Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Blake Masters Domination Continues, Ahead By 14% As per Latest Poll

Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Blake Masters Domination Continues, Ahead By 14% As per Latest Poll
June 30th: Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Average of 3 Polls: Jim Lamon, 16%, Mark Brnovich 19%, Blake Masters 25%.

Latest Poll: Blake Masters: 29% Mark Brnovich: 15% Jim Lamon: 10%

Google Trend: Blake Masters: 41%, Jim Lamon: 43% Mark Brnovich: 16%.

Before the Trump endorsement came, Jim Lamon was ahead in Google Trends but with Trump’s endorsement of Masters, for the first time, Blake Masters is dominating even on Google Trends.

Net Sentiment: Jim Lamon: -55.5% Mark Brnovich: -19.3% Blake Masters: -45%

The net sentiment for Blake Masters has turned worse. His sentiments were positive on the day of Trump’s endorsement announcement.

The Arizona Senate Race 2022 will be held on November 8th to elect a member of the US Senate. The primaries will be held on August 2nd, 2022. The incumbent Democratic party leader Mark Kelly was elected through special elections with a 51.2% vote and is also running for re-election for the full term.

Arizona Senate Primary Polls 2022: Latest GOP Primary Polls

Polling CompanyDate of Polling
Average of PollsJune 30th
Mark Brnovich19%
Jim Lamon16%
Blake Masters25%
Public Policy Polling (D)June 28th
Mark Brnovich15%
Jim Lamon10%
Blake Masters29%
The Trafalgar Group (R)June 9th
Mark Brnovich24%
Jim Lamon17%
Blake Masters29%
Data OrbitalJune 3rd
Mark Brnovich18%
Jim Lamon20%
Blake Masters15%

Arizona Senate Race 2022 Polls: Google Search Update

Latest Google Trends for the last 7 days

DateJune 30th
Mark Brnovich16%
Jim Lamon43%
Blake Masters41%

Arizona Senate Race Polls: Social Media sentiments

DateJune 30th
Mark Brnovich-40.7%
Jim Lamon-47.3%
Blake Masters-20.4%

Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Mark Kelly Polls

As per the latest Arizona Senate 2022 polls which pit a potential Republican Candidate against Mark Kelly, as of now it seems that Mark Kelly holds the lead

Polling CompanyDate
OH Predictive InsightJan 21-24
Mark Kelly49%
Mark Brnovich47%

As per the latest OH Predictive Insights poll

  • 47% of respondents view Mark Kelly favorably and 43% view him unfavorably
  • 46% of respondents view Kyrsten Sinema favorably and 39% view her unfavorably

Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Latest Videos

YouTube video

Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by Jim Lamon (@jim_lamon) on June 30, 2022.

How to put power back in the hands of parents:
Step 1: Close the Department of Education
Step 2: Implement school choice nationwide.

That’s my plan in the US Senate.

Thanks @mercedesschlapp for being such a great guest tonight! Arizona loved having you!

Originally tweeted by Mark Brnovich (@GeneralBrnovich) on June 29, 2022.

Our office has concluded the Arizona Legislature has made its intentions clear regarding abortion laws.


Arizona Senate race 2022 odds

Mark Kelly+163
Implied Chances
Mark Kelly38.1%

Donald Trump Remains The Most Influential Politician In Arizona

Arizona senate GOP race has had three candidates in a tough fight since the very beginning, Mark Brnovich, Jim Lamon, and Blake Masters. Brnovich and Lamon were competing for the first and second place while Blake Masters was third initially. However, the endorsement of Blake Masters by Donald Trump has changed the face of the GOP Primary Race. Blake Masters now is ahead in the polls. “Why did the Things Changed Drastically?”

The answer to the question remains Trump’s popularity index among the Republicans in Arizona. A survey by Fabrizio Lee found that Trump’s popularity among the Republican voters remained unchanged over the last few months. His approval rating remains very high with 88% approving of the work he had done. Added to it, of the 88%, around 71% have a strong approval for Trump. Now, with a support base of over 70%, Trump’s endorsement was sure to change the course of the Arizona election.

Blake Masters is now in the driver’s seat and he is all set to win the upcoming GOP Primary race as per the latest poll.

Why is Media Behind Blake Masters?

Blake Masters is turning out to be one of the most controversial candidates after he has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Recently, the mainstream media was full of news about Blake Masters blaming the black people for Gun violence. The video was an old one but the media got a chance to blaze their guns on the Trump-endorsed candidate.

One of the main reasons for Blake Masters being the hot topic for media is his endorsement by Donald Trump. If Masters wins the primary election, he will have a better chance of winning the November 8th Primary election. The other reason is Blake Masters being funded heavily by Peter Theil. Peter Theil had recently funded JD Vance in the Ohio election. Theil has been an active Trump supporter and has been funding his campaign. Theil has recently put another $3.5M behind Blake Masters. Barring other candidates, Blake Masters is well-funded and with Trump’s endorsement, he has a better chance of winning the Senate Primary race.

Arizona Senate Race Polls: General Election

Mark Kelly vs. Mark Brnovich

Date(s)Mark Kelly (D)Mark Brnovich (R)
Blueprint Polling (D)May 12–16, 202250%33%
Data for Progress (D)January 21–24, 202249%47%

Mark Kelly vs. Jim Lamon

Date(s)Mark Kelly (D)Jim Lamon (R)
Blueprint Polling (D)May 12–16, 202248%34%

Mark Kelly vs. Blake Masters

Date(s)Mark Kelly (D)Blake Masters (R)
Blueprint Polling (D)May 12–16, 202249%32%

Among the 3 frontrunners for the GOP Primary race, Blake Masters has the least chance of winning against Mark Kelly. Mark Brnovich has the best chances but even he is trailing behind Mark Kelly. It must be remembered that the polls were released before the endorsement of Blake Masters by Donald Trump. Since the endorsement of Blake Masters by Donald Trump, his chances of winning the GOP primary election have gone up.

Arizona Senate Race Polls: Endorsements

Blake Masters

  • Donald Trump, former US President
  • Tucker Carlson, Conservative Journalist, and political commentator
  • Peter Thiel, Millionaire Venture Capitalist, and his boss
  • Rober C ‘O Brien, Fourth NSA of Donald Trump

Jim Lamon

  • Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC)

Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Voter Registration

From the latest figures released by the Arizona Secretary of State.

As of July 2021

The state has 4.32 Million Registered Voters.

  • 34.72% are registered, Republicans
  • 31.78% are registered, Democrats
  • 32.60% are Independents

Arizona Senate Polls 2022: Who is running for Arizona senate 2022?

The Arizona Senate Race 2022 Election Primary will be held on August 2, 2021, and many candidates have thrown their hats in the ring, and many more can be expected to do the same in the next few months.

As of now, the major Republican Primary Candidates for the Arizona Senate Race 2022 are:

  • Mark Brnovich, Attorney General of Arizona(2015-Present)
  • Jim Lamon, Businessman
  • Blake Masters, COO of Thiel Capital, President of Thiel Foundation
  • Michael McGuire, Major General(ret.) of the Arizona National Guard
  • Justin Olson, Arizona Utility Regulator on the Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Robert Paveza, Software Engineer
  • Craig Brittain

AZ Senate Race 2022 Polls: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arizona State a Republican or Democratic state?

  • Mostly the political offices in Arizona are held by the Republican party. Both US senators and 5 out of 9 houses of representatives are democrats and the remaining other four are Republicans. Many were elected first time elected in 2018.

How often are Senate Elections?

  • A senate can run for reelection after six years. As per the term, the Senate has six years to serve Arizona. Senators are appointed or elected in special elections to serve the remainder of the term.

AZ Senate Race 2022 Polls: Demographics

As per the latest 2020 Census figures

White American53.4%
Hispanic American30.7%
Black American4.4%
Asian American3.5%
Native Americans3.7%

Arizona is a majority state with a large Hispanic population. Latinos make up the majority in Phoenix and Tucson as well as along the border. 63% of the population lives in Maricopa County which is home to Phoenix and other cities like Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe. It is the 4th most populous county in the USA. Biden became the first Democratic nominee to win the county since 1948, helping him win the state. This is the most important county in the state, and maybe the country.

Arizona Senate Race 2022 Polls

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