Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 : Kim Janey endorses Michelle Wu

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 : Kim Janey endorses Michelle Wu
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Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Acting Mayor and Primary Contestant Kim Janey has endorsed Michelle Wu to be the Mayor

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After the incumbent Marty Walsh was appointed as United States Secretary of Labor in Biden Cabinet, he had to resign as Mayor despite being eligible to seek 3rd term.

Kim Janey the City Council President was sworn in as the acting mayor till the mayor’s election could be held.

After a long election and animated months of campaigning. The big field was narrowed down to the two candidates who emerged first and second in the Preliminary Round – Councilwomen Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George who will now make it to the General Election round where they will face off against each other.

The Election will be held on November 2nd, 2021 and the winner will be sworn in as mayor in Mid-November.

Election Day : 2nd November, 2021

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest Polls

precinct by precinct results from the prelim round

Only one poll has been released after September 15th

Polling Company
Date of Polling
Michelle Wu
Annissa Essaibi George
11th-12th September

What makes this Boston Mayoral race so fascinating is that none of the major candidates initially in contention were White Men. Every Mayor of Boston from it’s inception has been a white man.
The last 2 candidates are an Asian American and the other an Arab American

Currently below are the racial demographics of Boston, compared to 2020 the proportion of Whites and African Americans in the city has fallen at the cost of an increase in the numbers of Hispanic and Asian Americans.

Percentage of Population in 2020
Non-Hispanic White
Hispanic American
Asian American
Others(multiracial,native american)
Racial Demographics of the city of Boston

Boston is also known to be a heavily Democrat city, no Republican Representative has been elected from the city for over a century. Although they’re hardly unified, Boston Republicans are the largely silent voting minority that may tip the scale in Tuesday’s preliminary election. As per available records,since 1972 the city has voted for the Democrat party nationally at the presidential level.

Democratic candidate Voteshare
Republican Candidate Voteshare
Presidential Election Results

Boston is a city where the number of Registered Democrats is more than the number of Independents as per the latest data


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Google Trends update, 25th Sept

For the last few days, both Essaibi George and Michelle Wu have been evenly matched on Google Trends in their own city-Boston and state-Massachusetts

But when you check on a national level and in other states like New york and California, there is clearly more interest in Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu: 53%
Essaibi George: 47%


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 : Latest News, 25th Sept

What Can The Next Mayor Do About Boston’s Sky-High Housing Costs?

25th Sept

Actin Mayor Kim Janey endorses Michelle Wu
Kim Janey won 19% of the total votes in the primary a few days back

24th Sept

Boston Mayoral candidates discuss the city’s future

Michelle Wu Wants To Change More Than Policies In Boston. She’s Aiming To Change Its Politics, Too

New Boston Mayor to Take Office Just 2 Weeks After Election

What’s in a political hashtag? A #mapoli and #bospoli data dive

23rd Sept

Heading into final stretch of Boston mayoral race, Wu and Essaibi George shun outside attack ads

Mayor hopefuls compete for Boston’s Black vote

Progressives Support Michelle Wu’s Mayoral Campaign, But Is That Enough?

Wu, Essaibi George hail their major union backers; For finalists, it’s full speed ahead to November

Boston mayoral contest makes history

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021 : Latest tweets, images and videos, 25th Sept

Video of Kim janey endorsing Michelle Wu

Originally tweeted by Lou Mandarini (@lmandarini) on September 25, 2021.

In terms of size and significance, endorsements don’t get much bigger: @wutrain and @Kim_Janey on the same team. Absolutely huge.

#bospoli #MichelleForMayor

Kim Janey endorses Michelle Wu for Boston mayor via @BostonGlobe

Originally tweeted by Annissa Essaibi George (@AnnissaForBos) on September 25, 2021.

Was in Chinatown this morning helping out in the food distribution line. Too many of our residents are experiencing food insecurity & it’s community programs like these that step up. City government needs to play a bigger role in ensuring our families have access to health food.


Originally tweeted by Annissa Essaibi George (@AnnissaForBos) on September 24, 2021.

Proud to join faith leaders from Twelfth Baptist Church on their weekly peace walk in Roxbury this afternoon to speak directly with residents & small businesses.

Thank you Rev. Arthur Gerald & Deacon James Grant for your continued commitment to our communities.

wu 1

Originally tweeted by Tayla Andrè (@Tayla_Andre) on September 23, 2021.

Today at 12 o’clock on @SparkFMOnline you hear it first from @wutrain What her administration has in store for #bospoli #taylamade #wakeupwithtaylaandre #sparkfm #talkradio #politics #boston


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Fundraising (Source: OCPF)

As of 18th September, Michelle Wu has raised about $1.47 Million compared to Essaibi George who has raised about $1.37 Million


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: What happened in the Primaries

9 AM
12 PM
3 PM
6 PM
8 PM
Number of Votes cast

The primaries had 8 candidates out of which 5 were major.
1)Kim Janey, the acting mayor
2)Andrea Campbell
3)Michelle Wu
4)Annissa Essaibi George
5)John Barros.

After months of campaigning, these were the results, the turnout was very low. only 25% of registered voters came out.


Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Preliminary Election Polls

Polling Company
Date of Polling
Michelle Wu
Andrea Campbell
Annissa Essaibi George
Kim Janey
6th to 8th Sept
6th to 8th Sept
2nd to 4th Sept
25th to 30th Aug
23rd to 24th Aug

Boston Mayoral Polls 2021: Preliminary Poll Analysis

[10th Sep] As per the latest Emerson College Poll

  • Michelle Wu is in the lead with 30%
  • The second place is still a battle between Campbell( 17%), Essaibi George (18%) and Kim Janey (16%)
  • 14% of the voters are still undecided
  • Wu has the majority (58%) of the support of 18-29 year olds, and the plurality (35%) of 30-44 year olds.
  • Voters aged 45-64 are more split, the plurality (28%) support Essaibi George
  • Voters 65 above are more split, the plurality (30%) support Kim Janey
  • Kim Janey leads among black voters(32%) followed by Campbell (24%)
  • Andrea Campbell leads among Hispanics voters (23%) followed by Essaibi George (22%) and Wu (16%)
  • Wu has the support of 73% of Asian American Voters and 37% of white voters followed by Essaibi George at 25%
  • When undecided voters were asked which candidate they are leaning towards, 36% indicated they are leaning towards Wu, 20% are leaning towards Campbell, 20% are leaning towards Essaibi-George, and 16% are leaning towards Janey.

The important issues on the top of voter minds are:-

  • Housing 21%
  • Education/Schools 21%
  • COVID-19 10%
  • Crime 9%
  • Healthcare 8%
  • Environment/Climate Change 8%
  • Among those who say housing is the most important issue in deciding their vote for mayor, 36% support Wu.
  • Those who say education is the most important issue, 32% support Essaibi-George, 25% support Wu.
  • Wu has the majority (51%) of support of those who say COVID-19 is the most important issue 
  • Essaibi-George has the majority (59%) of support of those who say crime is the most important issue. 

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POC?? Very interesting the optics you chose to convey by the images you chose.


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