Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 and Latest results: Michelle Wu, Annissa George make the cut

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 and Latest results: Michelle Wu, Annissa George make the cut
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As per the latest Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 and results

Michelle Wu and Annissa George have made it to the Final Round

primary results

After the incumbent Marty Walsh was appointed as United States Secretary of Labor in Biden Cabinet, he had to resign as Mayor despite being eligible to seek 3rd term.

Kim Janey the City Council President was sworn in as the acting mayor till the mayor’s election could be held.

After a long election and animated months of campaigning. The big field was narrowed down to the two candidates who emerged first and second in the Preliminary Round – Councilwomen Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George who will now make it to the General Election round where they will face off against each other.

The Election will be held on November 2nd, 2021 and the winner will be sworn in as mayor in Mid-November.

Election Day : 2nd November, 2021

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest Polls

precinct by precinct results from the prelim round

Only one poll has been released after September 15th

Polling Company
Date of Polling
Michelle Wu
Annissa Essaibi George
11th-12th September

What makes this Boston Mayoral race so fascinating is that none of the major candidates initially in contention were White Men. Every Mayor of Boston from it’s inception has been a white man.
The last 2 candidates are an Asian American and the other an Arab American

Currently below are the racial demographics of Boston, compared to 2020 the proportion of Whites and African Americans in the city has fallen at the cost of an increase in the numbers of Hispanic and Asian Americans.

Percentage of Population in 2020
Non-Hispanic White
Hispanic American
Asian American
Others(multiracial,native american)
Racial Demographics of the city of Boston

Boston is also known to be a heavily Democrat city, no Republican Representative has been elected from the city for over a century. Although they’re hardly unified, Boston Republicans are the largely silent voting minority that may tip the scale in Tuesday’s preliminary election. As per available records,since 1972 the city has voted for the Democrat party nationally at the presidential level.

Democratic candidate Voteshare
Republican Candidate Voteshare
Presidential Election Results

Boston is a city where the number of Registered Democrats is more than the number of Independents as per the latest data


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Google Trends update, 20th Sept

For the last few days, both Essaibi George and Michelle Wu have been evenly matched on Google Trends.

The initial enthusiasm for the two seems to have died on after the results came out.


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 : Latest News, 20th Sept

Boston mayoral contest makes history

20th September
Nobody puts Boston’s mayoral candidates in an (ideological) corner

The Two Faces Of Boston: Chicago Transplant Wu Squares Up With Dorchester Native Essaibi George

Can Michelle Wu Unite Boston and Spark a Municipal Revolution?

Here’s what determined the outcome in the mayoral race preliminary, says Michael Flaherty

19th September
Boston City Councilor Wu’s AIPAC Connection?

Wu calls for converting school buses to electric powered ones to mitigate climate change

Keller @ Large interviews Mayoral Candidate Michelle Wu

Chang Diaz endorses Wu for governor

Michelle Wu, Annissa Essaibi-George make their case for Boston’s Black voters

Democrats desperate to revive Donald Trump slime Annissa Essaibi-George

18th September
Influence of Campbell and Janey Expected to Remain in Boston Mayoral Race

Detailed election data show Wu dominated in progressive, liberal areas of Boston, while Essaibi George’s support came from more conservative, white neighborhoods.

17th September
Kim Janey thanks supporters, does not endorse either finalist for mayor

Boston vote will ‘galvanize’ Black community

Wu, Essaibi-George clash on MBTA ‘fiscal calamity’ in city council

Watch: Election 2021 — Boston’s Race Into History

4 Maps That Explain Boston’s Preliminary Mayoral Election

Boston Mayoral Race: Where Wu and Essaibi George Stand on the Issues

16th September
Boston getting mayor of color as Wu, Essaibi George advance

Keller @ Large: What Went Wrong For Kim Janey In Boston Mayor’s Race?

With different visions for Boston, Wu and Essaibi George hit the campaign trail

After prelim, Essaibi George super PAC quickly targets Wu

Sprinkler fitters union backs Essaibi George

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 : Latest tweets, images and videos, 20th Sept

Originally tweeted by Michelle Wu 吳弭 (@wutrain) on September 20, 2021.

I’ve known & organized alongside friends from the Puerto Rican Veterans Monument Sq Association for years. So overjoyed to join them for desayuno at El Oriental de Cuba!


OTR: Roundtable analyzes final Boston mayoral showdown between Michelle Wu, Annissa Essaibi George

Originally tweeted by Jordan Meehan (@JordanMeehan) on September 19, 2021.

Good afternoon Allston, it’s a beautiful day to canvass for @wutrain. 📋

But first, @kimchipapiktchn

Had a great chat with a voter on Hano Street who is all in for @wutrain! Big fan of making the MBTA fare free and excited about the fare free 28 bus pilot. 🚌

Originally tweeted by Annissa Essaibi George (@AnnissaForBos) on September 19, 2021.

Excited for some football today! Here at the Dorchester Eagles game cheering them on and talking with their biggest fans. 🏈

Originally tweeted by Annissa Essaibi George (@AnnissaForBos) on September 18, 2021.

Great to be with community to celebrate the Chinatown Gate Festival!

E leDe2WUAIwusc

Originally tweeted by Sonia Chang-Díaz (@SoniaChangDiaz) on September 18, 2021.

Michelle is a fearless champion for Boston’s working families.

@wutrain has shown time and again she has the vision and grit to take on the big fights for our city.

I’m so proud to endorse our next Mayor of Boston.


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Fundraising (Source: OCPF)

As of 18th September, Michelle Wu has raised about $1.47 Million compared to Essaibi George who has raised about $1.37 Million


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: What happened in the Primaries

9 AM
12 PM
3 PM
6 PM
8 PM
Number of Votes cast

The primaries had 8 candidates out of which 5 were major.
1)Kim Janey, the acting mayor
2)Andrea Campbell
3)Michelle Wu
4)Annissa Essaibi George
5)John Barros.

After months of campaigning, these were the results, the turnout was very low. only 25% of registered voters came out.


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Preliminary Election Polls

Polling Company
Date of Polling
Michelle Wu
Andrea Campbell
Annissa Essaibi George
Kim Janey
6th to 8th Sept
6th to 8th Sept
2nd to 4th Sept
25th to 30th Aug
23rd to 24th Aug

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Preliminary Poll Analysis

[10th Sep] As per the latest Emerson College Poll

  • Michelle Wu is in the lead with 30%
  • The second place is still a battle between Campbell( 17%), Essaibi George (18%) and Kim Janey (16%)
  • 14% of the voters are still undecided
  • Wu has the majority (58%) of the support of 18-29 year olds, and the plurality (35%) of 30-44 year olds.
  • Voters aged 45-64 are more split, the plurality (28%) support Essaibi George
  • Voters 65 above are more split, the plurality (30%) support Kim Janey
  • Kim Janey leads among black voters(32%) followed by Campbell (24%)
  • Andrea Campbell leads among Hispanics voters (23%) followed by Essaibi George (22%) and Wu (16%)
  • Wu has the support of 73% of Asian American Voters and 37% of white voters followed by Essaibi George at 25%
  • When undecided voters were asked which candidate they are leaning towards, 36% indicated they are leaning towards Wu, 20% are leaning towards Campbell, 20% are leaning towards Essaibi-George, and 16% are leaning towards Janey.

The important issues on the top of voter minds are:-

  • Housing 21%
  • Education/Schools 21%
  • COVID-19 10%
  • Crime 9%
  • Healthcare 8%
  • Environment/Climate Change 8%
  • Among those who say housing is the most important issue in deciding their vote for mayor, 36% support Wu.
  • Those who say education is the most important issue, 32% support Essaibi-George, 25% support Wu.
  • Wu has the majority (51%) of support of those who say COVID-19 is the most important issue 
  • Essaibi-George has the majority (59%) of support of those who say crime is the most important issue. 

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Will Michelle Wu be the Mayor?

This Boston Mayoral Poll 2021 is considered Historic as for the first time in 200 years, a person who isn’t a white male will be the mayor of the city come mid-November.

But which 2 candidates will make it past the preliminary round to the final round?

From what we can see, it’s all but certain that Michelle Wu will make it to the first place. She stands a very good chance of winning the election in the second round too seeing her favourability ratings regardless of who her opponent will be and becoming the first female and first non-white mayor of Boston.
She has been the frontrunner in this race since Marty Walsh resigned and went to D.C to join President Biden’s cabinet.

Michelle Wu has done brilliantly in every poll with Asian Americans (70%+ support) and won the plurality of white voters, her base primarily lies among liberals and progressives across racial barriers.
She has no animosity or barriers separating her from any race, but she has been doing noticeably well with white voters compared to Black voters.
Her work and dedication which she has put in the Boston city council since 2013 has made her a pan-city figure and the confidence to announce she would run for mayor against Marty Walsh last year. There were some who even identified her as potential mayor in 2019 itself.

Winning the endorsement of the progressive firebrand US Senator Elizabeth Warren has been a huge boost to her.
Wu had been a student of Warren at Harvard and actively assisted in her campaign to be elected to the Senate from Massachusetts in 2012.
This endorsement propelled her image, her name recognition nationally and she will have no paucity of donors after she makes it to the second round.

The battle for second place is the one to watch out for.
A couple of months back Acting Mayor Kim Janey was second in any poll, but the hard work and efforts put by Andrea Campbell and Annissa Essaibi George have made the position for second place a heated fight between these 3 candidates.

John Barros, the former city economic development chief and the only male frontrunner has trailed in fifth place in each and every poll and has been unable to cross single digits (%age wise) in any poll.
It’s not like he has made any mistakes, he also has a good grasp of the problems of the city and has put forward sensible plans on how to solve them. It seems that he hasn’t got the chance to put forwards his views in front of as many people as possible due to being overshadowed by the other 4 mayoral candidates. It seems only a miracle can propel him to second place now.

Kim Janey is trying to target the African-American community to come out and vote for her in large numbers by reminding voters that she could be the first Mayor from the community in over 200 years, but she has competition in this category from her fellow black progressive Andrea Campbell who hasn’t held back targetting Kim Janey’s policies in her short term as acting mayor.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey did have the power of the Mayor’s office heading into this election but in this time of Covid. She did have the advantage of being the first in fundraising, but she has also inherited any anti-incumbency and the responsibility for anything going wrong like the lack of bus drivers.
She has also worked hard to get the endorsement of various leaders from the Latino and Black Communities to consolidate their support behind her, even getting endorsements from Mel King, a prominent black political leader of the city, and Jon Santiago, a very prominent Latino politician and ex mayoral contender.

The 3 female progressive candidates have won support across the board from labor unions and each has played to their strengths and tried their own approaches to win support from a liberal-dominated city

Annissa Essaibi George is the lone moderate and teacher in the race, she is expected to do well not just among moderates but also among conservative voters and silent Republicans who lack a viable option.
It is widely believed that Essaibi George has the support of the ex-Mayor Marty Walsh who hasn’t publicly declared his support to any candidate

A lot depends upon the turnout in various neighborhoods especially among elder voters, black and Hispanic voters, and across the city on a whole and GOTV initiatives of each campaign.
A lower turnout on Tuesday could benefit Essaibi George, while a higher turnout could boost Janey or Campbell according to recent polling

The campaign itself wasn’t too brash or abrasive, the only disagreements between the candidates were only of those of substances and the issues of the day, not personal (except for that one moment in the second debate where Mayor Janey responded to a statement of Essaibi George on tenants and the skirmishes between Kim Janey and Andrea Campbell in the last few weeks)

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Boston Mayoral Race Candidates List

The preliminary election to elect the Mayor for Boston is scheduled to be held on September 14. To appear on the ballots for September 14 election, 8 candidates were certified to appear on the ballot on May 18. The candidates are:

Andrea Campbell, Former president of the Boston City Council (2018–2020)

John Barros, Candidate for Mayor of Boston in 2013

Annissa Essaibi George, Boston city councilor at-large since 2016

Kim Janey, President of the Boston City Council since 2020 and present Acting Mayor

Michelle Wu, Former president of the Boston City Council (2016–2018)

As per the latest Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 Michelle Wu is is soaring ahead with an unassailable lead with the fight now on for the second place

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