Joe Biden Approval Rating 2021: Biden’s approval ratings fall to lowest ever in all polls

Joe Biden Approval Rating 2021: Biden’s approval ratings fall to lowest ever in all polls
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Joe Biden Approval Rating 2021: Biden’s approval ratings have fallen because now only 36% of Americans are confident that he is ready to handle a crisis in the aftermath of the withdrawal from Afghanistan

YouGov USA

Joe Biden Approval Rating 2021: Latest Approval ratings

% who approve of Joe Biden
2020 Election Forecast
Actual Biden + 4.5%
Biden +1%
Biden +7%
Biden +7%
Biden +4%
Fox Poll
Biden +8%
Biden +4%
Daily Wire – Survey Monkey

[23rd August] In yet another poll following the trend
Biden’s job approval rating has gone down below 50% in the NBC/WSJ Poll and is toe to toe with his disapproval rating

Fewer Americans support Biden’s handling of the coronavirus and the economy now than they did last spring.
25% of respondents approve of his handling of Afghanistan,but 63% of them support withdrawing from it altogether
His ratings among independents has cratered but he still stands strong among registered democrats

Overall, only 29 percent of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction, which is down 7 points from the last survey.

A majority of Americans — 54 percent — say they are mainly worried and pessimistic about the country’s future, versus 44 percent who say they are mainly hopeful and optimistic

[20th August] Gallup Polls has released their latest poll and it too follows the trend of Joe Biden approval rating 2021 falling lower The poll was conducted between 2nd to 17th August
As per the poll 49% of all Americans approve of Biden’s job performance with 48% disapproving.

93% of all Democrats and 43% of all Independents approve of Biden’s performance

[19th August]Here is yet another poll showing the cratering in Biden’s job approval ratings. This time it is from the Right-leaning publication Daily Wire/Survey Monkey Poll taken between August 16th and 18th

In April, a Hill-HarrisX poll found that 73% of Americans backed Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and 27% opposed it. The Daily Wire/SurveyMonkey poll taken this week shows a nearly 30-point drop in support for Biden’s pullout with just 45% of Americans backing the decision and 39% opposing it.

81 % of Americans are concerned about the “persecution of Afghans who helped American troop
76 % of Americans are concerned about the return of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. 
84 % of Americans say they are “concerned about the consequences for Afghan women and girls

[19th August] Could this crisis in Afghanistan destroy the Biden Presidency?

Frank Luntz, veteran Republican Pollster and political analyst compare what’s happening right now to Tehran in 1979 instead of to Saigon in 1975. One of the reasons Jimmy Carter lost in a landslide was because the American public felt angry and humiliated after failed attempts to rescue US Embassy hostages who were taken captive by the then-nascent Islamic Republic of Iran

Americans once supported military withdrawal, but they will punish a president who leads the US to defeat

The most damaging impact will be the backlash over how the withdrawal was executed.
More embarrassing moments will follow. On September 11, 2021, 20 years after 9/11, a Taliban flag will be flying over that new $775 million embassy. Thanks to technology not available in the 1970s, the images from Kabul are already unmistakably tinged with failure. Afghans falling off C-17 wheel-wells as the planes take off are no less searing than tank man in Tiananmen Square or falling man on 9/11.

[19th August] As per Rasmussen Reports [known to be Republican Leaning]
 A total of 46% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance while 53% disapprove – the highest that number has ever been.
His approval ratings are currently 79% among Registered Democrats,38% among Independents, and 15% with registered Republicans. THis is a trend that has been consistent in previous polls too . Joe Biden approval rating 2021 is on the downswing especially among Independent voters which is hurting him a lot.

We can expect these trends to continue as long as the picture in Afghanistan stays as it is

[19th August] As per the Latest YouGov Today USA poll,

Biden’s approval ratings have fallen to his LOWEST EVER and are currently at 44%.
His job approval rating is equal to his job disapproval rating

Joe Biden Approval Rating 2021: Biden's approval ratings fall to lowest ever in all polls

What should be distressing even more is that only 36% are confident in the President’s ability to handle an international crisis. Nearly half (47%) now are uneasy about his approach. This is a huge blow to Biden who won by being ‘The Adult in the Room.’

Even more interesting is that support for withdrawal has gone down by 11 points among Americans from 56 to 45%, currently 63% at democrats and 29% among Republicans.

33% of American adults believe the USA made a mistake in withdrawing the troops in the first place.

Joe Biden Approval Rating 2021: Biden's approval ratings fall to lowest ever in all polls

BUT, as time passes by we believe Americans will get over the shock over the victory of the Taliban. But the handling of the evacuation and the manner of withdrawal has given a permanent blow to the Biden administration and will not only hinder him electorally but also in the realm of Foreign Policy as he seeks to build an ‘Alliance of Democracies’ to take on China.

  •  59 % say they agree with the statement — that “ending U.S. military involvement now was the right decision” because “American troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that Afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves.”
  •  67 % say “America should focus less on solving problems in other countries and more on solving problems in our country,” while a mere 13 percent say “America should focus more on solving problems in other countries before they become problems for our country.”
  • 64% are worried about terror attacks from Afghanistan
  • 77% are concerned about human rights abuses against the Afghan people, particularly women and girls
  • 74% are concerned about the way the Taliban will treat afghans who co-operated with the USA

[18th August] As per the latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll conducted on 16th August

Only 46% of all Americans Approve of Joe Biden’s performance as President. A drop of 7% compared to the polls last week. 47% of all Americans Disapprove of his performance as President.

This is the FIRST time Biden’s approval rate has gone below 50% in the weekly poll that started when Biden first took office. Before the latest crisis in Afghanistan it was hanging around the mid-50s range.

With these figures we can confidently say that Biden’s honeymoon period is over with the massive criticism he has been taking in for his handling of Afghanistan

As per the results of a separate snap poll conducted on the Afghanistan Crisis by the agency on the same day:-

  • 73% of all Americans support evacuating Afghans who helped US forces in Afghanistan
  • 68% of all Americans support American troops fighting the Taliban to allow time to evacuate Afghans(assuming it to be for a temporary period of time)
  • 75% of Americans supported the decision to send in additional troops to secure key facilities in Afghanistan until the withdrawal is complete.

    THe amazing fact is that these figures are strongly bi-partisan with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans agreeing on them! As of now the polarisation that plagues American politics doesn’t seem to have made it’s way to this issue yet.
  • 68% of all Americans Agree the war was going to end badly no matter what when the Americans left; this includes 78% of all Democrats.
  • 63% of all americans said The rapid collapse of the U.S.-trained Afghan forces and government is evidence why the U.S. should get out of the conflict permanently; this includes 73% of all Democrats
  • When it came to judging the performance of past Presidents in the war, the bi-partisan view started to diverge with Republicans viewing Trump’s performance as a positive and Democrats judging Obama,Biden and the Media’s role as a positive one till now

[18th August] Here is another poll from Morning Consult/Politico which was conducted from August 13th to 16th.

Some observations from it are:-

  • Just 25 % of American voters think the withdrawal from Afghanistan is going well.
  • Just 49 % of voters continued to support the withdrawal, down from 69 % in April.
  • 69% of Democrats and 31% of Republicans supported the withdrawal.
  • Furthermore, just 38 percent of Democrats and 14 percent of Republicans reported that the withdrawal is going well.

(4)When asked whether the U.S. should still withdraw its military presence if this would create an opportunity for terrorist groups like al Qaeda to establish operations in Afghanistan, voters were less supportive.

Just 35 percent of participants said the American military should withdraw in this case, with 48 percent saying it should not.

[17th August] As per the latest Trafalgar Report Poll which was conducted between 14th and 15th August on the crisis in Afghanistan and how Biden is handling American Military Operations.

About 69.3% of all Americans Disapprove of the way he has handled the military situation with only 23.1% approving of the entire operation

  • Furthermore 48.2% of all Democrats Disapprove of his performance compared to 39.8% who approve of him
  • A whooping 88.8% of all Republicans Disapprove of his handling of the situation
  • 75% of all Independents disapprove of his handling of the situation with barely 20% approving of him
Capture 1
Percentage of Americans agreeing with Biden’s handling of the situation

[17th August] The Political Analyst and Psephologist Larry Sabato says that regardless of what the media says and thinks Biden’s speech on Afghanistan was effective and that 70% of Americans would agree with him on what his point was

You’d never know it from the TV coverage we’re watching, but President Biden’s address on #Afghanistan was effective because he stressed that America’s longest war must end and there will never be a good time to do it. That connected with most people–70% of whom want out now.

Originally tweeted by Larry Sabato (@LarrySabato) on August 16, 2021.

[14th August] As per the latest Trafalgar Group Poll[considered by many to be Republican Leaning] conducted from 8th to 11th August . 46.5% of all Americans approve of Biden’s job as president with 47.5% disapproving of his performance

[14th August] Biden rushes 3000 American Troops to Afghanistan to evacuate the US Embassy and all American Citizens in Kabul as Taliban continues advance

the newly arriving troops’ mission is limited to assisting the airlift of embassy personnel and Afghan allies, and they expect to complete it by the deadline of the month’s end. But they might have to stay longer if the embassy is threatened by a Taliban takeover of Kabul by then.

[12th August] The Latest Fox News survey[Republican-leaning] was released on Wednesday 12th. As per it’s findings from 7th-10th August

  • 53% of all Americans Approve of Joe Biden’s performance, a rating which has remained consistent in the last few months
  • 54% approve of the way he is handling the pandemic,down from 64% one month back
  • 47% approve of the way he is handling the Economy,35% on migration and crime

But if you delve deeper in the polls, Only 29% say economic conditions are Excellent or Good

Voters further go on to say they are concerned about Inflation(86%),Violent Crime(81%),Healthcare(78%),growing unemployment(71%) and the Pandemic(69%).

Washington Post

“Asked about the most pressing two issues, respondents chose the coronavirus as their top concern, followed by a tie between immigration and inflation and then a tie between climate change and crime. Infrastructure, where the president has focused considerable efforts, is the least most important issue, chosen by just 4%.

CNBC All-America Survey
Joe Biden Approval rating: Swimming or Sinking?
The Biden Budget had record debt

Joe Biden State Level Approval Rating 2021:

Originally tweeted by PPUSA (@PollProjectUSA) on August 20, 2021.

NEW: @Civiqs

Civiqs 7-Month Rolling Average

President Biden Job Approval
Approve 43% (-1)
Disapprove 50% (+2)

89,425 RV || 1/20-8/20

NEW: @Civiqs

President Biden Job Approval by State:


State and Poll
% who approve of Joe Biden
Biden Vote Share, 2020
Arizona – Bendixen and Amandi
Texas – UT/TT
Iowa – Des Moines Register
Arkansas – Talk Business – Hendrix College Poll
North Carolina – John Locke Foundation Poll

Arizona Poll by Bendixen and Amandi

Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 49%. Independents were split right down the middle. 53% of the respondents felt that Joe Biden did not deserve to be re-elected in 2024

Texas Poll by UT/TT

Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 43%. Biden performed well on COVID but poorly on border control/ immigration. Just 27% of Texans approved Biden’s performance on this issue

Iowa Poll by Des Moines Register/Mediacom

43% of Iowans approve of how President Biden was handling his job. Just 29% approved of how he was performing on immigration.

Arkansas Poll by Talk Business – Hendrix College

Biden has healthy ratings in Arkansas where 41% approve of his performance. This is much better than his 2020 election performance. Biden is rating well amongst college graduates and minorities, mirroring a national trend.

North Carolina Poll John Locke Foundation

48% of voters approve of President Joe Biden’s performance. 53% approved of the Governor Roy Cooper’s performance

Colorado Democrats are heading into the 2022 election cycle in a position of strength, poll shows

Joe Biden Approval Rating 2021 : Latest Joe Biden News

Republicans and Biden

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[29th July] Biden confuses Trump with Obama, calls it ‘Freudian slip’

[29th July] The Republican backlash in Joe Biden’s America

Democrats and Biden

[7th August] Why Democratic Governors are tying themselves to Joe Biden and his stimulus package

[29th July] Senate Democrats defied Biden in their vote to boost Pentagon spending. And it wasn’t even close

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[16th Aug] With debt limit, Biden tests GOP’s willingness to play with economic fire

Biden, defense and Foreign Policy

[16th Aug] Biden’s Afghanistan Exit Raises Questions About His Foreign-Policy Record

Biden addresses intelligence community for first time as President

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[16th Aug] Biden Doesn’t Have Legal Authority To Cancel Student Loan

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[7th August] Biden promises Immigration Reform in Meet With Asian American Leaders

Biden and Domestic Politics

[20th July] Biden’s inflation speech reflects concerns that rising prices will hurt Democrats in 2022

[12th July] U.S. Senate braces for ‘hell of a fight’ over Biden’s infrastructure plan

[12th July] VERIFY: Yes, President Biden has confirmed more judges by this point than any president in the last 50 years

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