2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls: Youngkin fails to get NRA endorsement

2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls: Youngkin fails to get NRA endorsement
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The latest 2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls show Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin in a neck-and-neck fight.

After the 2020 US Presidential election, a Biden-Trump proxy fight is brewing up in Virginia. In November 2021, Virginia will vote to elect its new governor. The state has been known to elect its Governor from the party that is not in the White House. However, in recent years it has shifted more towards the Democrats than the Republicans.

In 2020 US election, Biden won it by more than 10-points margin, greater than Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory in 2016. Republican are yet to win a statewide election since 2009. The current Governor Ralph Northam is ineligible to run for reelection as the Constitution of Virginia prohibits the officeholder from serving consecutive terms. Former Governor Terry McAuliffe  is the Democratic candidate while Republicans have nominated Glenn Youngkin, a businessman as their candidate.

2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls and News: What is the latest News?

NRA endorses Republican statewide candidates, but not Youngkin in Virginia governor’s race

The two candidates sparred on Twitter today (24th July)

Youngkin: Terry McAuliffe still hasn’t agreed to debate me next month. I’ve said I’ll be there. What’s taking him so long? #VAgov

McAuliffe: Oh give me a break, Glenn. If you really wanted to debate you’d have been up on stage with me at the VBA Debate TODAY. I agreed to 5 debates. You’ve already chickened out of one. Let’s go

Youngkin: Looks like you’re enjoying a break. Hope you’re having a nice day at the country club in Maryland. At least it’s closer than Nantucket!

McAuliffe: Great dinner with two buddies of over 30 years. Next time have your tracker join us, Glenn – the more the merrier. I wish we were in Hot Springs at the VBA Debate, but you were too scared to debate me you

.The people deserve to hear you answer questions, Glenn.

The Hill: McAuliffe uses first general election TV ad to tie Youngkin to Trump

Culture war on education rages in Virginia governor’s race

Biden, heckled at a rally in Virginia: “Let ‘em talk… that’s okay. This is not a Trump rally. Let ‘em holler. Nobody’s paying attention to them.”

Originally tweeted by Andrew Solender (@AndrewSolender) on July 24, 2021.

Terry McAuliffe has been a partisan attack dog his whole life.

He actually bragged about causing gridlock, saying he was “proud to have more vetoes than any other governor” in VA history.

As governor, I’ll work across the aisle to get things done – not just talk about it.

Glenn Youngkin

Originally tweeted by Glenn Youngkin (@GlennYoungkin) on July 22, 2021.

Daily Caller: Unions Reward $2.2 Million To Terry McAuliffe’s Campaign After Changing His Stance On Right-To-Work Laws

Washington Post: Democrat McAuliffe reports raising twice as much money as GOP rival Youngkin during June in Virginia governor’s race

Boston Herald: Charlie Baker heads to Aspen this week to talk upcoming elections with Republican Governors Association

Biden previews midterm strategy, tying Trump to GOP in Virginia

2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls and News: Latest Opinion Polls

According to a survey by Spry Strategies (R) McAuliffe (D) 46% is 5% ahead of Youngkin (R) at 41%

According to new survey from Trafalgar Group, Democrat Terry McAuliffe holds a two-point lead over Glenn Youngkin. As per the poll, McAuliffe has support of 46.8% voters while Youngkin has support of 45% of voters.

As per a poll by JMC Analytics conducted between June 9-12, the poll shows McAuliffe is leading Youngkin at 46 percent to 42 percent.

As per the poll, McAuliffe is significantly underperforming in the Commonwealth when compared to the numbers put up by Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls and News: What Happened in Last Election?

Last Virginia Gubernatorial Election was held in November, 2017. Ralph Northam was a Democratic nominee while  Ed Gillespie was nominated by the Republicans.  Clifford Hyra  was a Libertarian Party’s nominee. The election result saw Democrats re-occupying the chair of Virginia Governor once again.

In the election, Democratic nominee Ralph Northam won 53.9% of votes while Republican nominee Ed Gillespie won 45% of votes. The election had the highest voter turnout percentage in a Virginia gubernatorial election in twenty years and Ralph Northam won the election by the largest margin for a Democrat since 1985.

2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls and News: Importance of this Election

Virginia Gubernatorial Election will give a clear picture of acceptance of Joe Biden. Since he took charge as President by defeating Donald Trump this will be nothing less than a proxy fight between the two. The election will provide the first big test of strength between the two parties ahead of the mid-terms next year.

2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls and News

For Republicans it will be a test for the party holding on to their voter base as well as the election will determine how well the Republicans are able to lure the swing voters to their camp. For Democrats, victory will be nothing less than a referendum for Biden’s administration.

The election may also set a tone for upcoming mid-term election of 2022 for both the parties.

2021 Virginia Governor Election Opinion Polls and News: What are the Prediction and Betting Odds?

The prediction and betting platforms are completely one-sided for the result of upcoming Virginia Gubernatorial election. The platform as of now predicts and easy win for Democrats.

On Predictit, here’s how the market for the governor of Virginia betting looks:

  • Terry McAuliffe (D): 82 cents (equivalent to -455)
  • Glenn Youngkin (R): 20 cents (+400)

Smarkets too gives Democrat Terry McAuliffe a clear edge over the Republican Ed Ed Gillespie. As per them, Ralph Northam has 85.47% chances of winning the the Virginia Gubernatorial Election while for Republican having their Governor in Virginia has a slim chance.

The odds for Democrat win in Virginia stands at 1.16 and for Republican win stands at 3.95.

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