voters.
  • Murphy recieved positive job rating from 54% with 41% disapproving of his performance.
  • Murphy is viewed favourably by 50% and unfavourably by 43% with only 5% unfamiliar with the Governor.
  • A majority of voters, 50%-34%, had more confidence in Murphy’s ability to manage the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic than Ciattarelli.
  • More likely voters think Ciattarelli would be better than Murphy on taxes, 46%-38%.
  • Voters are tied on who would best manage the state’s economy: 43% said Ciattarelli and 42.5% picked Murphy.
  • More voters think New Jersey is heading in the wrong direction (45.5%) compared to those who think the state is going in the right direction (44.3%).

As per the latest Monmouth Poll

Phil Murphy has the support of

  • 44% of Independents
  • 63% of voters aged 18-34
  • 87% of black voters
  • 64% of Hispanic and Asian voters and
  • 51% of White voters with a 4 year degree.

Jack Ciattarelli has the support of

  • 39% of Independents
  • 56% of white voters without a degree

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls : Racial and Demographic makeup

Racial Group
Percentage of Population
White American(Non-Hispanic)
Hispanic American
African American
Asian American

As per the US 2020 Census results, the population of New Jersey is 9,288,994. The 2020 census also found New Jerseyans to be increasingly older. From counting 6.7 million over-18 residents in 2010, the Census Bureau now defines nearly 7.3 million residents as adults. The percentage rose from 76.5% to 78.4%.

The state also has a burgeoning Hispanic/Latino population fuelled by both Migration and a high birth rate at home. About half of all Asian Americans are estimated to be Indian Americans.

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls : Voter Registration

As per the NJ Department of State, out of 6.6 million registered voters

Registered Democrats are 39.3%
Registered Republicans are 22.9%
Others/Independents are 38.7 to 37.8%

New Jersey is considered a ‘Blue State’ on the national level.
As of July 1, 2020, there were more registered Democrats than independent voters for the first time in the state’s history.

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls: Google Search Trends, Oct 17th

Jack Ciattarelli was seeing a surge in Search queries post the first NJ debate. While Phil Murphy made up for 70% of all search queries between the two lead contenders during the last 30 days before the debate, this has crashed to 56% since after the debate.

In the last 7 days

Phil Murphy:55%, Jack Ciattarelli: 45%

Last 7 days before the 2020 Presidential election

Trump:66% Biden:34%

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls: Latest News coverage, Oct 17th

Articles that are written by partisan websites are marked ether by(D) or (R). Article choices are driven by their appearance on Google.

Oct 17th

Trump and taxes! Taxes and Trump! Battle cry’s the same in N.J. and Virginia gov races. Here’s why.

Oct 16th

Why abortion rights matter more in the N.J. governor’s race this year than ever before

N.J. continues to have worst racial disparities nationwide in its prisons, report says

The Most Progressive Governor In America? (D)


Why abortion rights matter more in the N.J. governor’s race this year than ever before

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls: Latest Videos and Ads, Oct 16th

Dr. Jill Biden wants you to volunteer!

Republican chair Bob Hugin on Ciattarelli’s path to victory

Jill Biden: Gov. Murphy Led New Jersey Through Darkest Time

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls : Latest tweets, Oct 17th

Most of the tweets below are likely to be partisan in nature. We do our best to post an equal number from both sides.

Originally tweeted by Newsmax (@newsmax) on October 17, 2021.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy grinned when Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli came at him over placing blame for various issues on former President Trump.

Originally tweeted by Jack Ciattarelli (@Jack4NJ) on October 16, 2021.

Day 6: I will continue to stand against anti-Semitism in our state and with the people of Israel. New Jersey and America have a very important relationship with our sister nation, Israel, and my administration will be fully committed to our mutual success.


Originally tweeted by Phil Murphy (@PhilMurphyNJ) on October 16, 2021.

Over the past four years, we’ve made strides to combat antisemitism and invest in our Jewish communities. Proud to reaffirm our commitment at the Jewish Federation Candidate Forum this week.

Originally tweeted by AFT (@AFTunion) on October 16, 2021.

It’s a beautiful morning to knock on doors and get out the vote with @GovMurphy! @rweingarten joins @lizshuler, @AFTNJ, @hpaeaft, @ruaaup and hundreds of @AFLCIO union activists for a labor walk inParamus, NJ. #AFTvotes

2021 NJ Governor Race Polls : How has the state voted in previous elections?

The last time New Jersey voted for a Republican as President was in 1988, the last time a Republican was elected to the US Senate from the State was in 1972. Both Houses of the States have been held by Democratic Majorities since 2002. 

But a Republican, Chris Christie did win the gubernatorial election twice in 2009 and 2013.

As per the latest figures, New Jersey is a solid blue state with 39.1% of voters registered as Democrats and 22.4% registered as Republicans. In any New Jersey Governor Race, the republicans will start at a disadvantage

A)Presidential Elections

In the 2020 US Presidential Election, Joe Biden won 57.33% of the vote share while Republicans won 41.40% vote share in New Jersey. Of 565 municipalities, Democrats won 310 municipalities while Republicans were ahead in 255 municipalities. In 2016 they were ahead in 307 municipalities.

Democratic Candidate
Democratic Voteshare
Republican Candidate
Republican Voteshare
Joe Biden
Donald J Trump
Hillary Clinton
Donald J Trump
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Barack Obama
John Mccain
John Kerry
George Bush

B)Gubernatorial Elections

Winning Candidate
Winner’s Voteshare
Runner-up’s Voteshare
Phil Murphy(D)
Kim Guadagno(R)
Chris Christie(R)
Barbara Buono(D)
Chris Christie(R)
Jon Corzine(D)
Jon Corzine(D)
Doug Forester((R)

C)House of Representatives Elections

Democrat Party Seats
Democratic Voteshare
Republican Party Seats
Republican Voteshare
* includes Jeff Van Drew who would later defect to the Republican Party
2021 NJ Governor Race Polls -Murphy 48.7%,  Ciattarelli 40.3%; Ciattarelli to surge after debate?

Read: 2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls: McAuliffe holds 2 Points Lead

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Jason Miles
Jason Miles
2 months ago

Not so sure how much of an effect it will have considering Citarelli is also on vacation.

1 month ago

If Jack can’t beat King NEW WORLD ORDER Phil who forced businesses to shut down and forced infected seniors to go into “clean ” nursing homes sending thousands of healthy seniors to unspeakable early graves AND said on National TV: THE BILL of Rights is “above my pay grade” then Jack, never Trump should open a hot dog stand in Asbury park and call it Jack’s RINO DOGS.

sook mahdik
sook mahdik
19 days ago

To hell with both of them. All politicians are corrupt POS.

Last edited 19 days ago by sook mahdik
18 days ago


Bruce Flournoy
Bruce Flournoy
16 days ago

Feel New Jersey needs a change, deserves less reactionary leadership. More attentive to basic human rights..


[…] Read: 2021 NJ Governor Race Polls -Murphy 48.7%, Ciattarelli 40.3%; Ciattarelli improvement likely after d… […]

11 days ago

Polls are all slanted toward dems. Don’t believe them. Jack is probably leading and should win especially when you consider the nursing home fiasco, taxes and overall economics of the state.

Steve johns
4 days ago

jack absolutely crushed him

Steve johns
4 days ago

murphy is identical to biden

4 days ago

If you vote for Murphy you didn’t watch the debates. Jack should win in a landslide but this is NJ and we are suckers for punishment.

3 days ago

Gov murphy disrespects life long new jersyeans. Basically makes u feel like all the contributions you and your families have made for generations are not of value. If you don’t like it leave! Looking forward not back sounds nice but underlying is a slap in the face to certain new jersyeans

1 day ago

The fact that Jack wants to cut the corpo tax rate in half should scare every New Jerseyan. How does he expect to make up that huge cut? If you are middle or lower class you will end up paying the costs. When a politician only talks about cutting taxes on the uber rich or corporations it means they are completely bought and sold on a regular basis. Murphy isn’t perfect by any stretch but Jack is equally, if not more so a blowhard. When politicians talk about cutting huge taxes from the highest of the highest earners but don’t clarify how that money will be replaced, you can bet your buns its gonna come from the worst, least deserving places.

The next biggest reason not to bother with Jack is how bitter and combative do we want our NJ government to be? It will be in effect twitter politics. The reason being is he will be up against a solidly democratic state legislature and will spend all his time in the public eye whining and whinging and getting nothing done. The two sides are far apart as they ever have been (not saying that is Jack’s nor either parties fault btw they all are at fault) and so you will have a Governor with no meaningful support and our state will stagnate for his entire tenure. Nothing could be worse.

If you think Murphy did a bad job for all of Covid because of one decision(it was bad but he was very effective on covid beyond the nursing homes) how will Jack’s literal do nothing against Covid plan work? Look at places like Mississippi and their ilk (who if Miss. was a country would have the worst death rate to Covid second only to Peru in the world) to see what doing nothing to fight Covid does. Do you want to have a governor who had a chance to learn from mistakes in fighting (majority effectively) against Covid or a fella who wants to do zero and let the virus run free. If you think I am over inflating how little Jack will do against Covid you can get it from his own mouth or twitter account.

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