Biden vs Trump 2024 Polls: Trump to make a comeback to the White House in 2024?

Biden vs Trump 2024 Polls: Trump to make a comeback to the White House in 2024?
Biden vs Trump 2024 Polls: Biden: 42.5%, Trump: 43.3%

– Some states are seeing a huge jump in favor of Trump. Example: Georgia. Trump is leading Biden by 14%
– However, Biden is competitive in states like Arizona and ahead in Pennsylvania
– If elections were held today, Donald Trump would be re-elected as President of USA.
– Trump is ahead of even Kamala Harris as per the latest polls.

The Crowdwisdom360 system which we first used in the 2020 election includes publicly available polls, google search data, social media sentiment analysis, economic metrics, and any other data sets Read on.

With Joe Biden in office after the 2020 Presidential Election, the Democrats had all the power to script a new history for the United States. Instead, President Biden is struggling to overcome both internal as well as international challenges. Joe Biden’s Approval Ratings paint a Presidency in serious trouble.

Some polls suggest that neither Biden nor Trump should contest the 2024 election but unless there are serious rivals to challenge both the candidates, they could become the candidates for their respective parties.

Joe Biden’s Latest Approval Rating

President Biden’s approval has been declining since he took charge of the office. He is one of the worst-rated American presidents. Here are a few ratings of President Joe Biden

July 539.75
July 14158-17
June 293857-19
June 294053-13
June 283857-19
YouGovJune 283956-17
AP-NORCJune 273960-21
June 254054-14
June 254355-12

President Biden began to lose momentum soon after the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and his ratings got worse soon after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Inflation has reached historic levels with no signs of improving as the Oil supply has tightened post-COVID.

As per the average of the latest 8 Approval ratings, Biden’s Approval Rating stands at nearly 40% while nearly 56% disapprove of his Presidentship.

Statewise Rating of Joe Biden as Per the Data By Morning Consult for March 2022

ColoradoNew York6
Connecticut-2New Mexico-7

In 40 of the 50 states, Biden’s approval rating is negative as per the latest Biden Approval Rating.

Biden vs Trump 2024 Polls: Latest Polls

Almost all the polls are showing Donald Trump with a considerable lead over Joe Biden. Biden’s poor approval ratings particularly on the economy are pushing numerous Independent voters back to Trump.

Joe BidenDonald Trump
Average of PollsJuly 542.5%
June 2943%40%
June 2939%44%
YouGovJune 2846%43%
& Associates
June 2244%49%
June 2045%43%
Redfield &
June 1538%41%

Biden vs Trump 2024: Election Odds

Former President Donald Trump is clear favourite on betting Platforms to be reelected as the President of United States in 2024. He Leads the charts followed by Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden.

Betting Odds Joe BidenDonald Trump
Action Rush+450+300

Observation and Insights

Polls show How Trump & MAGA is producing cross-pressure over persuadable voters.
According to the latest polls released by Priorities USA, voters responded to generic ballot questions preferring GOP (44%) over Democrats (41%). However, when asked about Trump’s MAGA (Make America Great Again) Agenda, the polling improved for Democrats with around 37%, while for Republicans it fell to around 30%.

According to Cecil, Trump and his MAGA approach are producing cross pressure for persuadable voters. The poll results are also indicative of voters’ reaction to Republican extremism. Results suggest that such voters could easily be pulled to the Democratic side if Joe Biden takes on an attacking approach towards Trump and the GOP.

Latest Polls For GOP Primary

of Polls
July 551.6%22.6%8%
Harris Poll
June 2956%16%7%
June 2955%20%9%
June 2651%23%8%
& Associates
June 2259%15%7%
June 2037%39%9%

Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSantis

YouGovJune 24-2745%36%

Donald Trump vs. Mike Pence

YouGovJune 24-2765%18%

2024 Elections: Will Donald Trump run for President in 2024?

Former President Donald Trump seems poised to announce his presidential campaign soon. He has repeatedly teased a 2024 presidential bid on several occasions. In March he was quoted saying “The truth is: I ran twice, I won twice and I did much better the second time,” insisting that he had won in 2020 “And now we just may have to do it again.”. In another interaction with the media, he mentioned that he was “very close to making a decision” on another campaign.

No American President since 1892, has returned to the White House after losing reelection, however, Trump has plenty of reasons to believe otherwise:

  1. Lead in Primary Polls: Republican Primary polling runs favorable to Trump, it is clear that he has established sound influence over the GOP and remains to be a clear favourite choice for the party’s presidential nomination. However, a recent poll conducted by New Hampshire University shows Ron DeSantis leading Trump by 2 points. However, there’s no confirmation for a Presidential Bid from the Florida Governor as he runs this year for reelection so it’s still unlikely that it would affect the Former President’s rerun.
  1. Biden’s inflationary Presidency: President Joe Biden is having a hard time in the White House, with concerns over Inflation his approval rating has been on a constant decline stabilizing at around 39-40%. American Political Analyst Stirewalt described Biden as kind of a lame duck because people in his party openly question not only whether he will run again, but whether he can. Although Biden might be expecting a rerun, his republican counterpart will have a lot of issues to besiege him in debates.
  1. Media Attention: Donald Trump seems to enjoy the media’s attention and that helped him a lot during his 2016 campaign. Although his social media presence has taken a significant blow after his accounts were banned but he still seems to be very much trending over his comments and remarks. The Former President is even referred to as a media magnet in the sense that his comments or remarks seem to dominate the newspapers and social media for the day.
  1. Swift Fundraising Machines at his disposal: Trump is known to extensively raise funds online by selling merchandise prominently through the red “Make America Great Again” hats. These sales not only fueled cash inflows but also provided a great database of supporters and customers who would be easily approached for further support. This not only helps capitalize on his considerable small-dollar base but also helps by establishing a massive war chest. There is no doubt that with swift fundraising machines at his disposal and remarkable support from the GOP at the grassroots and institutional level, Trump’s Reelection bid would have no shortage of funds.
  1. Lack of Competition in Primary: According to the GOP Primary Polls, No candidate except Ron DeSantis is even close to Trump in polls, leaving the primary race almost decided if Trump chooses to rerun and Ron DeSantis is reelected as the Governor of Florida. A Clear GOP field makes it easier for Trump to focus his attention and Campaign resources on the presidential campaign for November 2024. Moreover, Trump himself seems confident of his nomination from the GOP, therefore making his rerun an almost surety unless there is any legal or health concern that barrs him to file for reelection.

2024 Election: Will Donald Trump end up winning the Presidential elections?

  1. Favourable Polls: Almost all the polls are showing Donald Trump with a considerable lead over Joe Biden. According to the average Trump closely leads with 43.3% of the votes while Biden is stabilized at 42.5% votes. So if Presidential Elections were held at present Trump is sure to be reelected to office.
  1. BidenFlation: Americans seem intensely disappointed with Biden’s stand on political issues especially the sudden withdrawal of US Armies from Afghanistan and his handling of the soaring Inflation. His Approval ratings seem to be constantly hanging around 39% since he took charge of the White House last year.
  1. Trump vs Harris: In case of a rare Harris vs Trump matchup, still Donald Trump would have an upper hand. According to the latest polls, he leads over Harris by an average of 2.5%.
  1. Betting Odds: Amongst American Bookies, Former President remains the favourite contender for the 2024 Presidential Race. As per prediction platform Smarkets, there’s 24% chance of Trump returning to the White House as president, while only 14% chance of Biden and around 20% chance for Ron DeSantis.
  1. Comparative Approval Rating: Trump’s approval rating around this time of his presidential tenure stood around 46% while President Joe Biden has continuously struggled with around 40% approval Rate. With midterms on the outlook and many other economical concerns, this approval rate seems unlikely to improve. Therefore Donald Trump definitely holds a strong chance to emerge victorious in 2024.

Trump 2024: Favourability Polls

June 294250
YouGovJune 284058
June 264355
June 134455

Biden 2024: Will Joe Biden be the Democratic Party Nominee?

Joe Biden recently expressed his desire of contesting the 2024 Presidential election and he also said that he would be fortunate to face Donald Trump again in 2024. However, the probability of him being the Democratic party’s nominee is slim.

  1. Health: While public videos are not a reliable metric for assessing the President, president Biden has repeatedly shown signs of lack of awareness around him.


YouTube video

2. Mid-term performance: Current forecasts suggest that the Democratic party will lose control of both the House and the Senate. This will make it difficult for President Biden to push his candidature given his historically low approval ratings.

3. Betting Markets: As per the prediction platform, Smarkets, around only 34% of the respondents or participants are positive about Biden being the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2024 Presidential election. Around 16% of the participants believe, Kamala Harris could be the Presidential nominee of Democrats for 2024.

Biden vs Trump 2024 Polls: Statewise Polls [Battleground States]

Trump vs Biden Polls 2024: Arizona

Blueprint PollingMay 12-16, 2022
Joe Biden41%
Donald Trump41%

Trump vs Biden Polls 2024: Pennsylvania

Blueprint Polling (D)Feb 15–16, 2022
Joe Biden45%
Donald Trump40%

Trump vs Biden Polls 2024: Wisconsin

No New Polls released in 2022

Trump vs Biden Polls 2024: Georgia

Polling Company
East Carolina University (B/C)June 8-10, 2022
Joe Biden40%
Donald Trump47%
Blueprint Polling (D)March 2–8, 2022
Joe Biden36%
Donald Trump50%

Biden vs Trump 2024 Polls: Michigan

Blueprint Polling (D)Feb 1–4
Joe Biden38%
Donald Trump40%

Biden vs Trump 2024 Polls: Google Search Data, State-Level Data

Joe Biden

Joe Biden
Joe Biden
2020 (Day
before the

Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
2020 (Day
before the

Trump 2024: Social Media Sentiment State-Level Data

Data for the states that were narrowly won by Joe Biden in 2016. (Last 7 Days Data)

Joe BidenDonald Trump

Trump vs Harris Polls

**This scenario may arise if Joe Biden pulls out of the 2024 Presidential Race.

Polling CompanyDateKamala HarrisDonald Trump
Average of PollsJuly 542%44.25%
Harris Poll
June 2945%39%
YouGovJune 2744%45%
& Associates
June 2242%50%
& Wilton
June 1537%43%

The close States or the States where the Margin of Victory was less than 5%

  1. Georgia, 0.23% (11,779 votes) – 16 electoral votes
  2. Arizona, 0.31% (10,457 votes) – 11 electoral votes
  3. Wisconsin, 0.63% (20,682 votes) – 10 electoral votes
  4. Pennsylvania, 1.16% (80,555 votes) – 20 electoral votes
  5. North Carolina, 1.35% (74,483 votes) – 15 electoral votes
  6. Nevada, 2.39% (33,596 votes) – 6 electoral votes
  7. Michigan, 2.78% (154,188 votes) – 16 electoral votes
  8. Florida, 3.36%- 29 Electoral Votes

2024 Presidential Election Polls: State Elections in 2021

Since Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, there have been three major state elections to elect its Governor.

  1. California: In California elections were held after a recall petition was launched against first-term Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat due to his handling of Coronavirus. The elections were again conducted under the shadow of Coronavirus. Despite Republican candidate Larry Elder garnered immense support, the recall was not successful. A whopping 61.8% of voters voted against the recall petition and the petition got canceled.
  2. New Jersey: New Jersey a Democratic stronghold held a Gubernatorial election on November 2nd, 2021. The incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy was against the Republican Jack Ciattarelli. The election was one of the closest ones could have ever expected. Phil Murphy, despite retaining the office, Republican Jack Ciattarelli gave the toughest fight. Phil Murphy got 51.2% of the votes while Republican Jack Ciattarelli received 48.0% vote share.
  3. Virginia: The election to the Governor’s Office of Virginia was held on November 2nd, 2022. The incumbent Democratic Governor Ralph Northam, due to term limits could not run for the office again. Former Governor Terry McAuliffe won the Democratic primary and Glenn Youngkin was nominated at the Republican convention. The election was again a closely contested one but the Democratic Party failed to retain the state. Republican Glenn Youngkin won the election and was elected as the new Governor of Virginia.

The results were evident of Democratic Party gradually losing the grip of the states despite being able to retain 2 of the 3 states.

2024 Presidential Election Polls: Latest News

2024 Presidential Election: Latest Videos

YouTube video

2024 Election Latest Tweets

Chase Stefano on Twitter: “MAGA is out in full force saying the shooter is “ANTIFA”. His YouTube has him at trump rallies, his father ran for Mayor of Highland Park as a trump republican and lost and follows ‘Military Badassery” and Donald Trump Jr. on Facebook. Don’t let them gaslight this. / Twitter”

MAGA is out in full force saying the shooter is “ANTIFA”. His YouTube has him at trump rallies, his father ran for Mayor of Highland Park as a trump republican and lost and follows ‘Military Badassery” and Donald Trump Jr. on Facebook. Don’t let them gaslight this.

Donald Trump Polls: What Happened in the Last Election?

On November 3rd, 2020, the United States voted to elect the 46th President of the country. On ballots were the then President, Donald Trump, and the Democratic Party’s representative, Joe Biden.

The 2020 Presidential Election was fought under the fear of Coronavirus. Due to the pandemic, a record number of ballots were cast early and by mail. The election saw the highest voter turnout by percentage since 1900 with each of the two main tickets receiving more than 74 million votes, surpassing Barack Obama’s record of 69.5 million votes in 2008.

Biden received more than 81 million votes while former President Donald Trump received over 74 Million votes. Biden secured 306 Electoral votes while Trump could get only 232 electoral votes. With counting taking around a week’s time, Joe Biden was declared the winner on November 7th. Biden and Harris were inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

Trump vs Biden Polls

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