Florida Senate Polls 2022 and Prediction: Marco Rubio is all set to Win Republican Primary

Florida Senate Polls 2022 and Prediction: Marco Rubio is all set to Win Republican Primary

June 30th: Florida Senate Polls 2022: As per the latest polls, Marco Rubio is ahead of his potential Democratic contenders.

Google Trends: The google trend data search shows the surge in search volumes for Val Demings.

Social Media Sentiments: The net sentiments of Marco Rubio and Val Demings are positive.

Latest Polls, Google search trends, social media sentiments

The United States Florida Senate Election will be held on November 8th, 2022 to elect a member of the United States to represent the state of Florida. Both the senatorial seats of the state of Florida are currently held by Republicans. The one going to the election next year is the one held by incumbent Marco Rubio.

Florida has been a swing state on the national level for years but Donald Trump made huge inroads with Latino voters and especially Cuban-American voters in Miami Date county, resulting in a 3.5-point win, the largest margin of victory in Florida since 2004 by any presidential candidate.

Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American Republican who first won the election in the red wave of 2010, easily held on in 2016 after running for president unsuccessfully, defeating Democrat Patrick Murphy by 7.3 points and vastly outperforming Trump in the state who only managed to defeat Clinton by 1 point. This makes him a huge favorite for the 2022 election.

Insights and Observations
As per the Latest polls, Marco Rubio is ahead of Val Demings. The polls also show that 12% of people in Florida still remain undecided. This particular 12% of voters play a key role in the Florida senate race. In this senate race, Marco Rubio has an edge to win the GOP and Val Demings could be the Democratic Primary winner.
According to polls, if the election is conducted around 47% of people in Florida will be voting for Marco Rubio and 41% for Val Demings. It is somewhere clear that mostly the Floridians find Marco Rubio more favorable compared to Val Demings.
But according to the latest google trends and net sentiment, Val Demings is gaining a lot. The search volume for Val Demings is much higher compared to her opponent Rubio. The net sentiments are also favoring Demings as it has turned positive over the past few weeks.
Our observation says that the Florida senate race is too close to call and 12% of voters still remain undecided. But the senate race is most likely to happen between Rubio and Demings.
The reaction of leaders to making the Abortion laws illegal

Marco Rubio
Rubio said, the decision declared by Supreme Court allowing the states to manage abortion was right constitutionally and morally. As per Rubio, it’s been nearly half a century, the citizens will be denied the rights of its most vulnerable citizens, and more than 63 million in the United States never got the chance to fulfill their dreams.
Rubio also said now America must not only continue to take steps to protect the unborn, but also should support mothers and their children. Rubio will be very soon introducing a bill to ensure the child gets the complete opportunity in the United States.

Val Demings
According to Val Demings, The decision to make abortion illegal is very dangerous and tragic. Demings also added that she is tired of America’s basic, fundamental right to privacy being politicized. Women will be forced to put their lives on the line. In America daughters and granddaughters have lost a right to protect and we tried to protect. 

Florida Senate Race 2022 Polls: Latest General Election Polls

Poll SourcesDate
AverageJune 20th
Marco Rubio42%
Val Demings34%
Public Policy Polling May 27th
Marco Rubio47%
Val Demings41%
Philips AcademyMay 7th
Marco Rubio34%
Val Demings36%
Saint Leo UniversityMarch 12th
Marco Rubio45%
Val Demings27%

Florida Senate Race Prediction

Marco Rubio (R)Val Demings (D)Predicted Winner
SmarketsOdds: 1.01Odds: 10.5Rubio

Florida Senate Race Polls 2022: Google Search Update

DateJune 30th
Marco Rubio25%
Val Demings75%
DateJune 21st
Marco Rubio19%
Val Demings80%

Florida Senate Race Polls 2022: Social Media Sentiments

DateJune 30th
Marco Rubio+10%
Val Demings+14%
Alan Grayson+2%
DateJune 21st
Marco Rubio-9%
Val Demings+25%
Alan Grayson+13

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Florida Senate Race Polls 2022: Latest Campaign Funding

Cash in Hand
Marco Rubio$13.3 m
Val Demings$13.2 m

Florida Senate Polls 2022: Latest Campaign News

  2. Sen. Marco Rubio supported banning almost all abortions in a newly uncovered 2010 questionnaire
  3. FL Sen. Rubio’s new video features claims about former police chief Val Demings’ “defunding” stance
  4. ‘What is life without art?’: Rep. Val Demings presents $250K to Dr. Phillips Center
  5. New ad: U.S. Rep. Demings slams Marco Rubio on abortion ban
  6. Second Harvest Food Bank receives $775K in federal funding
  7. Congressional votes: Rubio, Scott vote against gun violence bill in Senate
  8. Marco Rubio endorsees Aaron Bean for CD 4
  9. Florida State Sen. Bracy talks run for US House District 10

Florida Senate Race Polls 2022: Latest Videos

YouTube video

Florida Senate Race Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Marco Rubio on Twitter: “Why is Biden sending more troops,planes & ships to Europe instead of the Pacific? Russia’s military is in no condition to invade anyone else right now and its China & North Korea who are threatening military aggression. / Twitter”

Why is Biden sending more troops,planes & ships to Europe instead of the Pacific? Russia’s military is in no condition to invade anyone else right now and its China & North Korea who are threatening military aggression.

Florida Senate Polls 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

How many US house seats are in Florida?

  • Florida is divided into 27 congressional districts and the US House of Representatives represents each. As the population increased, the number of seats increased from 25 to 27 by the 2010 census.

How long do senators serve in Florida?

  • In Florida, senators are elected to serve for year terms. The representative serves a two-year term after getting elected. Presently 40 senators and 120 members House of Representatives serve Florida.

Florida Senate Polls 2022: Demographics of Florida

As per the 2020 Census figures

White American51.5%
Hispanic American26.5%
African American14.5%
Asian Americans2.9%
Multiracial 3.7%

70% of the State’s denizens identify as Christian and 3% identify as Jews. The two largest congregations are Protestants at 46% and Catholics at 21%.

Most of Florida’s Hispanics are Cubans. In fact, Florida as a state due to its close proximity to Cuba has the highest proportion of Cuban Americans in the country. Most of the community is well known for its antipathy to Communism or Socialism due to most of the community being forced to migrate due to the actions of the Communist government of Cuba.

There’s a large chunk of Puerto Ricans in Florida, especially in the Orlando Metro area. They moved to Florida due to its cultural similarities, the poor economic conditions in Puerto Rico, and after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2018. The remaining Latino population is very diverse, hailing from various countries in South America including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.

Florida has been crowned as one of the best places to retire due to its weather and beaches. Thus the state also has a large retiree population. 20% of the population is over 65 years of age.

Florida Senate Polls 2022: Party Registration

Florida has been a reliable swing state since 1992 fiercely contested between the 2 major parties.

In the last 20 years, the Republican party has grown more powerful in Florida and has been able to win over most state-level elected offices. Currently, except for the Agriculture Commissioner, it holds nearly each and every single office in the state including the 2 Senate seats and 16/27 US House Representative Seats.

As per the latest figures released by the Florida Secretary of State:-

Registered Republicans are 35.77% of total voters
Registered Democrats are 35.93% of total voters

Registered Independents are 26.54% of total voters

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Florida Senate Polls 2022 and Prediction

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