2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Cheri Beasley to win North Carolina Senate Race?

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Cheri Beasley to win North Carolina Senate Race?

2022 North Carolina Senate race polls: Recent Polls Suggest North Carolina Seat Tightening.

Google Trends Data: Chery Beasley is miles ahead in Google trends Data.

Social Media Sentiments: Chery Beasley’s Net Sentiments remain Neutral. Ted Budd’s Net Sentiments are Negative.

North Carolina Senate Primary 2022 Date

The North Carolina Senate Race will be held on November 8th, 2022 to elect the representative. The Primaries were due to be held on May 17th, but a ruling by the North Carolina Supreme Court has delayed them indefinitely over a challenge to the congressional maps passed by the GOP-held legislature earlier in 2021. The Current incumbent of North Carolina is Richard Burr, who will not seek another term in 2022.

The maps are being challenged by Democratic-aligned groups partisan and racial gerrymanders. In the last decade, North Carolina’s map was struck down 3 times so this is not without precedent.

North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Insights and Observations

  • Average of the Polls Suggest a wire finish for North Carolina Senate Seat.
  • 45-64 age Bracket Makes up Most of the North Carolina Voters at 33.6%
  • Cheri Beasley has the Support of 48% of Voters in North Carolina belonging to 45-64 of age.
  • Among Female Voters, Cheri Beasley Enjoys the Support of 49% whereas a paltry 34% are in Favor of Ted Budd.
  • Ted Budd Leads among the Male Voters, He Enjoys the Support of 46% of Male Voters, Cheri Beasley, on the other hand, is Slightly Behind with 39%.
  • Ted Budd as Expected is Leading by a Massive Margin among the White Voters. He Enjoys the Support with 56% to Cheri Beasley’s 32%.
  • Cheri Beasley is way ahead in the Support of Black Voters with 79% of Voters approving her Candidature.
  • issues Like Inflation, Economic Recession can dampen Cheri Beasley’s Chances as more than 75% of Americans hold Joe Biden Responsible for these Hardships.

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2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: General Election

Poll SourceDateTed BuddCheri Beasley
AverageAugust 10th43%44%
Blueprint PollingAugust 6th42%46%
PEM ManagementAugust 1st40%43%
Trafalgar GroupJuly 4th48%45%

In 2016, this race was seen as competitive but Senator Richard Burr won by a larger than expected margin. While Trump won the state by under 4 points, Republican Burr won by 5.7.
Only one poll has been conducted in the general election.

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Google Search Data

Google Trends has turned out to be one of the efficient tools for forecasting an election. The latest trends are highly in the favor of Cheri Beasley. Ted Budd has to up his ante to stop Cheri Beasley’s Juggernaut.

DateTed BuddCheri Beasley
August 13th48%52%
August 10th20%80%
August 1st100%
July 25th45%50%
July 15th33%60%

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Social Media Sentiment

Cheri Beasley’s net Sentiments have gone down in a week. Ted Budd’s Net Sentiments remain Negative.

DateTed BuddCheri Beasley
August 13th-71.4%+21.6%
August 10th-47%+6.2%
August 1st-50.9%-29.2%
July 25th-49%-18.8%
July 15th-7.6%+12%

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Latest News

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Latest Videos

YouTube video
YouTube video

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by Cheri Beasley (@CheriBeasleyNC) on August 12, 2022.

⚠️My opponent Congressman Ted Budd just voted against lowering costs⚠️

He should explain to every North Carolinian who's been forced to split pills or skip doses why he's once again turned his back on them.

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Candidates in the General Election

Ted Budd(Republican Party)- Incumbent Senator, North Carolina.

Cheri Beasley(Democratic Party)- Former Chief Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court

Former Rep. Walker staying in North Carolina Senate race

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Demographics of the Voting Age Population (VAP)


Gender Wise Breakup of North Carolina Voting age Population:

Gender based DivisionPercentage

Age-Wise Breakup of North Carolina Voting age Population:

Voting age BreakupPercentage
18-29 years old21%
30-44 years old23.1%
45-64 years old33.6%
65+ years old22.3%

The data is from the 2020 census. It shows an increasingly diversifying state with a booming Hispanic population. As a deep-south state, it has a large African-American population, especially in the rural areas.

Democratic vote strength comes from minorities and urban areas especially the research triangle and the Charlotte metro area. Joe Biden won Mecklenburg county – home to 1.1m people – by 35 points, while Clinton only won it by 29. Republican strength is centered in the exurban county around Charlotte and Sandhill area.
Native Americans are a swing group in the state unlike Natives in other western states, who backed Biden is massive margins. Robeson county, which is 40% backed Trump by 18 after backing him by 4 in 2016.

2022 North Carolina Senate Race Polls: Will Pat McCrory beat Trump backed Ted Budd?

North Carolina Senate Polls 2022: Major Counties Break-up in Last Election

1- Mecklenberg County: Major City- Charlotte

Republican PartyDemocratic Party

2- Wake County: Major City-Raleigh

Republican PartyDemocratic Party

3-Guilford county: Major City- Greensboro

Republican PartyDemocratic Party

4-Durham County: Major City-Durham

Republican PartyDemocratic Party

Crowdwisdom Analytics– Democratic party Swapped All Four Major Counties. Republicans Success Lied in Sweeping 77 out of 100 Counties in last Election.

This Time Fight is Expected to be Much Closer, Both parties have lost Some Popularity. Different Result in 5-6 Counties Can have an Effect on Result.

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